The crazies advance other step

PETA victims

PETA victims

NY judge recognizes chimpanzees as legally protected individuals. Not just living creatures protected by animal abuse laws, mind you, but as beings with the same rights as humans. This is all about, ultimately, banning the use of animals for drug testing. I’d have no objection if we could test new cancer cures on PETA members – it would speed up development by at least a decade, but so far, I’m not seeing any volunteers from their ranks.  Instead, PETA and its allies just seem to want all of us, humans and animals, to die in a state of equality: “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy”. That’s PETA’s position, and shame on anyone who sends even a nickel their way.


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6 responses to “The crazies advance other step

  1. Toonces

    These idiots who want to ban testing on animals should walk the walk. No more antibiotics or any other medicine for them. They must be vegetarians and never undergo any medical procedure or take any medicine at all. I hate these people.

  2. desidog

    So when cops shoot dogs on house raids, we can call it proper murder now?

  3. Publius

    Here is what a man of science thinks…..

    I have to admit before I clicked on the link for the story, I thought that the judge might have been trying to protect the political class in Albany. I guess one should never jump to conclusions.

  4. Mickster

    Does this have anything to do with the Danes now banning beastiality (sic) last month – I read there were 75 lawmakers who voted to keep it legal? I’m sore that gave Rodin something to think about..

  5. Yos

    Perhaps giving human status to a chimp is a fair cop… given how low the Left has sunk the human race.

  6. Anonymous

    PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals