I’m off again, but this time, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Once again, off to Litchfield to hunt the wild turkey. These aren’t our own Greenwich turkeys who, secure in the knowledge that suburbanites would  never hurt them, are tame little bastards, but genuwine wild, wily turkeys, accustomed to caution. Despite my killing a couple of deer last fall, Walt continues to mock me, so I’m doing this to shut him up. If I fail, I’ll shoot a couple of squirrels to relieve my blood lust and give Walt, that nasty bastard, more material to degrade my manhood,

So back tomorrow afternoon, when I’ll catch up on real estate news from the past two weeks.


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  1. if those other turkeys are too wily, these are available for back-up

  2. Toonces

    The only relevant question is this: do those birds have fat on them? Because lean birds of any kind just do not taste good! You don’t need what a duck has but some fat at least. Nice crispy skin with a layer of fat. Happy hunting Chris!

  3. Anonymous

    If you were a liberal, you might want to go in one of these energy efficient cars.

    • housecat

      No no no. A TRUE liberal these days would tell you that you MUST buy that car to save the planet from Warmageddon, but only before he/she hopped on the G5 to St Barth’s.

  4. dogwalker

    I drove up to Providence a couple of weeks ago . . . never remember seeing so many turkey along I-95in – both road kill and at the side of the road. So, if the population in the eastern part of the State is any indication, it should be a good hunt!

  5. For a good laugh, read what the Masshole Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has to say about turkey hunting.

    Participation in hunting, as a recreational pursuit, is an intensely personal choice, based on one’s interests, system of values, educational and cultural background, and experiences and attitudes.

  6. Factcheck

    Armstrong to leave AOL with a whooping $200m. That is 5% of their market cap and 20% of the stock appreciation since announcement of the deal.
    Maybe now he will have the dough to upgrade from dial-in….

  7. Lots of open houses in OG today

  8. Anonymous

    Can anyone recall the last time OG had 90+ homes on the market at once? This could end very badly.

  9. Saline Dreamin' 🏄

    CF, how’s the hunting?
    I spotted a turkey walking around Tod’s today…or was it R. Madoff

  10. Call It Like I See It

    Just in case any of you were wondering or had any doubt that the media is biased to the liberal left. The ABC News Chief Anchor, George Stephanopoulos, has given heavily to the Clintons. Are we surprised? I am not. But then again, I have some Democratic friends that swear that the media is not biased to the left, is in fact biased to the right. This friggin guy is a news anchor, not an ambulance chasing reporter.


    • @CallIt: first, the link no va..

      Secondly, the majority of the MSM is saying little to nothing, accepting GS’s “apology”. Many apologizers say GS was just giving to the Foundation because he applauds all the good work it does for AIDS. Of course, if GS really felt like he wanted to donate to AIDS, he could have given to a foundation that does real work in that department – both Gates and Bush Foundations. Not to mention that 85% of donations to the Clinton F go to operating costs, so do the math, he gives $75K but only 15% goes to work. Let me steal a phrase from one of the Anon’s:


  11. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    I guess we all need reevaluate the definition of “tomorrow”…. Maybe it’s a Spanish “manyana” as in “si, claro, todo estera listo por Manyana, no se preoccupe. Can’t even count how many times I heard that when dealing with spaniards. Still, gotta love them!

  12. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    Anyone have a clue what is going on with the Band Director John Yoon at the High School?? My kids are in the Band program and he is absolutely fantastic. A bit intense, but very talented and he has upgraded the GHS Band program so that it is one of the best around. What’s the deal?


  13. Anonymous

    Yoon is a toxic freak and it finally caught up with him. Good Riddance!

  14. 1856

    Yoon is a toxic freak and it finally caught up with him. Good riddance!

  15. 1856

    res ipsa loquitur! Imagine the circumstances and pattern of behavior that would have warranted the school’s action.

    • Mickster

      Sounds like he was a strict disciplinarian. He screamed too much at Buffy who couldn’t quite get the hang of the flute and this upset Buffy’s dad who’s a bigtime lawyer in Manhattan who is now threatening to sue school, town and country unless he is fired.BTW this is pure conjecture on my part – I have no idea what’s going on.

  16. anonymous

    A little Friday levity, a joke stolen from the comments section of another blog:

    After experiencing the discomfort and embarrassment of a Colonoscopy in a Boston Hospital, I decided to have my next one carried out while visiting friends in San Francisco, where the beautiful nurses are allegedly much more gentle and accommodating.

    As I lay naked on my side on the table, the gorgeous nurse began my procedure.

    “Don’t worry, at this stage of the procedure it’s quite normal to get an erection,” the nurse told me.

    “I haven’t got an erection,” I replied.

    “No, but I have,” replied the nurse.

    Lesson: Don’t get a Colonoscopy in San Francisco

  17. chillkitty

    It’s well known that Yoon specified that band members use his “recommended” tutors. Don’t know if this had anything to do with his leave, but it’s something that always annoyed me.

    • Anonymous

      oh – maybe he was taking a cut of recommended tutor’s pay? Scandalous!
      anyway – parents can be such wimps

      • Anonymous

        agreed. We didn’t use his tutors, child never moved up in band, decided to pursue other activities. Never bothered to complain to administration since we worried about backlash.

        • Anonymous

          I know! You can’t complain about anything at GHS because you have to fear backlash. Like the fact that the theater teachers who rule the theater department: richard kohn and Patricia Ciriglianno give their daughter every single lead in every single production! And she cannot act!!! I can’t believe they do it. I’d be embarrassed to do that

        • Anonymous

          by “tutors” do you mean music teachers – that is: clarinet, flute etc… private teachers?

      • chillkitty

        Agreed. We chose not to use his tutors and unsurprisingly our child never moved up in band. In the end, our child quit band and pursued other activities, which worked out fine. Never occurred to us to complain to the administration because we didn’t want to suffer the backlash (from Yoon or other parents).

  18. Connecticut and creative taxation: “An Act Concerning the Recoupment of State Costs Attributable to Low Wage Employees.”


  19. Mickster

    So GHS teachers are referring students to particular tutors? That’s interesting. Obviously, there are “referral fees”. Wonder how widespread this is around town. I love to see these guys use my tax-paid library as their free office space whenever I’m checking out a book.

  20. anonymous

    I’m pretty sure I’m the only one if this bunch who is home alone on a Friday so likely none of the rest of you is watching the finals of the NatGeoBee on the NatGeo channel.
    2 white boys
    2 girls, one Asian one Indian.
    6 Indian/Pakistani boys

    All brilliant. Awesome to watch such exuberance. All future leaders doctors engineers scientists.

    • housecat

      Sadly, no. Watched Brit TV via PBS instead, so didn’t catch our future scientists on NatGeo. Afraid nothing can compete with Jason Isaacs on a Friday night.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      We clearly need some diversity and equity here. And Asians, Indians, Pakis don’t count because they work too damn hard and it is just unfair!

      • Anonymous

        Paki is as derogatory as nigger, spic, chink or the other words you casually throw around the RYC bar.

        • Walt

          Can you please tell me who decided that? And why? And for what reason?
          Why is Paki a slur? It is short for Pakistani. Why is that offensive? And even if it is, so what? Who said you get to go through life without ever being offended? THAT IS NOT PART OF THE DEAL!! So deal with that, instead of embracing censorship, which is a real threat to all of us.

          SO BUCK UP!! It’s just a word. Frigging deal with it. And the same goes to all the Wop’s, Mick’s, Spics, Jap’s, Wetbacks and all the rest of you ethic scum.
          I REST MY CASE!! IBID!!

        • Walt

          And the gooks are fighting back!! Good for them. And it’s not a sneak attack like they did on Berlin in 1945. They need to score 450 points higher than a Negro to get into Harvard. HOW IS THAT FAIR??


          No mention of the Paki’s. I can’t believe any of them get in.

          • Anonymous

            Excellent. Thanks for posting Walt. I saw this first hand this year. I also saw discrimination against regular old white girls and boys. They were rejected in favor of Hispanic and Puerto Rican kids for admission to Stanford and other top schools. If you are Puerto Rican you can get admitted with SAT’s that are 200 points lower than the white or asian kids. Despicable. All this will do is make me think twice about going to a doctor who is one of the protected class. Or hiring one of them. Affirmative action is racist.

  21. Anonymous

    I want to know what’s up with Greenwich kids not being able to pass algebra by 8th grade. Only 50%? Really?

    • Anonymous

      Algebra in 8th grade is considered to be one year advanced. 50% is fine I think! Some kids in Greenwich do Algebra in 7th, some in 8th and the rest do it in High School. Not every kid is a math wiz. The kids taking Algebra in 9th grade might be the kids doing great work in Social Studies.

      • Anonymous

        Really? I thought the trajectory was 6A, Pre Algebra (7th) and Algebra in 8th, with Math 6 generally for those who need support.

        • incognito today

          Nope. My kid was double jumped (then triple because she did BC calc). The double kids do prealgebra in 6th, Algebra in 7th, geometry in 8th, Honors adv Algebra in 9th, honors precalc in 10th then they split again: some go into AP BC calc for 11th grade and some go to AP AB calc. The 11th grade BC calc kids, who, ahem, are amazing…. then do Multivariable calculus and linear algebra in 12th grade. That is a 2nd year college course!!
          All of this is at Greenwich High School. I’m not sure what the private schools do but they definitely don’t go farther than this. Oh, and there are some kids, Michael Kural, for one, who finish Multivariable calc before 12th grade. GHS has an astonishingly good math program.

  22. incognito today

    so…. algebra in 8th is considered one year advanced. The majority do Algebra in 9th grade. I think it’s great they want more to complete it by the end of 8th grade but it’s not like the 9th grade algebra kids are behind. They’re not!

  23. My two cents

    GHS has many strong academic programs available to students but there is also an enormous amount of pressure placed on these kids to get ahead. Is there something wrong with taking college classes in college!

    • incognito today

      I’d say your two cents are worth more than that! I agree. The normal track – algebra in 9th grade means than calculus, a college class is taken in College. Which is probably better!

  24. My two cents

    There is a reason college courses are given in college. Putting kids in a pressure cooker (GHS) from age 14-18 instead of enjoying their youth seems like lost opportunity to enjoy being a kid. There is the rest of your life to stress and work and work and stress…..
    Not to say the advanced kids are not loving every singe minute of their BC calculus. To each his own I guess.

    • incognito today

      my kid graduates in june and i cannot agree with you more. Except that I’d say the pressure begins as early as 6th grade with too much homework and pressure to stay or get into advanced courses. It’s terrible. You can’t get back the missed bike rides or hanging out time that kids these days don’t have time for

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. I guess I’m a slacker mom, but I don’t think the Tiger Mom phenom is healthy, and certainly not what’s best for the kids themselves. They’ve got the rest of their lives to be stressed out and miserable. Poor sods.

        • incognito today

          I so agree with you. Be a proud slacker mom. I bet your kids love you. They’re lucky, I think