So come to the party!

Fun fun fun

Fun fun fun

Busy today, so limited blogging, but all readers are invited to my mother’s memorial party at the Riverside Yacht Club,Club Road, Riverside, from 1:00 – 3:30 tomorrow. This site averages 3,000 individual readers per day, with 16,000 views ( I really should cash in on that, no?), so if a bus caravan shows up we may have to lock the doors but otherwise, come one, come all.

Mickster has said he won’t attend, but I’ll bet he doesn’t know of RYC’s handicapped policy, where the Irish are given wheelbarrows, so they can stand on their hind legs, and the already-relaxed dress code (jeans and a collared shirt are fine) has been eased even farther for the bog trotters: for them, no shoes are required.

I’ll have blank name tags available in order that commenters can label themselves as “Anonymous” – lots of non-drinking friends will also be there, and if they too sign up as Anonymous, the confusion will be complete; you can sort yourselves out at the bar.

In any event, do come; my mother always insisted on a party after her demise, and we’d be honored by your presence.

No gloomy Irish dirges, Mickster, I promise.


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44 responses to “So come to the party!

  1. housecat

    Why did I think it was today? Anyway, will be thinking of you and yours tomorrow (it’s over-scheduled kids’ day on Saturdays). Best to all.

  2. sounds like a blast! will there be paper bags for Anonymous?

  3. Call It Like I See It

    A chance to meet Walt?

  4. I think every male should arrive with a Walt name tag on and every woman with one that says Greenwich Gal. And who know, one could actually BE Walt or GG but we wouldn’t know. And if they leave together, well, hey, what happens at a memorial party stays at a memorial party.

    Have fun.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    You are too funny EOS.
    I truly would love to be there to honor your mother, CF. All mothers, after all, should be honored so – we have the hardest and most important job in the world.
    I would also love to meet my friends – EOS, whom I imagine is an elegant, Patrician lady who loves to whisper the occasional filthy joke. Housecat and Toonces who are probably smokin’ hot yummy mummies. I do miss IB Banker and Cobra – where are you guys? Accolay and Cos Cobber who I’m guessing is a sensible sort. Practical and no pretenses. AJ has to have very thick glasses from reading all those conspiracy theories and all the fine print. What does Dollar Bill look like you think? Nebbishy I’m guessing. He never played sports for sure. Walt – I can only hope is a stunningly handsome, mildly middle aged, stud muffin, who in spite of his terrible spelling and grammar, is a genius math wizard and has made millions managing his own portfolio – how else would he have the time to craft his fake persona? (Christ, Walt’s probably clipping his toenails and farting in his beat up La-Z-Boy recliner as we speak, who am I kidding? ha.)
    Anyway – so sorry to miss. I must remain, at least in this digital life – a mystery.

    • GG – I have met EOS and she is exactly as you describe, although she didn’t offer any dirty jokes that I recall. I will confess to being a tiny bit miffed that I didn’t make your list.

    • Walt

      Greenwich Girl. My love. My La-Z-Boy is brand new!!

    • Toonces

      GG – you are the sweetest. Chris, thinking about you and your family today! I am sorry I can’t come to honor the matriarch of a family that I have come to love – even though I’ve never met most of them! She must have been something.

    • housecat

      No, no, GG. That is what Walt *wants* us to think. I think your original assessment was probably closer to the truth, red wig and fat suit disguise notwithstanding.

    • Cos Cobber

      GG, Yep, you’d be quick to spot me.

      CF and family, I hope you had a very fine celebration of your wonderful mother.

  6. If I weren’t on the wrong coast, I’d be there. Yes, please, photos!

  7. Peg

    If I can drag Warren away from his bridge game and get him to fire up the jet, you can bet I’ll be there!

    No matter what – I surely am in spirit.

  8. jB

    Let it be nothing less than a celebration.

  9. Walt

    Dude –

    Is it clothing optional? Can I do the “pull my finger” joke on the guests? On all of your blue blooded, Waspy Wasp little tight assed friends? Will the Mayflower Madam be there? What about the GAR Evil Princess? Will Gideon wear an ascot? Does a bear shit in the woods?

    Will Francis be there in his Che Guevera t-shirt trying to sell us scratch and sniff lottery tickets? Will you have midgets and Jap hotties in plaid school girl skirts? I certainly hope so.

    Will there be horse da voures? Served by properly attired Negro’s in waistcoats? I would expect so, because that is what Greenwich is all about. And I am sure we can tell Jew jokes, right? It wouldn’t be a Waspy Wasp party without them!! The jokes Dude. Not the Jews. And the Priest and the Rabbi stuff always kills me.

    Anyhows. ANYHOWS!! I will try and stop by, but I am not sure I will be able to make it. Not out of lack of love and respect for you and your family. And I don’t mean that in any gay way, you homo.

    But if I don’t make it, remember this. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” You know who said that Dude? Dr. FRIGGING SUESS!! THE GREEN EGG’S AND HAM GUY!! The man was a genius. Getting rich writing books for little kids, and he wasn’t even a pedophile. As far as I know.

    So if in fact I do demure today, understand my thoughts and love are with you and yours. And celebrate a long life very well lived by your Mom. And appreciate what you have. While you have it. That’s important. And I think she would want that.

    Can you send me the secret Waspy Wasp handshake to get in, in case I do attend?

    Your Pal,

    • It’s a little tickle in the palm, and a finger up the rump with the other hand. Works like a charm on officers of the club, if they appear. Otherwise, just the lady WASPs

  10. Anthony Fountain

    Walt, as the only mackerel snapper in the family, I was hoping to meet you.

  11. Babylon Sister

    That sounds so fun and wonderful, and what a perfect venue for a rowdy crowd 😉 I hope you will share photos!

  12. Accolay

    Unfortunately can’t make it, but am thinking of your family today. Let us know which readers show up!

  13. Cobra

    I’ll park my son at the dentist and drop in for a bit. Looking forward to seeing the Fountain/FWIW crew.

  14. mr noel and mr bourke

    can we come … gossip

  15. What a gorgeous day to celebrate a beautiful life! RYC is indeed a special place. I have sports then off to work but I would have loved to throw back a stiff rum punch with a bunch of very interesting peeps. Peace and love to the Fountain family. Pics please….

  16. R and B

    I read this blog every day, although I very rarely comment. This by far, is the best thread I have read in a long long time. You all made me laugh out loud more than once. And touche Greenwich Gal! You have described everyone exactly as I imagine.
    Godspeed to the Fountain family as well.

  17. anonymous

    for the dummies among us, myself included, might I suggest scratching out the word “tomorrow” in the first sentence and substituting “today”- unless it’s a two day affair.

  18. Mickster

    Just got back into town – I explained my predicament – my brother in-law is over from Ireland and his idea of a trip is to visit his buddies Irish sports bar chain in Westchester and guess who the chauffeur was. Anyway I left him in Mount Kisco – what a waste of a beautiful day. Glad Mom had it for her sendoff.

    • Yikes Mickster, you left your BIL in Mount Kisco????????? I hope he’s still there when you go back, or maybe that was part of your plan? 🙂

      • He’ll be passed out in a nearby field, and Mickster can find him in the morning; no worries.

      • Mickster

        Apparently, he’s now in White Plains at 9.30 pm. The BBQ at 7 didn’t happen – must have slipped his mind. Don’t get me started…

        • Well you damn fool, you could have come down to William street, where I was serving home-smoked ribs, pulled pork and cole slaw.

        • Mickster

          I could have walked there. Anyway, he was dropped off just now, fourteen sheets to the wind, bearly able to put 2 words together. His sister is pissed. I’m off to bed. I can’t stand the sight of blood.
          That pulled pork would have been welcome..

  19. NYadgal

    I’m another who reads each day but rarely comments. What a wonderful community of commenters here. Thinking of you and your family, Chris. It’s the most beautiful day for a celebration of a life beautifully lived.