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On and off the market since 2006, a house finds a (rich) buyer

77 Zaccheus Mead

77 Zaccheus Mead

77 Zaccheus Mead, $9.995million, reports a contract. 9,000 + square feet.


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Hillcrest Park sale

108 Hillcrest108 Hillcrest, $1.299, 13 days. Not one of the original one-acre lots, this one’s just 0.28. But that’s what you get for a starter home these days.

Funny, ha-ha, I gave a price opinion over here a couple of months ago, and opined that the home,on a full acre, might fetch between $1.3 and $1.350. I might have to revise that upwards.


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Why does everything bad always happen to him?

Some call it treason

Some call it treason

Obama’s new nuclear allies, the Iranians, seize cargo ship in international waters as it sails through Strait of Hormuz.


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I may have to subscribe to HBO just to catch this show

Greenwich Country Day applicant, replaced as per request of GCD parent. On a scale of 1-10 on sensitivity, I'd give this a 9.

Greenwich Country Day applicant, replaced as per request of GCD parent. On a scale of 1-10 on sensitivity, I’d give this a 9.

Mad Men episode:

Fans of the show also got a final glimpse of Pete’s ex-wife, Trudy (Alison Brie), who called Pete, panicked, because their daughter, Tammy, was not admitted to the Greenwich Country Day School. Pete thought he could pull rank because some members of his family had attended it, but the headmaster revealed that Tammy had performed poorly on a standardized test and would not be getting in. The encounter ended badly, with Pete punching the headmaster, but he scored points with the social-climbing Trudy.


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Had they asked, HR would have told them there are better ways to can an employee

It's the chunks that are upsettling

It’s the chunks that are disturbing

Maintenance worker cooked up with 12,000 pounds of tuna.


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Next week, volunteers to watch paint dry



Bruce Museum looking for people to watch turtles.

And in two months, they’ll ask people to watch a soccer game.


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What happened to the butterflies and rainbows?

Twitter of the day:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.42.38 AM

If I had a son, he wouldn't be doing this

If I had a son, he wouldn’t be doing this


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Poor guy must have confused Riversville Road with Round Hill

329 Riversville Road

329 Riversville Road

Comptroller imprisoned for embezzlement.

A Greenwich man was sentenced to four years in prison for a scheme to embezzle $9 million from the hedge fund where he was employed.

Lawrence Herzing, 45, went before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer in Bridgeport on Friday to plead guilty to one count of wire fraud. In addition to the prison time, he was ordered to make restitution for the money he stole.

Herzing’s residence has been forfeited, along with funds taken from his personal accounts, totaling more than $5 million. After prison, he must spend three years of supervised release.

Herzing was the controller for Contrarian Capital Management in Greenwich. He was accused of using his position to wire money from his employer to accounts that he controlled on 32 occasions between 2004 and 2013.

Town property records say Herzing purchased a residence at 329 Riversville Road in 2013 for $2,575,000.

329 Riversville is that failed spec house just about underneath the Parkway. It was abandoned,foreclosed, completed and sold to this guy and his stolen funds. I guess it’ll be back on the market soon. I suggested long ago that it was a bad bargain; now it’s got bad ju-ju too. I’d skip it.


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