On and off the market since 2006, a house finds a (rich) buyer

77 Zaccheus Mead

77 Zaccheus Mead

77 Zaccheus Mead, $9.995million, reports a contract. 9,000 + square feet.


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27 responses to “On and off the market since 2006, a house finds a (rich) buyer

  1. Anonymous

    Nothing says more about a house’s owners than the number and location of prominently placed TVs.

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    Anon, Is it that last outdoor TV that put you over the edge?

    When your cable bill needs to match your landscape bill.

    • Anonymous

      I think the house is quite beautiful, but can’t understand why anyone would want a large TV OUTSIDE over the outdoor fireplace. I thought the whole appeal of outdoor seating areas was to relax and enjoy the bucolic view? Greenwich Oldtimer

  3. Great location and beautiful house.

  4. OT: Jack Ely died today. Without Googling him cheaters, who is he and what made him famous?
    Hint: oh baby we gotta go.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    VERY nice digs.

  6. Anonymous

    who wants to live like this anymore? so 1980’s.

  7. LAK

    How do you keep a tv over an outdoor fireplace?
    I guess anythings possible.

  8. Anonymous

    Awesome place. Seems a decent price for something Ike this!

  9. Accolay

    While this house looks up-to-date, it also reeks of another era where people “moved up” to the big house in mid-country. I’m really hoping to get away from this lifestyle, and hope trends don’t reverse back to this ideal. Even the security gate suggests that it isn’t a friendly home.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure what you mean. This lifestyle is alive and well for some people but it doesnt mean that you have to emulate it. Nobody is forcing you.

    • Anonymous

      To me, what reeks of another era is the desire to live on cul-de-sacs, in postwar housing developments.

      • Accolay

        I don’t understand this. What’s wrong with a cul-de-sac, and what’s the alternative? Another era is living in a big house, with a security gate, on a busy street where you don’t know your neighbors and your kids can’t go outside and play.

  10. Lady Realtor

    Awesome house! Classic design that will age well, interior and exterior. Some of the furnishings are overdone, but I’m sure the sellers are taking it with them. All this, and close to town as well.

  11. Cos Cobber

    I have to agree, its a pretty cool pad for a large one. Its the interiors, hip and fresh for the most part.

  12. Matt

    Looks like they throw a lot of good parties…

  13. Anonymous

    moving on up to the big house in belle haven….