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Trouble on the links

 Professor Lisa McElroy counsels her student: "Did you brig the beads?"

“Oh! Did you bring the beads?”

Law professor sends porn link to her students

If The Daily Caller has said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times: Always check the links you send — especially at work — to make sure you aren’t linking to a video of a woman stuffing herself with anal beads on a pornography website.

Sadly, Drexel University School of Law professor [and Harvard Law grad -ED]  Lisa McElroy failed to heed this advice, and she is now paying a steep, fairly absurd price.

For whatever reason, McElroy sent the link to students in one of her courses last week, according to Above The Law.

TheDC can vouch for the legitimacy of the link as well. It is not safe for work.

The 13-minute, 21-second video is very appropriately titled “She Loves Her Anal Beads.”

In response to what must have been a a world-historical faux pas by McElroy, or a computer worm or a hack job, bureaucrats at Drexel have placed McElroy on leave pending a sexual harassment investigation, Above The Law’s source said.

“Beadgate” is not the first time a female university faculty member has sent porn to students.

In October 2013, a female University of Iowa pre-calculus teaching assistant accidentally sent nude images of herself to 28 students. “Hi Class,” her chipper email read. “I attach the solutions for number 76 and 78 in this email.” The purported solutions turned out to be a set of photos and videos of the unidentified teacher along with an unidentified male. The two are naked as jaybirds and having all kinds of self-propelled fun.

I have occasionally screwed up links on this blog but thankfully, they’ve just led to previous real-estate-related sites.
So far; I’ll double check from now on.


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