And here’s an old nugget, finally shuffling off the stage

14 Martin Dale14 Martin Dale, a pretty-much-vanilla spec house when it failed to sell for $5.995 in 2008, dropped its price, eventually, to $4.350 and has a buyer. At the new price, given the street and location, I suppose it makes sense; if the buyer can avoid dying of boredom inside.


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  1. Vanilla is good and I see nothing boring in the house at all. I’d use the word classic instead. To me, it’s not $4million worth of vanilla but maybe the vanilla is Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream.

    • Lou’s kid makes that ice cream, and it’s some of the best stuff around: if you haven’t tried the ginger, find it – absolutely fantastic.
      But the house on Martin Dale, which Lou senior (Greenwich Construction) did not build, is boring – sorry.

      • Their yellow ice cream truck was often parked near kids pad on Spring St in city. Yes, I know ginger. Mmmmmm.

        The paint colors do stink in this house but I think the bones of the house are fine. Easy to paint to personalize. Not easy to change out marble or granite or kitchen cabinets.

    • JK

      I really like this house. There are no heavy drapes, wall paper. Its clean.
      Looks like you can walk in a breath. I love looking at the homes on the blog but often think take much of the stuff out. It very different then the west coast. We do ranch. I’m coming to Greenwich tomorrow and I always have my daughter drive me around, love looking. Its so pretty.

  2. Anonymous

    Boring is right. Not a single bit of visual interest here. There’s no detail at all, aside from the de riguer oversized chunky white trim everywhere. White/white kitchens and baths are fine and dandy, but there’s something about that combined with the awful taupe paint and blah suburbia on steroids exterior that’s just … blah

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    I think we could all agree, THE NUMBER ONE JOB OF GOVERNMENT is to protect its citizens. Does anyone disagree? Anyone? Anyone?

    So Bill de Blassio AKA WILLIAM WILLHEM, a “progressive” commie, is allowing a woman, who can’t pass the physical fitness test, to become a fire person!! FIRE PERSON!! I am PC DUDE!! Gender neutral!!

    This is political correctness run amok. MEN ARE BETTER at being fireman. IT’S JUST A FACT!! DEAL WITH IT!! This is putting lives in danger, and people could die because this woman isn’t strong enough to do the job.

    How does ANYONE support this? Comment Francis? Comment?

    Progressives care more about the “cause” than what is right. Further proof they are dangerous, and could care less about the people they are meant to represent. When they do things like this, it shows they really are retarded, and simply don’t know right from wrong. Pretty soon, they will want cultists on the BOE. Oh wait….that already happened.

    Your Pal,

  4. Factcheck

    House sold in less than 10 days. So something about house, street, or just increase in demand for close to town. 115 maple (oversized lot) bought recently for $2.6 mm now has a demolition sign . 2006 prices.

    • Anonymous

      Buyers are willing to pay a premium for being close to town. 39 Patterson sold for just under $4m for land, new house being built for about $1.5m. If these are developers, they must expect to be able to sell this for more than $7m!

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take the over on $1.5mm construction cost for the new house. It is being built by an end user.

        • Anonymous

          Looks from the outside 7000+ sqft the number is closer to $2.5mn.

        • Anonymous

          7000+ sqft likely around $2.5 mn

        • Anonymous

          At $6.5m all in, it would have to be worth $8m to make sense. It feels like the center of the “Golden Circle” has migrated closer to town.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t understand the logic. For an end user the value is $6.5 Mn, no profit. Still record $ for the area, but makes some sense relative to where 77 maple ave (5.4 mn) sold recently.

        • MCD

          I can’t understand the logic of dropping $5.4m and $6.5m for to be on a busy road like Maple and Patterson. It feels like this area is frothing!

        • Anonymous

          @MCD: demographics. Upper East not less busy than Maple or Patterson. Proximity to town, priceless.

      • Anonymous

        “At $6.5m all in, it would have to be worth $8m to make sense. ”

        To a builder perhaps. This house is being built by an end user so not an issue.

        • Accolay

          The day Patterson is “Golden Triangle” is the day I move from town.

        • housecat

          Triangle, circle. It’s all the same.

        • Anonymous

          Accolay one man’s Golden Triangle is somebody else’s bad dream. Just live wherever makes you happy. If your kids went to GA or WCK you might prefer Patterson. The rest of the town beckons and awaits your next real estate purchase.

        • Anonymous

          Almost $4mm for a less than one acre building lot certainly puts the area as one of the most expensive in town excluding the waterfront or near water locations in Riverside, Belle Haven, etc.

        • Anonymous

          Patterson is the new Platinum Polygon.

        • Anonymous

          It’s settled. According to a Sotheby’s ad in today’s GT, it’s the “Golden Tangle”.

  5. WinAir Co-Pilot ✈️

    Sorry I missed the party, the POW WOW had us Nopo folk in full lockdown.
    It sounds as though you all had a nice time.
    My best to the Fountain clan.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t think this house looks bad at all, compared to that new house that went up just next door, which may be more “unique” but not in a good way. It can use some landscaping to spruce up its outside curb appeal, but take a look at the picture of the back of the house – that actually looks really nice – unlike most spec houses where builders only thought of the front and the back of the house looks usually totally awful and random. I also think this house can easily be customized on the inside without requiring construction.

    • Anonymous

      Are you the builder?

    • anon

      House is wedged in between the house next door and big house behind it. Very little outdoor space, open light. Nice house meh land.

    • anon

      Chris sold the “house next door” and represented the buyers, who tore down the original, and moved and built the “unique” house to which you refer. To each his own.

      • ModernGreek

        The first designed by Peter Keating with the neoclassical motifs such as ionic columns, giving the house a Parthenon-like presence desired by the Nouveau riche. “The other” was designed by “Howard Roark” to celebrate the “uniquness” of “simple clean straight lines” in a town where wearing a pink whale canvas club belt with yellow pants is the attire of a gentleman rather than a clown. Viva diversity.
        What’s going on with the inflation in “””””” on this thread?

  7. Flash

    Living in that house would be relaxing: no design challenges, no desire to WOW, no removal of over zealous previous owner attempt to personalize.
    And, great location.
    I think builder has used this house plan before

  8. Cos Cobber

    I think it looks pretty good. In a very quick flip through the pics, I didn’t find the neutral nature unappealing.

  9. Ethnic neighborhood bashers take note:

    The railroad came to Greenwich in 1848, marking a dramatic improvement in transportation and bringing many immigrants who made Greenwich their home. The Irish came to work on the railroad and settled close to Greenwich Avenue, the town center. In an adjacent neighborhood called Chickahominy, Italian stonemasons congregated to be near the Byram quarries. Other Italians moved further east to North Mianus where they worked in the Mianus Woolen Mill. The Germans went to Byram, then known as East Port Chester, and found work in the Abendroth Foundry. Glenville, on the Byram River, attracted Poles who worked at the felt mill and at Russell, Burdsall & Ward, manufacturers of nuts and bolts. Distinct neighborhoods developed, which have continued to be home to second- and third-generation descendants.

    • Anonymous

      Great. The trolls won’t make use of THAT.

    • but, what of the Native-Americans? you may ask…

    • Babylon Sister

      What about Old Greenwich and Riverside??

      • Babylon Sister

        (question pertains to ShedLess’s post)

      • ShedLessToolMan

        In 1640, settlers from Massachusetts purchased land between the Asamuck and Patomuck rivers in the area now known as Old Greenwich. Not long after, the English joined the Dutch in a dispute with the Native Americans, which resulted in a massacre at the Indian village of Petuquapaen. The newcomers then carved out larger and larger land holdings on which to raise potatoes, grain and fruit. Settlements grew along the shore from Stamford on the east to the Byram River on the west and north to the New York State border. By 1730, the nearly 50 square miles which comprise present-day Greenwich were laid out.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      So, how many pump ‘n dump stocks did you get suckered for on Henry Blodget’s recommendation in the good ole days of the DOT.COM boom?

  10. Cos Cobber

    God damn its a boring spring market. Lots of new construction but where are the buyers?

  11. Factcheck

    Anyone in on our favorite game over/under?
    The facts: house sold in less than 10 days, ask $4.35mn (under pricing strategy?), ask in 2008 $6mn (oops?), zillow $4.5, cost of construction rough estimAmte (land $2.2mn + $2mn + $0.6mn profit).

    I donate $100 to the winner’s favorite charity.

    If I win, readers buy me a pretzels clad vineyard vine belt.

    My bet: $4.55mn

    Rules: closest to actual

  12. Walt

    Dude –

    I do worry about you and your long absences. Not in a homo way. You homo.

    Either you are dealing with difficult times, and concerns about John, or you are on your annual trip to Phuket. It’s really a coin toss, I think, and I certainly hope it’s the latter. In which case I am pissed off you didn’t invite me along. I get a 20% YU RUV ME RONG TIME discount, so I could have saved you some boo ku dinero’s. Do you think negotiating with these slope headed little hotties is the same as dealing with a Waspy Wasp Greenwich blue hair “Professional” dirt seller? WELL YOU ARE WRONG MY FRIEND!!

    These baldy little LBFM gooks will eat the GAR Evil Princesses furry little, Aunt Bea’s pearl wearing FAGINA’S FOR LUNCH!! EVERY TIME!! Just trust me on this.

    Anyhows, whatever is driving your absence, remain optimistic. ALWAYS!! NEVER GIVE UP!! NEVER LOOSE FAITH!!

    But now that we are off topic, can anyone actually refer a good handyman? And a painter? And a roofer? And a landscaper? And a whore while we are at it? Local? Who allows me to host? With big cans and a bubble ass?

    Report back Dude. I hope all is OK.
    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      Nay, Nay,

      20% YU RUV ME RONG TIME discount is velly wong way to go. It like 3 day old sushi. It gone bad and it give you heart ache long time. You gets what you pays for, best case.

      Leslie Chow

  13. Anonymous

    Blog, will ya

    • Saabstory

      Since were off topic,I see this morning that ptj bought a home in palm beach.could be old news by now but I would like opinions from readers of this blog.does this signal a move from Connecticut? Maybe just a warm place for the winter months?

      • Cos Cobber

        Well, that’s “rich” because he just participated in one of those forums on economic inequality – so to flee a tax heavy state like CT for FL seems to fly in the face of wanting to “help.” Of course, as I have always said, my most liberal friends are often my stingiest, even on taxes.

        • Anonymous

          PTJ is incredibly generous with his own money, I have seen lots of evidence, not least his work with the Robin Hood foundation that he founded. I like the fact that he and the board members absorb all the expenses of the charity allowing 100% of the money raised to go directly to the supported causes.

      • anonymous

        I’ll bite. Who’s “ptj”. Guess it’s a Greenwich insiders only comment. Clue the rest of us in.

        • housecat

          Paul tudor jones.

        • Saabstory

          I wish I was inside Greenwich i’am far,far,far, away in derby! Anon@1:18 I agree with your comments on ptj.i hope my post didn’t come off as a dig,if anything i’am a fanboy of the guy.i worked in private aviation and meet him a few times.i would say southern gentleman,the nicest,richest guy I ever met,if that makes any sense

      • GreenITCH

        do not read too much into that .. he as well recently sold a home in Florida …

        • Anonymous

          That Keys place looks awesome. I think I would take that over anything in Palm Beach.

  14. Cos Cobber

    And in local Real Estate, I see 201 Cat Rock (ranch on 1.24 acres for 1.15M list) and 272 Palmer Hill (2014 construction / 2.65M list) have picked up contingent contracts.

    What’s notable about the Palmer Hill house is that it is adjacent to a beautiful 2009 home listed at 2.75M which has been on the market for years. I love the exterior of the 2.75 home, but I think it maybe having a hard time because of the floor plan and/or the backyard and/or the garage/driveway situation. I’m not sure – those that have toured it perhaps they could share their observations.

    • RE Junkie

      When 268 Palmer Hill, the 2008 home., first came on the market the asking price was $3.1M which was too high , especially :
      – the surrounding homes were mostly teardowns (what’s now the 272 house was a vacant lot)
      – the 268 lot is in the middle of a very steep section of the hill, I would be worried about rainwater drainage from the houses above
      – the 268 interior layout isn’t ideal in my opinon–I recall that the first floor feels cut up by the stairwell layout and the rooms didn’t flow very well

      It’s been rented and on/off for sale at lower prices then, it’s a lot of square feet for the current asking price and the neighboring houses are getting nicer

      • WinAir Co-Pilot ✈️

        Palmer Hill from Old Orchard to about 50 meters beyond Cross Ridge is roughly a 10% grade.
        It’s no less than 9 and no greater than 11 at any point along that stretch.
        …to my point, it’s steep the whole way.

        • Anonymous

          I wonder what Burying Hill Road climb is…12-15?

        • RE Junkie

          How much of a premium are buyers willing to pay for a flat property wtih no drainage or wetlands issues? A lot of the properties in Greenwich have less than ideal land.

      • Anonymous

        REJunkie: They must be quite willing to pay up. We’ve had no fewer than three (!!) Feng Shui “experts” sent to our house by prospective buyers. Suffice it to say, the property doesn’t conform to the nonsensical rules of Shui, alas.

    • Cos Cobber

      One other contract today. 54 Orchard in Cos Cob listed at $1M. Not surprised this one found interest after just a month or so on the market. Cute bungalow which could be fixed up with a light budget to have some inexpensive charm.

      • there may be some minor feng shui problems with Orchard Ct right across the street:
        Be sure to look at the approach to the house. Is it in a cul-de-sac? If the road ends at a straight line to the house, this is not good. Also, houses with a road behind and in front of the house suffer, and corrections can’t be made for these. Long straight driveways that end at the house, or roads that stop at the house, are another problem, but can be corrected with plants or mirrors.

      • Cos Cobber

        Will 35 Old Wagon Road have a contract by the end of the day? .42 nearly level acres in NOPO for only 997k.

  15. Pacing pacing. Worrying worrying. Pacing pacing.

  16. uminn65

    CF, your silence makes me worry about you and your family. You owe your readers nothing as you deal with the issues that prevent you from blogging. Yet, I get the feeling from years of reading your blog and the comments posted that you are held in great affection by hundreds or even thousands of your readers who wish you strength, understanding, and peace.

  17. Anonymous

    anyone joining art on the ave?
    Cannot wait for pink lemonade (spiked) at V V.

  18. NYadgal

    Joining the chorus of faithful readers who are sharing that you are missed, and sending out good thoughts and prayers for anything you may need.

  19. Anonymous

    Regarding PTJ, there are certain senior employees there affiliated with a local soccer club. One of them asked another employee, who’s child participated in this club, for a sizable donation and told him/her it would be made up in their bonus. That person made a 5 figure “donation” to the soccer club and kid was nevertheless cut that spring. No idea whether the duped parent was in fact made whole in his/her bonus but hell, who’s paying? Sounds like the investors rather than PTJ

    • Anonymous

      Any hedge fund, including Tudor, receives a contractual management and incentive fee from their investors. How the partners of the hedge fund allocate the money among employees is up to them, they can’t arbitrarily hit up investors for more money.

  20. wickets

    dropping in to say that I hope you and your family, especially your son are ok

  21. greenwich dude


    sure hoping all is well. you and yours in my thoughts.


  22. Pete

    Thinking of you and yours.

  23. Toonces

    CF – thinking about you and your family. Sending love and prayers.

  24. Babylon Sister

    CF – thinking of you

    O/T – I always loved Smokey Robinson’s music but I never appreciated his poetic brilliance

    (It’s peppered with some profanity)

  25. Anonymous

    I feel love