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State Democrats’ budget: raise taxes on the rich and the stupid

“If we don’t hang together, by Heavens, we shall all hang separately”
Benjamin Franklin

Although perhaps that’s just one category, assuming the rich stay here to be fleeced. Democrats propose adding Keno to their budget bag, and raising taxes, again, on “Gold Coast” residents.

“Why should we continue to enjoy any sort of advantage over New Jersey or New York?”, Governor Dannel Malloy asked FWIW. “All three states need to serve the poor, and for our state to lure successful people away from our neighbors just enriches us at their expense. That’s both undemocratic and despicable. Solidarity forever!”


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Sarah finds John a companion

A friend of Sarah’s has a new puppy, but he works during the day, so Sarah’s arranged for the pup to spend that time with John. It’s all good.

John, by the way, just spent a week on St. John’s accompanying some friends who were traveling to a music gig – they helped him down to the island and during his stay, and on his journey back. It was a grueling 14-hour trip each way, but John came back in great spirits and refreshed. So for all who have contributed to the John Fund, know that your generosity is being put to good use.

Per Sarah:

There’s a lot of terrible stuff going on in this world…but there’s also my brother being smothered in puppy kisses.

Pup !

John Boy



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The only thing that depreciates faster than a new spec house is a Range Rover

4 Holly Way

4 Holly Way

4 Holly Way, Cos Cob (off Cat Rock) sold new in 2005 for its full price, $4.295, in just 13 days. It’s new to the market today, asking $3.895. Understandably,the sellers are not using the broker who sold it to them ten years ago.


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Coming to Whole Foods this summer – if it’s not already here

A fool and her husband's money are soon parted

A fool and her husband’s money are soon parted

New cleanser of the year: artichoke water.

Coconut water is so last summer. This year is all about the fresh, cool waters of artichoke – yes, artichoke!

Flavoured and functional waters have been a big hit with the healthy hippy crowd for a couple of years now, with coconut water turning into a $400 million (£260m) a year trend in the US alone last year.

But 2015 is all about the vegetable you’d normally chuck on a pizza or throw into a salad if you were feeling fancy.

‘In particular, artichokes contain cynarin and silymarin (milk thistle) which are the ingredients that detoxify and support the liver. Silymarin has even been shown to have a beneficial effect in patients with liver disease.’

The California company who has jumped on this trend first is Arty Water, which has mixed this antioxidant, vitamin C and potassium-rich vegetable with filtered water, spearmint,and blue agave nectar to offer – what its hopes – is a tasty enough libation to quench the thirst of health nuts and grow into a big business.

It’s been rumored, all evidence to the contrary, that a high percentage of lady Whole Foods shoppers hold college degrees. Degrees in what?



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Bad news for trendy, early-adopters

Don't worry, I'll buy you an iPad when they come out: probably in 90 years

Don’t worry, I’ll buy you an iPad when they come out: probably in 90 years

Tattoos interfere with Apple Watch’s capabilities.

Since the Apple Watch uses your heart rate to determine whether you’re wearing it, you might not be able to use Apple Pay, receive notifications, place calls, or use certain apps if you have tattoos on your wrists.

Some Apple Watch wearers on Reddit and Twitter complained about the tattoo issue, and Apple blog iMore confirmed that the problem exists.

The issue stems from the way that the Apple Watch senses your heartbeat. According to Apple, the back of the Watch rapidly flashes green and infrared light at your skin, which gets absorbed or reflected by your red blood. When your heart beats, there is more blood in your wrist, and there is less blood between beats. By sensing the timing between your heartbeats, the Apple Watch can calculate your heart rate.

As it turns out, solid-colored tattoos — particularly red ones — also absorb the green light and reflect red light. Black tattoos, which absorb both green and red light, can also screw up the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor.


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Never hurts to look in on your vacation home once in a while

Going,going, gone!

Going,going, gone!

Martha’s Vineyard summer resident finds squatter living there- and she was holding yard sales of his possessions.

I like the bit where, having been chased away by the angry owner, she returned later that day to resume living there, on the assumption that he’d left. What, forever? Let bygones be bygones?



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