What happened to the butterflies and rainbows?

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If I had a son, he wouldn't be doing this

If I had a son, he wouldn’t be doing this


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12 responses to “What happened to the butterflies and rainbows?

  1. Anonymous

    You can put this mess at the feet of the media. They ignited this whole thing by spreading the lies and falsehoods at Ferguson. It fit their narrative perfectly but in the end turned out to be completely untrue. Similar to many of their other false narratives spread only to be retracted when no one is paying attention. It is time to hold our corrupt media responsible for their actions.

  2. Yes to what Anon above said. As someone responded to Balzac in an earlier comment about Baltimore, the media this morning is justifying the looting, saying these kids raised in poverty see no future for themselves.

    I disagree completely. It isn’t about poverty. It’s all about the family unit and how it doesn’t exist much in the black society. There are plenty of poor people who would never dream of hurting a policeman or looting their own stores but the media wants to blame anyone but the blacks themselves.

    CNN and MSNBC are the worst offenders of the false narrative being perpetuated. Just listen to any one of the afternoon MSNBC anchors – then sit back and be appalled.

  3. Anonymous Citizenette

    It’s getting warmer out, the first black kid that gets a twisted pinky fighting the cops will set off a memorable summer in NYC. This is their recreation now, With the help from organized outside agitators, this could/will happen anywhere. Keep your fingers crossed.

  4. Babylon Sister

    Leftists provoke and perpetuate the racial divide in America because that’s the only way they can stay in power. It’s an exploitation of the black community — a new, unspoken form of modern slavery, under the shackles and confines of a twisted “progressive” ideology. It’s entirely self-serving, and it’s so saddening. I believe it is truly evil.

    • Sigh. There’s no hope of black thugs seeing the light as long as blacks in a position of authority make excuses for the youth’s deplorable behavior.

      The president of the Baltimore City Council apologized for calling rioters “thugs” at a press conference Tuesday, calling those responsible for the violence “misdirected” youths. Standing side-by-side with self-proclaimed gang members, Jack Young said that gang members stood in front of stores to prevent looting and retracted claims that gang members were targeting the Baltimore police.

  5. The liberal media and their spouse the Democrat party have decided that the most important issue facing America is race. Not global warming, unemployment, Islamic terrorism, world peace, jobs, pollution, national debt, health care, bankrupt entitlements, taxes, nuclear proliferation, etc. etc. It’s all race.

    This leads liberal whites to feel GUILTY, and morally disarmed. And it leads the worst elements in our society to feel fully justified when they boin’ down da hood.

    As James Burnham wrote, liberalism’s historical function is to provide intellectual justification of the demise of the Western idea of civilization.