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And here’s an old nugget, finally shuffling off the stage

14 Martin Dale14 Martin Dale, a pretty-much-vanilla spec house when it failed to sell for $5.995 in 2008, dropped its price, eventually, to $4.350 and has a buyer. At the new price, given the street and location, I suppose it makes sense; if the buyer can avoid dying of boredom inside.


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Quick sale on Parsonage

145 Parsonage145 Parsonage Road, $5.495, reports a pending deal just a week after hitting the market. The sellers paid $4.995 for it a couple of years ago, added a generator (what, $20,000?) and otherwise added a few years of wear to it, so they’re making out well.But a grand old house, on a fabulous street, so I’m not surprised.


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At long last, love

30 Sherwood Avenue

30 Sherwood Avenue

30 Sherwood Avenue, $2.495, listed as both land and residence, has a buyer. The sellers bought this  house and guest cottage on 7.5-acres from Elie Weisel in 2004 for $2.5 million, totally renovated it, added 1,000 square feet to it, and placed it back up for sale in 2010 for $3.850 million. Five years and a lot of price cuts later, it’s on its way to being sold. I wasn’t wildly happy about the renovations:they kind of destroyed the writer’s feel of it, and it has some Merritt exposure, but the house was much more livable after its changes, and it does have a separate building lot, so $2.5 would seem like a bargain on almost any other street. Unfortunately, Sherwood Avenue is one of our “fringe areas”, and it seems that everyone who’s bought here in the pst couple of decades has lost money. The current buyers will probably do okay – the sellers, obviously, lost their shirts.


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Say goodbye to Smith College, I hope

Transgender freak

Transgender freak

Will now admit boys who identify themselves as girls (but not the other way).

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) — Smith College, the largest of the all-female Seven Sisters schools, is changing its policy to accept transgender women.

The new policy, which takes effect for those applying this fall, followed a year of study. The women’s college had previously asked undergraduates to have consistently identified as female since birth.

Smith President Kathleen McCartney and board Chair Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard said in announcing the change on Saturday since Smith’s founding, “concepts of female identity have evolved.

Smith will not admit students who were born female but identify as male.

Other women’s colleges, including Mount Holyoke and Wellesley, also have changed their policies to admit transgender women.

The advocacy group GLAAD said it worked with Smith alumnae for the change. GLAAD President and CEO Kate Ellis said Smith joins a growing number of colleges that “respect and afford equal opportunity to all women.”


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