Hillcrest Park sale

108 Hillcrest108 Hillcrest, $1.299, 13 days. Not one of the original one-acre lots, this one’s just 0.28. But that’s what you get for a starter home these days.

Funny, ha-ha, I gave a price opinion over here a couple of months ago, and opined that the home,on a full acre, might fetch between $1.3 and $1.350. I might have to revise that upwards.


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25 responses to “Hillcrest Park sale

  1. Anonymous

    And the desperation continues.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, desperation in the under 2m catagory. Otherwise pretty sleepy in OG/Riv.

  3. Compare it to what you can get in the city…..1.2 will get you a 2 BR in BedSty overlooking the garbage cans.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      Actually, the upper east side is becoming supposed to be surprisingly affordable these days. Young families are moving there because they are priced out of Brooklyn. Do not ask me to explain this.

  4. Anonymous

    This is quickly turning into the most desirable neighborhood in Greenwich — and I can see why — no longer a hidden treasure. Hillcrest Park has arrived in a big way.

    • This isn’t quite in the neighboorhood, it’s on the street that leads into the private section. This house is before the pillars, and as Chris pointed out on a small lot. Not knocking it, still a nice house and a quiet area.

  5. Anonymous

    That’s the price you pay to live in a private neighborhood walking distance to a North Mianus school, close to beach, train, and downtown Stamford.

  6. Anonymous

    There is a seven house development going in with houses in the $3+mm range which is going to transform this neighborhood. Best time to get in is on the ground floor…

    • Anonymous

      There is also a 3 house development, going up next to Sweet Briar, on River Rd should be priced in the $2m area…..and down the road 647 River Rd ($3.5mm) looks like more going up there. Great location as walking distance to NMS and zoned for Eastern. One of the last areas in good location to build.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, tons of new spec houses on the street definitely bodes well for stable housing prices.

  7. jonathan

    Hillcrest Park. Palmer Hill. Rush hour. Buyers must have looked at this house only on the weekend? Or maybe they don’t work? Or go to the gym in the morning? Or out to dinner in the evening?

    • RE Junkie

      I live in that area. East-bound Traffic on Palmer Hill can back up on but it doesn’t last long and it’s bearable –except Fridays in the summer. Still, it’s only in one direction and quite easy to avoid if you know the local streets.

  8. Rick

    Really don’t see what is so surprising with this. Not a bad deal compared to what is on the market these days.

    • I’m with you – decent house, location and land. I was really just commenting on how the market, having pushed prices up in Havemeyer these past few years, has moved across the street and is raising prices there.

      • Anonymous

        Havemeyer is not an attractive neighborhood yet – however give it a few more years and it will be . Hillcrest Park for the most part is beautiful right now.

  9. It Depends

    This house sold 2 years ago for 1.150
    Free living, not a bad deal.

  10. Anonymous

    Hillcrest seems to be the place to be. I can see why — location, schools, convenience, great sized lots, attractive architecture. What is best is that for the most part, neighbors are not on top of you.

  11. Anonymous

    This is the bad part of Hillcrest Park- street has looked this bad forever!! But, at least they didn’t pay an outrages price. (like the folks on Holy)