Finally, a buyer appears

363 North Street, asking $4.250, reports a pending sale. This is a fabulous home, completely renovated, and when it was first listed in 2013, the year those renovations were completed, I didn’t think its $5.295 was unreasonable (subject to some negotiation, of course). Buyers obviously disagreed, since it wouldn’t sell for two years, and not until a million dollars were chopped off its price. I think the buyer’s getting a bargain here; nice house.

363 North Street

363 North Street


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16 responses to “Finally, a buyer appears

  1. AJ

    Red tile roof; where are the palm trees?

  2. Anonymous

    Seems like a bargain. Super convenient location, great house, spacious lot. The 1920s Med style is charming but may be tough to sell to people primarily seeking Krav Magra-style contempo-colonialz.

    • Anonymous

      Unless it is in Palm Beach. Lovely house inside though. A little close to North Street and the junction with Doubling but at this price you are definitely getting a large discount for those minor issues.

  3. MCD

    This is a great house, and the buyers got a deal. There are a few reasons for

    1. Spanish-style house in a town that is xenophobic to anything not colonial.
    2. Its on a busy street, on a T-junction to another busy street. That means plenty of traffic, and worse, plenty of cars and school buses stopping to turn.
    3. The wetlands setback at the back of the property probably limits your pool location options.

    If these issues weren’t there, this would sell in the $6m+ range.

  4. Accolay

    These style houses sell like hot cakes in Bronxville. Surprised not popular in Greenwich.

  5. Flash

    One of the Antares boys built a Mediterranean house…how did that sale go?
    Somehow, snow on the tile roof looks out of place.

  6. Anonymous

    I totally agree with you Chris- a beautiful house!!

  7. anon

    Was a sister house to 504 North Street (on the corner of DIngletown), Spanish also, pink stucco with a red tile roof, and blue shutters, torn down and replaced with Wayne Manor. The two were built for two Mead sisters back in the day.

  8. Toonces

    A stunning home. Interesting to compare this to what you get for around 4M in Riverside. One is very grand and one seems quite modest.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Anonymous

        And this house is truly walking distance to North Street School

        • Toonces

          it’s close for sure – wouldn’t want to be much closer. But can you really walk on North street with little kids? Should you walk on lawns the whole way because I’ve never seen sidewalks? North street is not exactly a street to stroll along

  9. Anonymous

    Another pink house on Quaker Lane

  10. anon

    Everett Smith’s house..