Sale price reported

17 Pintail Lane

17 Pintail Lane

17 PintailLane, new construction, $2.5 million. Pintail is off Mallard, removed from the traffic, and that makes it far more desirable, in my opinion.


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8 responses to “Sale price reported

  1. Accolay

    This doesn’t strike me as too bad, depending on what the inside looks like, except for the FARport. Chris, can you do a post on 10 Gilliam?

  2. Anonymous

    Chris – what do you think of this 19 pine ridge house?

  3. AJ

    That’s a lot of money for a house in an old split level/ranch development.

    • dogwalker

      Slowly but surely the ranches are being replaced, AJ. I remember when it was developed my mother couldn’t believe anyone would want to live in that “swamp”. Of course, Milbrook had been there for decades; but she couldn’t believe anybody would want to live there . . . same reason.

      • Accolay

        Isn’t most of the town really considered “swamp”? What makes this place so different from, say, Twin Lakes/Gilliam?

  4. t

    this is where the lots are, AJ. New construction. Not some Frankenstein in Riverside. Nice looking for a straight-forward home. For the money, I would have done something a little less traditional.

  5. Anon

    I would look very closely at the construction quality here and have a full engineer building inspection.