Quick sale on Parsonage

145 Parsonage145 Parsonage Road, $5.495, reports a pending deal just a week after hitting the market. The sellers paid $4.995 for it a couple of years ago, added a generator (what, $20,000?) and otherwise added a few years of wear to it, so they’re making out well.But a grand old house, on a fabulous street, so I’m not surprised.


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9 responses to “Quick sale on Parsonage

  1. Anonymous

    Shows that very sophisticated renovation and updating can add value for years. Great house, great location.

  2. Anonymous

    Lovely house – probably in the sweet spot style wise whereby it won’t date like the new construction.

  3. “I told you so”…….this is a fabulous house on gorgeous oversized lot in a wonderful location and neighborhood…..what is not to like???? And personally I think it was just a bit underpriced!! Time will tell………

  4. Anonymous

    Great house but was in much better shape the last time it sold. Sellers are very luck to have sold so quickly and most probably with a nice profit! They were hard on the house and it showed!! Fine location!

    • Anonymous

      Showed how? Chunks missing from the wall? How much damage can you do in 2.5 years 😄

  5. Guest

    This was a beautiful prewar house occupied for many years by the most lovely couple. He passed away, and she sold. Then it got this huge renovation. Not sure the renovation improved it, but definitely made the house much bigger. Not sure if these owners or their predecessors renovated here.

  6. 1888

    Wonderful house, but which war is it meant to predate?
    — it seems to have been built in 1955 — although it does feel older.

  7. Guest

    Always looked prewar from the outside. Maybe was an illusion.