The Puritans are still here

Safe again

Safe again

Hartford pols vote to ban e-cigarettes.

There is absolutely no evidence that the water vapor emitted from e-cigarrettes poses any – any –  public health hazard, but Puritans live in constant angst that someone, somewhere, is having fun. Or, worse, as in this case, is trying to quit smoking, which would deprive the politicians of their tax money.


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37 responses to “The Puritans are still here

  1. Anonymous

    REAL ESTATE??? what is going on – we need your 2 cents!

  2. housecat

    I’m not a fan of cigarettes, but I really don’t get the opposition to e-cigs. Non-smokers didn’t want to inhale secondhand smoke and someone came up with a way to make both smokers and non-smokers happy. What’s the problem?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      It’s about collapsing sin tax revenues, not public health concerns. E-cigs are taxed at 6.35%. Connecticut’s excise tax on cigarettes is $3.40 per 20 cigarettes, one of the highest cigarettes taxes in the country. If a pack contains more then 20 cigarettes, a higher excise tax will be collected. When in doubt, follow the money.

      • housecat

        Then you’d think the answer would be simple enough even for the morons upstate: increase e-cig taxes to equal that of regular cigarettes. Nope. Let’s just ban the sale of e-cigs altogether, thereby reducing our sources of tax revenue even further. Brilliant!

        • Mickster

          My quick reading of the article suggests they are banning the consumption of e-cigs in public places not altogether. Am I right?

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Yes, Mickster, you’re right, not an outright ban, but an effective ban. If they’d shot for an outright ban, it could be easily overturned. They couldn’t prevail on an outright ban of vaping based on the limited and speculative negative info available regarding nicotine vaping versus the long and well established data on KNOWN health risks associated with REAL tobacco products while not also outright banning those products. That would be a hell of a case to try to defend.

        • housecat

          Geez, Mickster. That’s what I get for reading this blog before coffee!

      • Housecat: what kind of fisherman is Mr. HC? Ocean? Lake? Down by the old mill stream? One fish two fish red fish blue fish?

        More importantly, does he bring the fish home already filleted or is that your task? We have a whole freezer full of fish heads – they make great bait. And it flavors the vanilla ice cream very nicely too! 🙂

        • Libertarian Advocate

          And it flavors the vanilla ice cream very nicely too!

          Lobster is more effective at that.

        • Lobster doesn’t last long enough in our house for any part to make it to the freezer. Although wait, now that I think about it, I do sometimes freeze the shells and entrails for fish stock.

        • housecat

          EOS: Mr HC is a fly-fisherman. No fishheads in the freezer, thankfully. He got into salt water fly-fishing awhile back, and now we have about six different types of kayaks taking up most of the usable garage space…which is *really* fabulous during the winter!
          Fish heads+ice cream?

        • HC: I typed a reply only for it to go poof. Disappeared into thin air.

          Long story short, Mr. EOS agrees, REAL men use a fly rod! 🙂

  3. Riverside Dog Walker

    Mickster says there are 76 houses in Old Greenwich listed for sale. Surprising, since this would seem to put pressure on Riverside houses which are quickly selling and at high prices. What gives?

    I’d be curious to know how many houses are for sale in OG and Riverside under $4M, since that seems to be the high end of normal. I am too much of a Luddite to know how to figure this out myself.

  4. JK

    Just flew home from Greenwich. At the airport they said AA, they have had two e cigs blow up, one in the baggage area of the plane and another in the airport.

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    If you had a firm grasp of history, like I do, you would understand why you Waspy Wasps behave like you do. Shall I explain? OK THAN!! Here we go. NOW PAY ATTENTION YOU DUMMY!!

    Back in the late 1600’s, you guys were the life of the party. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Your ancestors were FAR from the frigid little, liberty taking, FRIGGING FUCKTARDS that you have become today. It’s true.

    They were party animals!! They did stuff like burn witches, and make all the easy chicks wear a “Scarlett A” on their chest, so that the guys knew who to hit on. What a time saver!! BRILLIANT I SAY!!

    Anyhows, the witches weren’t very happy about getting burned at the stake for some reason, so they placed the “liberal curse” on your people, which you bear to this day. It is a form of retardation, preventing any sense of joy, humor or common sense. It also causes micro-penis in males, as you very well know.

    So that is why Liberals behave this way. They have no common sense, and think no one else does. So they believe Government needs to decide for us, even though we aren’t all Waspy Wasps, and some of know how to have fun. And that is all historical FACT!!

    Anyhows again. How many gobble gobbles did you shoot? CAN ANYONE SPELL ZERO!! NADA!! SPANISH DUDE!! Zippo!! ZILCH!!

    You loser. Go to the A&P and buy one.
    Your Pal,

  6. anonymous

    Important to aknowledge that today is Armed Forces Day. As far as I know, Ø has made no mention of it. He’s probably too busy making up stories why Ramadi fell to ISIS yesterday or stroking his putter.

    • DeDeland

      “….As we pay tribute to today’s servicemen and women, we acknowledge the obligations we have to all who serve in our name. This sacred trust requires that we fulfill our promise and guarantee that these patriots, and the families who serve alongside them, have all the resources and benefits they have earned and deserve — supporting them as they carry out their missions and ensuring they get their shot at the American dream they helped to defend. As a Nation, we are called to recognize the enormous debt of gratitude we owe the members of our Armed Forces, and we must never forget those who laid down their lives to safeguard our freedoms, or their loved ones who carry their legacies forward.

      Today and every day, let us celebrate the women and men who make our military the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. As a grateful Nation, let us show our appreciation by working to uphold the values they protect every day and by continuing to strive to build a country worthy of their enormous sacrifice…” President Barack Obama – May 16, 2015

      • anonymous

        Here’s what I think of his written proclamation. [raspberry]. Who is going to see that? You, and who else?

        Ø goes on the airwaves only ever to disparage people or groups. He told a gathering of police yesterday they were going to have to do better to repair the rifts. No thank yous. He despises Republicans. He’d walk over a white person to get to the next golf tee. He has zero appreciation of the men and women in uniform, either today or yesterday.

      • Anonymous

        As Ben Carson said, “he is a psychopath because of his ability to lie straight to your face and actually believe that lie”.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      or stroking his putter. Or maybe someone else’s?

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    Witness greatness:

    Your Pal,

    • Loz might give American Idol a shot before it’s cancelled, but, if Mr. Methane can’t win the audience’s hearts, what hope is there?

  8. Saline Dreamin' 🏄

    Stuck on a number in Bellhaven:
    Had to copy and paste this…LMFAO

    01/08/13 Listed for sale $20,000,000
    12/05/12 Listing removed $20,000,000
    01/25/12 Listed for sale $20,000,000
    03/06/11 Listing removed $20,000,000
    01/07/11 Listed for sale $20,000,000

    • Happy in Riverside

      Let’s talk real estate. Has anyone notice the garbage on the market in all sections of Greenwich ? It seems the only properties on the market are owned by realtors. I think in Greenwich, we have 1000 realtors ! My friends are selling their houses privately. I really miss CF comments !!

  9. Obama is SO MAGNIFICENTLY INCOMPETENT. He stepped in just after the huge recession. Deep recessions often lead to sharp recoveries (caused by reversion to the mean, if nothing else). But no: the Obama economy had the double dose of liberal/Keynesian medicine: record stimulative government spending and record stimulative low interest rates. And the result was……….AWFUL. THE WEAKEST RECOVERY IN HISTORY, WITH no annual growth exceeding 3% and many quarters of about 0%. Low labor force participation, no wage growth, rising inequality…..

    Now let’s turn to international relations. Russia is prowling, and the hard-won gains in Iraq were simply pissed away, because Obama and his Ivy League mind-set are still drawing the lessons of Vietnam: for them, military action in America’s interest is suspect. In fact, America’s interest is itself suspect. That’s why Giuliani can observe that Obama doesn’t like America.

    The Obama presidency proves it takes more than one incompetent president to fully wreck a great country like the USA.

    • hmmm

      please you’re a rhino you probably think boehner is doing a great job

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Flesh out your thoughts there hmmmm. Not sure how you reached the conclusion Balzac is a RINO in the same vein as Bonerless and McInsane….