And thank you, Walt

I’m only sorry that you chose to dress as a waitress- I’m sure that none of the FWIW crowd recognized the fat lady in the cheap red wig passing around pigs in a blanket as the seer of this blog and, although I know that that was the way you wanted it, I’m sure that they’ll regret not meeting you.

Nonetheless, I do thank you for making the effort to appear. Hope the club paid you for your service.


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22 responses to “And thank you, Walt

  1. Farrightwing

    Walt, always loyal despite your sarcasm!

  2. Peg

    Hope Walt got good tips, too!

  3. traded the red wig for bunny ears later in the proceedings

  4. Anonymous

    Did a lot of readers show up?

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    I really wish I could have attended. Really. But my crotch fruit had plans elsewhere.

    I am sure you had a lovely time without me. Was Sarah there? I would have liked to have met her. And try and figure out how such a beautiful person was spawned by you. No disrespect meant. You cretin.

    Anyhows, my regrets on missing it. But did you see that Princess Kate dropped a princess from her royal vagina? What is the difference between a royal vagina and a common vagina Dude? I think they are all pretty royal. Do you think Kate is a baldy? I know Pippa is.

    But isn’t it amazing that we all start life dive bombing head first out of a vagina? THINK ABOUT IT!! THAT IS THE FIRST THING WE ALL DO!! It really is a miracle. Do you think about stuff like this Dude? I do. ALL THE TIME!!

    But now that I dwell on it, you were probably a breach baby. Correct? Came out ass first and never looked back? That would explain a lot.

    I am happy that Latrice had such a beautiful day, and she was in my thoughts, in spite of my absence. And that is what counts. And I cringe at the thought that she actually read some of my posts.

    Your Pal,

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    The guilt for missing the swarree.. the souirai…the party celebrating your Mom’s life, is troubling me. I really would have liked to be there. You know that. Who wouldn’t like to hang out with the Fountain Clan? NO ONE!!

    I would have chatted everyone up, even though I am more anti-social than you are. Pal Nancy? Speak to me honey, I have some questions for you!!

    Gideon. GIDEON!! I could eat horse da vourse with that ascot wearing snob for hours!! He is a bona fide Greenwich cartoon!! Anthony!! He actually seems like a normal human being, is he adopted? So I would probably just do the pull my finger joke with him, and then try and find Sarah.

    SARAH!! Isn’t it sad that she is too old for me Dude? How much fun would we all have at Thanksgiving dinner? AND CHRISTMAS!! Wouldn’t it be great, Dad?

    Your Pal,

  7. attire

    did anyone come in just socks and underwear from their mothers basement?

  8. Chris, sorry but I was unable to attend. My best to you and the rest of the Fountain clan. I am hoping that John is doing ok.

  9. Just Looking

    Hi Chris
    I have a general question regarding the sales process. I see that 55 Hillside Rd., priced at $3.25MM, has stopped showings and is only accepting “best and final bids”. What’s the story with that? Doesn’t a realtor want to generate as many bids as possible to drive a bidding war? How can I bid on a house they wont let me see. It has only been on the market less then a week. Curious about your thoughts.

    • Anonymous


    • housecat

      Yes, this is absolutely an appropriate post to pester CF with general RE questions. So sorry you’re annoyed that you lost out on this one, but perhaps the right answer is: “you just have to suck it up.”

  10. another starbucks 4 me

    I sorry, I tried to make it Chris, but they wouldn’t let me dock at RYC … I guess the skull and bones flag didn’t sit well with the dock master.

    • You could have used Gideon’s name, and they’d have rolled out the red (AstroTurf ) carpet for you, pirate flag, gold necklace and pneumatic- breasted women notwithstanding

  11. anonagain

    I hope it was a party fitting for a Fountain. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t have been. Methinks that Walt doth protest too much – clearly it was him.