Say goodbye to Smith College, I hope

Transgender freak

Transgender freak

Will now admit boys who identify themselves as girls (but not the other way).

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) — Smith College, the largest of the all-female Seven Sisters schools, is changing its policy to accept transgender women.

The new policy, which takes effect for those applying this fall, followed a year of study. The women’s college had previously asked undergraduates to have consistently identified as female since birth.

Smith President Kathleen McCartney and board Chair Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard said in announcing the change on Saturday since Smith’s founding, “concepts of female identity have evolved.

Smith will not admit students who were born female but identify as male.

Other women’s colleges, including Mount Holyoke and Wellesley, also have changed their policies to admit transgender women.

The advocacy group GLAAD said it worked with Smith alumnae for the change. GLAAD President and CEO Kate Ellis said Smith joins a growing number of colleges that “respect and afford equal opportunity to all women.”


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67 responses to “Say goodbye to Smith College, I hope

  1. Cos Cobber

    So let’s say I check this box and then show up as myself – a seemingly normal hetero male. Then what? Do they dare attempt to boot me? I could argue that I project hetero because that is what I feel comfortable with, but deep down I’m transgender (of course – all a game). I expect Walt will see the obvious opportunity to exploit this situation.

  2. Anonymous

    They’ve just created an equal opportunity to not hire grads from there, since they’re making a mockery of the institution.

  3. Anonymous

    Tuition is expensive! It is all niche marketing and and driving the customer and it happens to correlate to PC and acceptance movement. 2 birds 1 stone

  4. another starbucks 4 me

    They’ll all end up employed behind the espresso machine at Northampton Coffee. Worth the stop, by the way, enroute to Vermont.

  5. Anonymous

    I consider myself reasonably liberal but this is becoming a bit of a joke.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      but this is becoming a bit of a joke

      I see you’re a master/mistress/something-or-other of understatement.

      Smith’s administers don’t realize yet, but they’ve just launched themselves and the college into oblivion, so really, the JOKE is on them and all the school’s students and alumnae.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, they are well established on the list of: “Throw away all resumes for recent grads from: …”

        • Anonymous

          I guess I’m missing something here. Why would expanding the applicant pool to include trans women reflect on the credentials of the school’s graduates? Does your firm do a panty check before sending out offer letters?

          • Well yes, I’d think many do. A freak who can’t deal with having a penis probably has other serious issues. And a college that prides itself on focusing on sexual identity and victim hood probably doesn’t spend too much time or resources on, you know, real subjects.

          • By the way, Smith is admitting transsexual males- girls who think they’re boys are specifically excluded.

  6. Mickster

    The issue facing anyone dating Smith ‘girls’ in the future is are they dating a girl or just someone who “identifies as a girl”. Gonna be a lot of checking under the hood etc etc. I pity future Smith graduates both in the social and employment arenas……or maybe I’m totally wrong and it will all be normal in a few years. Not a homophobe.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      In “Progresssive” reasoning circles, anyone who claims not to be a homophobe has proved beyond all doubt that he/she/it’s a homophobe. Check your #StraightPrivilege and report for re-education today!

    • A sheepophile, maybe, but nobody’s ever accused you of being a homophobe.

    • Anonymous

      I am a long-ago graduate of Mount Holyoke, and want to go on record saying that Anne Spurzem’s letter is exactly correct as to what is happening at these schools, no matter what one’s take on the situation is. Also, a question: do they currently “classify” butch students as male? Greenwich Oldtimer

      • I have a number of friends who went to Smith and Mount Holyoke in 1966. They were the prettiest, the smartest, the most athletic too, and to a one, hetero. They all went on to marry, have careers too. Smith and Holyoke were great schools, then.

        Old timer, I too thought the letter from the alum was spot-on. What class were you at Holyoke? I think we are about the same age.

  7. My pal the late Roy Villa told me back in the 80s his wife went to Smith “when it was a girls’ school.” I thought that a pretty funny crack at the time but it proved to be remarkably prescient.

  8. Anonymous

    Read this WSJ article. It talks about gender and the use of robots for sex.

    “Further, labeling our sexual orientation will be a thing of the past. A new tide of young men and women are embracing a range of sexual expression, describing themselves as “mostly straight” but open to same-sex love if it occurs. In addition to gay marriage becoming legal everywhere in the U.S., I have no doubt the transgender community will make amazing strides when it comes to civil rights and being understood and celebrated.”

    • Publius

      I read that piece last week when published. The WSJ has been going down hill for a while (except op-ed page) but I was surprised that this showed up in the paper. I was thinking more Salon or Huffpo. A good friend of mine in the Windy City years ago stopped reading the WSJ referring to it as the “Wall Street Urinal” and at the time I teased him for being so harsh. It looks like he was spot on.

    • do you mean there isn’t a bright future for SBU?

  9. CatoRenasci

    These places have been off the charts nuts for at least 20 years – when my daughter was looking at Wellesley, she had more than one pass made at her on an overnight visit. Most of the Seven Sisters alumnae I know are pretty unhappy with what their schools have become. Maybe Sweet Briar had the right idea to shut down. Pretty soon, the only real all female colleges will be Catholic nunneries.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      Please, I can report that Williams is certainly not 1/3 gay. Also, I don’t know how they came up with a 49% minority figure for their recent freshman class, as the vast majority of students there still look pretty white bread to me.

      The seven sisters, on the other hand, have fallen on hard times, since talented young women these days have so many other options.

      • Anonymous

        So is it 1/4 gay or 1/2 gay?
        In the non-gay half, are all the dudes beta males like Obama’s pajama boy?

      • I got that statistic from the WSJ, I believe- I’ve been out having my lip lasered and otherwise tortured, but I’ll find the link soon.

      • Accolay

        Where does it say that? Williams is an Accolay-approved school, but this may have me think otherwise for the Petite Accolays.

  10. Anonymous

    60k+ a year to send a well-raised daughter to a culturally Marxist dyke factory.

    What’s the over/under on how long Smith can continue as a going concern?
    10 years? 20 years?


    • Mickster

      Transgenders are not gay (at least I don’t believe so) so why would you call it a “Marxist dyke factory”?
      My only issue honestly is the way Smith has done this. The danger is that this can stigmatize the school. However, my guess is that they have carefully discussed the decision with the generous alums and had a promise from rich LBGT members ready to backstop it’s endowment.

      • Anonymous

        It all gets very confusing. If you are a man who identifies as a woman and you date women are you a lesbian?

      • You’re being sarcastic, right?

        • Mickster

          I’m not being sarcastic – transgenders are not gay.. maybe Smith is already a “Marxist dyke factory” (I’m not really up on that topic) but the topic of this post is about transgenders and their admittance will not make Smith more of a “dyke factory”.

          • Places like Williams are now 1/3 gay. Considering that no more than 3% of the general population is gay, and an infinitesimal percentage are transgenders, it seems a poor marketing scheme to appeal to that crowd.
            And as a reader asked, how would you, and she, feel about a non-gay transgender roommate?

      • Anonymous

        Mickster, without exaggeration, we’ve told you a billion times, there is no hyperbole on CF’s blog, especially the comments section.

        No conspiracy theories neither.

    • Happy in Riverside

      5 years at best! Going concern – you have to be an accountant – anonymous !!!

  11. Anonymous

    When you read that Smith has partnered with Wesleyan on a joint Genderf^$! graduate studies program, then you really know they’ve jumped the shark.

  12. Anonymous

    Imagine if your daughter enrolled and got assigned some dude as their roommate?

    • Anonymous

      Friends with benefits, huh?

      • Cos Cobber

        I don’t see what stops a man from checking the transgender box and then moving on campus to live a hetero lifestyle. Whose going to police the bedsheets, hormone supplements and surgeries (no one of course – nor should they)? Seems to me you would just need to be transgender for the interview.

        • housecat

          I suspect the campus community would, after conducting various awareness seminars and protests, cast him out on his heterosexual rear. If you think the witch trials were hysterical (as in full of hysteria)…

        • Cos Cobber

          Ah, Housecat, but this is where the real fun begins.

  13. Anonymous Citizenette

    Transgenders are sad confused individuals and society is not doing them any favor by indulging and celebrating their illness. You are what you’re born and surgery and hormones are only going to put you in the freak category.

    • Anonymous

      Another FREAK category
      Often confused with Chastity, celibacy is an abstinence from sex that is correctly performed on a permanenet basis. The Catholic Church defines the only foolproof method of Birth Control as being “Chastity outside of marriage and Celibacy within marriage.”
      A:”What’s the difference between Celibacy and Chastity?”
      B:”Chastity means no sex while you are single. Celibacy means no sex while you are breathing”

  14. What I’ve noticed with this generation of women is they want to IDENTIFY themselves by their sexuality and gender, whichever one it is. I think that’s a huge mistake. I don’t care what you are or who you sleep with, but I do care if I’m going to give you a job that you have a good mind, got a good education, and can handle the job I may give you.

    I saw Megan Smith on Charlie Rose – she was a VP at Google and now the Head of Technology for the White House. Brilliant, well-spoken, she felt it was her obligation to give back to the government, all to the good until she felt she had to say she was head of some LGBT advocacy group. Who the hell cares???????? Get over yourselves gays and lesbians. I’m pretty tired of hearing about all these special snowflakes.

  15. Call It Like I See It

    A moment to think about Kent State. Today is the anniversary of a terrible shooting. Not saying who was right or wrong, this is not the message, it just was not one of the finer moments in our American History. I am not posting this to look for a debate, and I do not want one. I hope it is never repeated.

    • Yos

      I am not posting this to look for a debate, and I do not want one.
      Why, you can’t handle debate?

    • Hell, I led a student strike at GHS that day. Funny thing was, many years later I found myself on the same steps – now town hall – using another microphone to address a Tea Party rally. I always was a rabble rouser.

  16. Al Dente

    If a person tells me they are gay, I rank that in importance right next to what color socks they wear. It is IRRELEVANT.

    I really don’t think 99.9% of all Americans don’t give a turd either. (Muslims seem to take issue)

    But there are people who make money off misery and controversy, so racism, sexism, homophobia, etc must live on!

  17. Peg

    Can transgenders vote like this, too?

    Personally, I prefer using the machines rather than my girl parts.

    • Babylon Sister

      Gotta love the reader comments below the article

      “It’s a shame that you won’t be voting with your brain. This essay makes me embarrassed to be a woman.”


      • Peg

        Babylon Sister – they gotta HAVE one to be able to vote with it. For some, you must wonder!

  18. Genetics Test

    This is the only test they should give at this college .. XX and you are in … no exceptions! This used to be a premier place … oh, it is in LIBERAL-CHUSETTS.

  19. Anonymous

    Applications to Smith are at an all-time high, with a record number of early-decision applications received this spring. Additionally, Smith continues as a national leader in Fulbright success, with 31 Fulbright award finalists in 2015. The college just received a $10,000,000 gift, one of the largest ever awarded to a women’s college. I doubt the end is near.

  20. Smithie

    Applications to Smith are at an all-time high, with a record number of early-decision applications received this spring. Additionally, Smith continues as a national leader in Fulbright success, with 31 Fulbright award finalists in 2015. The college just received a $10 million gift, one of the largest ever awarded a women’s college. I doubt the end is near.

  21. North-Hump-Ton

    Northampton used to be the place Amherst men would travel to for parties off-campus. Now you will have to pay Amherst people to go to a Smith party. Drunk…any girl (or guy wanting to be a girl) looks pretty.