Another Doubling Road house to hit the market?

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.57.41 PMJoseph “Chip” Skowron, will be released from prison tomorrow.  No word whether he’ll be returning to his Doubling Road residence,

Chip Skowron leaves court

Chip Skowron does the perp walk

but his Ferrari collection has been confiscated, his house liened to the tune of tens-of-millions of dollars, and his career in the financial services industry pretty much gone, so look for moving vans soon.

The Chipster screwed his partners at a Greenwich hedge fund, pulling down the entire company and costing hundreds of employees their jobs. From what I understand (and from the tip I received just now from one of those former employees), there are plenty of people around who still don’t feel much sympathy for the guy.


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19 responses to “Another Doubling Road house to hit the market?

  1. Saline Dreamin' 🏄

    5 years up already?
    Or did he get released early?

    • I haven’t done the math for Chip, but I think federal prisoners get a few months off their sentence for good behavior. That only applies to sentences greater than one year, which is why you see so many small time crooks plea to a one year and one day sentences. The Chipster got more than that, so he’s probably out six-to-8 months early. I’m sure it was a miserable experience nonetheless, but there it is.

  2. rivman

    Well at least he turned his life over to Christ. Maybe he’ll pick up the lien.

  3. Ha. Just today at the supermarket, I ran into a woman I knew pretty well when the kids were young. Her husband was sent upstate for some serious time after indicted on a money laundering scheme. I never know what to say when I see her- hey, is Jack out of prison yet?

    Hopefully Mrs. Skowron has good friends to help her during this transition. It’s not going to be easy for them as a family to have daddy/hubby back home. Let’s home for the family unit, they are able to get back to some form of normal.

    • EOS, for the convenience of my readers, I provide a link in the right hand column of this blog labelled “Greenwich Prisoner Locator”, which leads to the federal prison system’s prisoner list, with the location of their prison and scheduled dates of their release. It covers federal prisoners from all states and towns, so my label’s a bit misleading, but I figured that, with so many of our Round Hill residents absent from home, most readers would be curious about their whereabouts.

      • Cos Cobber

        What’s the protocol on Christmas cards, still send them on to their prison address or drop them from the list?

        • They may have a forwarding service, but I’m not sure of that. Perhaps they just pass them out to those prisoners still there, who would be grateful for a cheery message, regardless of who it was originally addressed to.

  4. ck

    Life itself is a prison and people get released when they die. The only mystery is where will they be spending eternity? Turning ones life over to Christ may be the only option left for the elite and not so elite of Greenwich. And Christ is the only one who has death covered.

    • Anonymous


    • That’s a rather gloomy view of life, isn’t it? I’m not much of a believer these days, but what kind of loving god would create people whose life on earth was designed to be one of suffering? I understand that there’s a belief system out there that views their God as a great punisher, still pissed at Adam and Eve, but I choose to reject that understanding of God – I might go to Hell and spend eternity roasting over coals, but I’ll take that risk: I prefer, at most, a spirit that’s within us, instructing us to be kind and good, and something that we resist, but can come to learn to go with. It may not quite be Taoism, but close enough.

    • housecat

      Yikes. Have you considered that you might be clinically depressed, CK? I’m serious.

  5. Anonymous

    As religious person, it is WHAT YOU DO WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING and having money becomes a real game changer. And its easy to spew off Gods great vision good, bad,Jew, Christian, but wait until you are on the other side holding that “shit stick” before pontificating. Chris, the anguish you are going through can’t be washed away with esoteric ramble. I am sorry for your tremendous and arduous experience.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Ah – it is the ultimate question, isn’t it?
    Is there any justice in this life? Do people like Chip and his ilk get what they deserve? Chip may have gotten smacked down but there are many others who don’t and get away and profit from their cheating, lying, stealing.
    There seems to be – in my opinion – a view that American life is a rigged game. Look at all of it – finance, politics, Unions, education, the Catholic Church even -and you will see systems rotting from the inside out. Greenwich is but a small example of all it.
    Mr. GG argues with me that this is the way it has always been. Now, we just know more. It is the information age after all.

    No wonder church attendance is down across the country.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the Karma Cafe. There is no menu. You get what you deserve.

      • Greenwich Gal

        You believe that? I don’t. Not in this life anyway.
        There is a certain kid with cancer who is getting a major raw deal.
        He happens to be full of God given grace about it – I have to say I would be howling at the top of my lungs by the injustice of it all.

        • Anonymous

          If one believes in karma, maybe pain in one’s current life is due to one’s past…I don’t know. I question my beliefs far too often these days

  7. Flash

    Skip is just one of those who lost their Garden of Eden.
    It always seems to be men who bite the apple of hubris.
    But that does cast curiosity at the Mrs’s.