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Senator Integrity sells out, again

Of course I'm lying, you idiots - can't you see my lips are moving?

Of course I’m lying, you idiots – can’t you see my lips are moving?

Greenwich’s Dick Blumenthal, he of the phony claim to have served in combat and even, ludicrous and as insignificant as it seems, to have been a member of the Harvard varsity swim team, has raised $1 million in campaign funds in just 3  months from unions, lawyers and George Soros.

Blumenthal, 69, who was ranked the eighth wealthiest member of Congress this year by Roll Call, is sitting on $1.6 million cash, according to his April 15 filing with the Federal Election Commission.

The 571-page report provides a detailed glimpse at the sphere of influence and connections of Blumenthal, whose first-quarter haul was augmented by dozens of contributions from lawyers around the country and from industries that have a vested interest in his work in the Senate.

They include unions for railroad workers, defense contractors, financial services firms and the Mohegan Tribe, one of two casino operators in the state.

“I’m energized by a strong start and broad base of support,” Blumenthal said Friday.

Blumenthal has extracted over $10 million from those he can help, including the aforesaid trial lawyers association, Yale university and the real estate cartel.

I have never walked away from a fight against the publicMy life has been about public service. As your United States Senator, I will fight as tenaciously and tirelessly for the people of Connecticut as I have for 20 years as Attorney General. I have never walked away from a fight or failed to put Connecticut citizens first, no matter how big or powerful the special interest or law breaker against me.



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Another triumph for modern parenting

Hard to make the travel soccer team looking like this, mom

Hard to make the travel soccer team looking like this, mom

Rickets has returned, due to super sunscreens and staying indoors.

Doctors have called for under-fours to be given free vitamins after a rise in the number of cases of rickets due to a lack of exposure to sunlight.

The country’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies is said to be concerned at the number of children suffering from the condition, which is caused by a deficiency in vitamin D.

The disease, a scourge of Victorian Britain, was virtually eradicated after the Second World War but is returning as more and more youngsters are used to staying indoors playing video games than going outside.


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