Quick sale

21 Sawmill21 Sawmill Lane, $1.895 million, has a contract after just 12 days. Nice, 1952 house, could use a new kitchen and the baths need updating, but it’s 1.4 acres in the R-1 zone, on a good street. Nice as it is, though, the speed with which this went testifies to the severe lack of inventory in this price range.


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12 responses to “Quick sale

  1. Anonymous

    Do you think it will be torn down or is this an end user?

  2. that’s a nice, nice house (despite the red formica kitchen counters). i hope the lawn jockey checked out with the correct paperwork, etc.

    • Publius

      The red formica is only topped by the princess phone on the ladies side of the MBR night stand and the Western Electric 25 pound ecru touch tone model on the man’s side (photo 15 of 21)

  3. Toonces

    If a house needs updating…. always better if the room is original, otherwise you most likely paid for improvements along the way. This land is beautiful.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m showing my age…but I could move right in and imagine I’m 19 again, home from college for the summer. A perfect time capsule.

  5. The setting of this house is one of my absolute favorites in town……pretty property, great curb appeal…..it looks like it might be a Coggins Colonial…..would be a shame to remove it entirely, but it is probably going to happen anyway….

  6. Toonces

    CCl – I agree with you. This house looks lovely on this land. Seems to me it has great bones so maybe an end user bought it.

  7. Anonymous

    I put in a bid on this house; and i only learned well afterwards that the neighboring lot to the South was/is actually owned by the seller. My bid might have been higher knowing the view could be secured. Let’s just say i was surprised the listing agent failed to mention that little detail…

  8. Jonathan

    So what’s everyone’s guess this ends up selling for? $2.2M? $2.4M?

  9. Anonymous

    Houses always sell fast when they are under priced!!!!! And of course if the listing broker doesn’t reveal all the particulars!

    • Houses sell when they are priced right. If they’re “underpriced”, the market in Greenwich will correct that via multiple bids. My basic principle is, if you want to sell your house, price it to the market and sell it. If you have your own opinion of value and are willing to wait for either the market to catch up to you or a buyer who shares your enthusiasm appears, put it on Zillow as one of those “make me move” entries, and stay put. If you choose the latter approach, don’t waste your money or an agent’s time by offering a commission to a listing agent, just sell it yourself via Zillow.
      Good luck.