Uh oh, 60 day shut down.

heading out of town-in fact I’ve already left, won’t be back or resuming blogging until July 15. Offensive comments won’t be monitored during that period, so behave yourselves.

Back stronger and better in 60 days – see you then


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  1. Cos Cobber

    Have a fantabulous time. Send a postcard if you can. Maybe its time to start twittering.

  2. anonymous

    maybe during that time some of the regular commenters on this blog will get a life

    go ahead and flame

  3. Anonymous

    If “stronger and better” implies you are engaging in something to care for yourself, I wish you all the best- sending good thoughts your way.

  4. housecat

    Walt will be devastated. GG and I will have to buy him brunch as a consolation.

  5. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    Safe travels!

  6. anon1

    Anyone know who got the 40 Mohawk deal – JPMChase were selling it – non-MLS?

    • Mickster

      Gone for $1.3 all cash – quick close, I believe. It was listed – just not locally. Someone stole that. Lot next door, closer to Merritt is asking 1.5

  7. Have a safe, adventurous trip!

  8. CosHarbour

    Godspeed, et al for you.

  9. Happy in Riverside

    Buon Viaggio !

    • Saabstory

      My wife went to a home in stamford today to press some drapes she had previously made,they want everything just so as the president will be there wendsday night! I almost posted this the other day but thought I could get in trouble as I checked and it was not in the news yet. Wish I had gotten around to putting my George w do you miss me yet bumper sticker on the back of our volvo wagon.

  10. Babylon Sister

    Gonna miss you! Enjoy 🙂

  11. AnonnaMommy

    Gideon has awakened from a long winters sleep to blog three times in an equal number of days. Of course, no knowing if that pace stands the test of next week but perhaps he can be convinced to keep posting. He moderates his comments and it takes him days to approve when there is one, so there’s no conversation immediacy as there is here. But it’s an option. There’s also LibAdv. He blogs. And EOSr and Peg. They both have sites. Anyone else?

  12. Libertarian Advocate

    OK I’ll resume blogging (at least through June 14th) Frankly, it was much more fun just dodging in here and sniping on the run.

  13. Anonymous

    A very loyal fan here but are those real estate sites too. The more the merrier

  14. Anonymous

    WTF! I can’t wait until June 15th…..I’m going through withdrawals this last week without my 4/day FWIW habit…enjoy the spa.

    • AnonnaMommy

      Only four? Chris posted some stats recently that gave a clear indication that most of his fans click here double/triple your measly four times. So there.

  15. Greenwich Gal

    I think you should have a guest moderator during your absence. There are several people who could manage this quite well…..give it a whirl!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you just nominated yourself?

    • Anon2

      We should probably have a plan here. If this post stays up for thirty days, we’ll be scrolling a half hour to get to the bottom of the comments. Makes more sense to leave this be, go to LA or Gideon, LA more than likely. No one can moderate here without knowing the password. Walt?

    • Toonces

      GG- hi! Someone asked if I was you (two people actually) at the memorial service last week. I was ever so flattered! I think you’d be a good moderator.

      • Greenwich Gal

        Hi Toonces!
        I really wanted to go to that and meet everybody. Was it fun and interesting?
        As for being a moderator – I am seriously not very good with technology – except the most rudimentary kinds of things and I don’t think I really have the skills to manage a complex web page. My kid would have to do it. He would be incredibly annoyed with me – actually he already is for all the tech stuff I make him do.

        • Toonces

          GG – same here, my kid helps me with tech stuff! The memorial gathering and service were lovely and sweet. I met some very interesting people who were friends with Chris’ mom. Ate some yummy pigsinablanket. Anyway, special family, those Fountains.

  16. Walt

    Dude –

    Don’t you think a month in Phuket is a little overkill? YOU HEDONISTIC LITTLE PERVERT!! If you go for 10 days, and average 3 times a day, that is like 75 bang bangs with the LBFM Boom Booms. Granted it will only cost you $400 – in Amelican Dalla, but you have that much stamina for A MONTH!! I don’t think so.

    Are you staying at Mama-sans Pray House of Rong Time? Did you reserve some of the Radies in advance? I hope you planned this Phuket trip properly. Not like your last excursion, where you just got whoever was available. That is why you ended up with Chin Tu Fat and Mi Sin Ki Pu.

    Reserve Tai Ne Hai Ne. And Shi Bang Nao. And Mi Lik Wang. Or Yung Ho Ne Ho.

    Let me know if you need more names. And send them my best. Have fun!! You frigging loser.

    Your Pal,

  17. Cobra

    What happened to Al Dente’s (I think it was his) “While Chris is away” blog?

  18. Peg

    In the meantime, Christopher, if you need to get away from your get away…. we’ve got turkeys and lakes and MR MOLLO and all kinds of fun stuff in Minnetonka Minnesota!

    Let me know when you’re arriving and I’ll get your room ready 😉

  19. Anon

    Personally I hope Chris does NOT check in here once in the next thirty days. We can fend for ourselves and it’s more important he finds his new strength away from us. I’m hoping he finally got his elk or moose license in Wyoming or Montana and with the ammo he bought in the city, he’s going to take down big stuff. Bang bang.

    • My thoughts exactly. We owe it to Chris to let him go, and even though we’ll miss him and go through withdrawal, he deserves to get 1000% away, off the blog grid, not thinking for a second who says what or that he even authors a blog. Look at how many YEARS he’s been behind the name FWIW, faithfully putting up with us and our questions. His time now.

      And by the way, to the two people above who said they are EOS fans, do I make the checks out to cash? 🙂

  20. Accolay

    Have safe travels, Chris! You’ll be missed by us all!

  21. Greenwich Gal

    I do think we need a plan though.
    The “While Chris is Gone” page seems like a good idea except you have to get approvals or something. EOS seems to manage well and maybe it works the same way. A guest host would be the best – but it looks like CF isn’t up for that.

    • Most bloggers would be loathe to let another take over – not only would it mean knowing all the admin passwords, it means trying to post as the absent host would – here, an impossible task. Who else can search “gay cowboys” and find the photos Chris does?? Gideon hosted FWIW once, to his credit, he managed, but I’d hate for FWIW to be diluted or compromised during the tenure of a guest host. If we can get LA or Al to forego moderation of comments (to wit, LA, I commented on your Hillary post and it told me comment is being held for moderation), we might get the spontaneity that is here. Long story short, guest hosting here is not an option I see as viable. At all.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        I get a lot of spam comments on my blog. Your comment is now up and responded to. Can’t have Dullard Bill leaving what he considers pithy snark but what really amounts to party line talking point drivel on my site.

        • Thanks. How does it work at Blogger websites versus WordPress? Can you now approve me for further comments without moderation? WP allows admin to decide – approve all, approve those who have made previous comments, approve none w/o overview. WP also does a great job of grabbing spam – one rarely makes it on to my site even though I have comments set to approve all w/o moderation. But then again, as AnonnaMommy said, I am all fluff so no one is going to come by and bash today’s peony post! 🙂 I repeat, ouch Mommy.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          EOS, all I know is that our controls are rudimentary by comparison to WPs

      • housecat

        The funny farm that is FWIW’s comment section certainly benefits from spontaneity, EOS. But CF does actually moderate quite a bit. E.g., I suspect part of what’s gotten Anonybigot’s (commenter #2) wife-beater in a twist is that CF kept taking down his “jokes”. (There was one particularly vile one about clubbing Jewish people like baby seals.) I’m not sure why he keeps coming back, but he does. Hopefully, he’ll get his skinhead on with the wrong motherf-er soon and the world will be a better place. Until then, given the number of likeminded dirtbags out there I can’t really blame LA et al for putting comments through a screener first. Although I still think the more gay. cowboys the better!

        • Yes, but WP allows the admin to ban IP addresses and send to forever- spam any one reader – hence their comments can no longer appear. There’s also the option of creating a Do Not allow word list – like no f, or whatever, and if used, the comment goes to directly spam. So Chris may have done a lot of behind the curtain moderation, set so he can go and do and not be worried about Anonybigot #2.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t forget that CF even censures his own posts.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, commenting on that site is as easy (or hard) as it is here. The.only time some kind of approval is necessary is when you wish to create your own original content.

  22. Anonymous

    Looking at leaving greenwich and glenville for more sft, yard.. thoughts on this:


    • housecat

      Hope you don’t have to commute into the city.

      • Anonymous

        Wife commutes 3 days a week 😦

        • housecat

          Bummer… NC is really, really nice, but the commute truly is from hell. It’s too bad – great town, otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        She still might do it. Figure its an extra 20 min each way. At least its not like driving in traffic.

        • housecat

          Just be sure to check how long the parking waitlist is for the station. We used to live in Westport. We assumed the commute roughly equalled the amount of time on the train, but didn’t factor drive time (20 min) or lack of parking at the station into the calculation. The spouse had to leave the house by 5:40 every morning to get a spot in the day parking section. Not fun. Some towns have years-long wait lists – or they used to, at least. Just check it out so you don’t end up screwed like he/we did.

        • housecat

          Oops, make that “parking permit waitlist’.

      • Anonymous

        I would drop her off on my way to the merritt, so parking permit is no big deal.

        Anything else you can tell me about area of danforth dr?

        • housecat

          Nope. Don’t know it. Good luck with everything.

        • Irie

          This is a nice area, but pretty far north (pretty much Wilton and just yards from New York). Probably a good 10-15 minute drive down to the Merritt (exit 38). Can’t talk to the value for the specific area, but seems like a good deal for what New Canaan offers in schools, parks, etc.

          • Toonces

            The asking price is lower than what they paid in 2003 and it sure looks like they’ve put in work. So, I’d check around town and ask people what the popular areas are and has there been a decrease in demand for the homes in north NC. Maybe it’s a good deal and prices will rise – or maybe homes sit on the market a long time in that area of town Worth looking into, unless you plan on staying there a long time.

    • Toonces

      Lovely house and and. Nicely updated. I spend a lot of time in New canaan and that location is the back country of New Canaan. It’s 7 or so miles to town and the high school and merit parkway. How are the taxes?

      • Anonymous

        About 12k

        • Toonces

          12 K is not bad, higher than Greenwich but not bad. Other than the commute issues housecat and others have mentioned I guess I’d ask you: would you miss the water and the beach?

      • Anonymous

        Not bad on a 1.1m house either.

        We still have Darien’s beaches, and from what I hear, we can park at Hindley Elem on the weekends for free and walk over. Or we can still go to Tods and just pay the guest fee.

        • Toonces

          I’d have to check but I bet it takes 45 minutes or so to get from north new canaan to Tods– maybe twice the time from Glenville. Not bad.

    • GreenITCH

      We are considering a similar move and will start looking in NC , Darien , Westport , perhaps even Wilton … this nonsense of ” diversity is great ” is garbage . You can teach your children to love / appreciate every walk of life on your own . I’m sorry but its a simple fact that if towns are spending money on pulling up the bottom 20 -30 % , helping non English speaking students etc it not only lowers the schools scores but as well is a drain on resources , both financially as well teachers , planning etc . Look at Greenwich how much effort is put into considering busing or magnet schools etc because of the Western park of town . Even with all the energy truthfully and consciously given to making a difference .. your neighbor or new families to town want ” In ” Riverside and OG because of the SCHOOLS and their achievements etc. No different when someone chooses a town . As well consider that In Greenwich the 30+ % that send their kids to private schools as well as the empty nesters ( like CF ) want to keep the tax burden low and that is largely at the expense of the schools and parks your kids will utilize . So Chris is right , if you cant afford a CC and private school , consider another town . And yes while I will have a longer commute my kids will go to a better school AND when I get home wont be looking at a dumpy 60’s – 70s split lvl etc

      • housecat

        You’ve expressed your dislike of this town for years, so yes, Itch, by all means move. We wouldn’t want you to suffer another minute in this hellhole. It’s easy to succumb to the “grass is greener” phenom when you’ve never lived in any of those towns. But hey, it sounds like you’ll fit right in. What’s been stopping you all these years?

      • Toonces

        GreenITCH: you sound like you are itching to leave 🙂 I see no evidence in our schools that resources are being taken away from certain kids just because we have a diverse group of kids. By all means convince yourself that kids growing up in a 99% white environment grow up normally. I believe you’re wrong. Anyway – maybe you are just grouchy today – even ragging on split levels.

  23. Anonymous

    Does anyone know this area of NC?
    Schools are fantastic but is it too far north?

    • AnonNC

      I think it’s too far north. Being in town is very popular right now sort of like the riverside/OG craze

      • Anonymous

        Yea but not everyone wants to live on top of their neighbor, ruight up against 95 and the train.

        A beautiful area with lots of land and peacefulness with surrounding woods is a lifestlye that suits people. And still only 10 min from NC train.

        • Anonymous

          If you’re not hung up on the golden triangle (mostly for the benefit of the schools and prestige), you should check out North Stamford. Great value. Lots of land, peacefulness, woods. Check out zero Hazard off Long Ridge (public open house May 31) or 925 Rock Rimmon.

        • Anonymous

          I like North Stamford, but schools are a major factor why we’re looking to leave Greenwich and move to NC. They have #1, 2, and #3 elem, #1 MS, and #2 HS in the state.

          • Toonces

            People just do NOT get this so excuse me for saying it again! The only reason NC schools get rated higher than greenwich is due to lack of diversity! People who are first generation sometimes don’t have the language skills to do as well as they could in their native language. So that brings scores down. But it is actually something that makes greenwich better than NC or Darien. Unless of course you don’t want diversity. In addition: look at the achievements of kids from Greenwich schools. They blow the other schools away in science research award winners, national merit scholars etc… and the theatre department won a “best” award shared with only 3 other schools in the US. So moving away from our schools is……. dumb.

        • Anonymous

          Is that not so diverse such as comparing the bronx to new canaan. We’re talking about small % points between demographics.

          NC, again, has #1, #2, and #3 elem school.
          The #1 MS.
          The # 3 HS.

          You trying to dispute this is, well, dumb. Facts are facts.

          • Toonces

            No, Anonymous@3:42 it is not just a tiny bit more diverse than NC. In fact there are a large percentage of GHS students getting free or subsidized lunch. What is dumb is looking at statistics at face value and not delving into the “whys”. Also: refusing to look at more than test scores is, well, kind of dumb. Unless you happen to be a poster from NC who owns a home in NC and would like to encourage more people to move there.

        • Cos Cobber

          Moving to town for the #1 schools is fine. Just keep it in perspective, its high school. The world is awash with kids who attended great schools that are now doing nothing and vice versa. Your kid just needs to be in the top 1/3rd of schools because the rest is really up to the kid and to the parents.

        • housecat

          Anon@3:42. I’m not trying to give you crap, but iif comparing small percentage points between demographics is “dumb”, then why the obsession with rankings (which seem to depend on which source you use)? Isn’t it basically the same thing? Also, Toonces was well-mannered enough not to bring this up, but you might be interested to know that her kid (GHS senior) was accepted to Harvard and MIT (plus several other top-ranked schools – sorry, T. I can’t recall which ones.) I don’t think “dumb” is a feature of *that* family, but that’s just my opinion.

          FWIW, the spouse and I argue about this very issue constantly. I am highly resistant to moving to an all-white, all UMC town. He wants to move to one. But, the world is not made up of white UMC people from FF Cty. I believe it’s in my kids’ best interests to be able to mix well with as many different people as possible. GW is not the Bronx (or Manhattan, etc), but it does have a much more diverse pop than NC, Darien, etc – which isn’t hard to do, since they are both about 98-99% white. PS, I LOVE that we have so many expats living here. My kids are friends with kids from all over the place. I think it’s a good thing.

          • Toonces

            Thank you housecat for the sweet compliment. Tell the hubby I said I hope you don’t leave Greenwich! I too love that there are kids from all over the world here – another thing that can negatively (or positively in some cases) affect Greenwich test scores. As you mention though it is a very positive thing for the kids to meet other kids from all over the world.

        • This is funny and sadly true

          Well look at Toonces!! Birthing babies smart enough to go to Harvard or MIT!! That really is very impressive. Congrats!! And I mean that sincerely. But I think its spelled MITT, BTW.

          Where does the now no longer little rug rat want to go? I would pick MITT over Harvard, personally. Not because they have better keggers, or easy to bang liberal coed hotties, because Harvard wins on that front. But because Harvard is really just a little Waspy Wasp little social club. You go there to build a network, and not to really learn anything.

          Plus if he/she goes to MITT, they can probably solve the age old riddle of asparagus piss. Which will make them both wealthy and famous. As well as my idol.

          Do you need any Pollack jokes to help you make friends while you are in Prague? I have some really good ones.

          Start with this one:
          Why did the Pollack cross the road? He couldn’t get his dick out of the chicken!!

          I can send more if you need them.

          Is it June 15 yet?

        • Walt

          And that was me. See what happens when you clean your cookies!!

        • housecat

          Walter! Where have you been??

        • Riverside Dog Walker

          Every evening for the past 20 years as I inch my way north on I-95 in evening traffic I am so happy that I am just trying to get to Exit 5 and no further. And I like a lot of people looked in Darien and NC while house hunting.

          Toonces and Housecat put this issue into perspective and I can’t improve upon their comments. I will add that possibly, just possibly, more diversity in an area such as Greenwich (not the Bronx which is an unfair comparison) might better prepare our children for life in the real world post high school. I don’t have to lecture the accomplished folks here how the world is a hard and unfair place. We do our best to shelter our children from this when they are growing up, but eventually, we need to send them out there, as prepared as they can be, knowing that we are not going to be there to make things right in an instant.

          Do not take these school ranking statistics to the bank. While I am critical of how our school system is run at a macro level, at a micro level you have a good mix of talented and dedicated teachers and smart, good kids. As long as this continues, the results for students who care will be good. The dysfunction at the school board and the non-existent school leadership has yet been able to screw up this dynamic.

        • Walt

          Housecat – I am in Phuket looking for the Dude. For maybe two minutes a day. The rest of the time I am debating world politics with Mai Tits Yu Ne To Suk. It’s a hard job, but I am doing it for the FWIW community.

          And who is hosting this weekends Fourth of July kegger? To celebrate our independence from Japan? Although why we ever wanted to part ways with those hot little, slope eyed, plaid school girl,plaid skirt girl wearing, knee highed little hotties confounds me until this day.

        • heck, they’re more ‘Murican than ‘Muricans

  24. Al Dente

    This site is open if anyone wants to hop over and chat – don’t cost nothing: https://whilechrisisaway.wordpress.com/

    • Toonces

      Hi EOSR – I never answered your query of last week ” Toonces – how much longer do we have to wait?? I presume you got asparagus? How’s that pee? What did Walt determine?
      Inquiring minds want to know!!”. My week got crazy, Walt cancelled on me and couldn’t find any asparagus that was not wilted. But guess what? I just ate white asparagus tonight in PRAGUE! So…. I’ll check in with you tomorrow. White asparagus doesn’t do a thing for me by the way – the green kind is much more flavorful. Apparently asparagus is a big crop here though and so it was featured in all courses including desert. Asparagus mousse cake. Yum. (no)

      • Toonces: Lucky lucky, Prague. Two of our kids studied in Prague so we made the trek twice to visit to enjoy such a gorgeous city. We splurged and stayed at the Four Seasons, a room overlooking the Vltava. We found, quite by accident, a fabulous restaurant an easy walk across the Charles Bridge with huge outdoor terraces where we ate so often we became like the cast of Cheers, where everyone knows your name. It’s simple but good food. If you’re still there, try it and be sure and sit outside. No asparagus mousse cake, I promise.

        • Toonces

          Thanks so so much EOSR. It’s beautiful here – we are staying at the Augustine which is a modern hotel inside of 14th century walls and architecture. We needed a restaurant recommendation so we will definitely try your place. I am regretting that we didn’t get a photo of the asparagus app we got tonight. Try to picture it and you’ll know why we were laughing. 5 very thick white asparagus spears standing up and held in place by a (asparagus of course) crepe, sitting on a bed of hollandaise. It was pornographic but maybe we are just jet lagged!

      • We (having two boys) have many discussions and even competitions (!!) about stinky asparagus pee! (Walt, please don’t say “piss!) my husband and I once had a meal on the Côte d’Azur during asparagus season and yep, every course! We did enjoy aspar ice cream, though. I don’t understand the white ones either, but Europeans go crazy for them.

        Fun place to eat in Prague is the Botel (hotel on a boat), but we were there in 2009.

        • Toonces

          I checked out the Botel hotel/restaurant. Sounds wonderful with views of the Prague Castle. Thank you Martha!

  25. Cos Cobber

    Looks like Frank Farricker has put his place on the market; 14 Mead Ave in Cos Cob for a cool $1,525,000. FF, where are you off too – Texas or Hartford?

  26. Al Dente

    Sarah Fountain gave me permission to post this from her Facebook page – I also posted it here: https://whilechrisisaway.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/message-from-john/
    with a picture that accompanied it.

    My friends, I am alive.

    Sorry for being a bit out of contact. Where did I leave you last? I believe I was at the airport, chock full of moxie and foul language for doctors. I was heading to California and boy did I! Friend Kyle put me up in Boulder Creek, a funky hobbit-land of tiny houses nestled between huge redwood trees and running brooks. Boulder Creek is also just a winding road away from the coastal surf mecca of Santa Cruz. The iconic spot known as “The Wedge” lives here, and from sun up to sun down dozens of surfers bob like seals among these tremendous totally-not-east-coast waves. After several acai bowls and a quick jaunt up to San (do not say San Fran, they hate that) Fransisco we booked it down the coast to Los Angeles.

    During this time I was wrestling with pain along my sciatic nerve. It is a very distinct pain. I must have agitated my leg and pinched the nerve what with all the plane-flying and car-driving and couch-sleeping. So for the next week, which involved sunny reunions with my favorite cancerheads, I held a stiff upper lip and pressed on. I had dealt with this before and it would work itself out in time. Of course, because I live in Cancerland, it wasn’t a pinched nerve.

    When the pain became more than I could bear I went in for a scan, because I am a glutton for bad news. Turns out that last treatment I endured (wonder drug known as Acne-bomb 5000) had been worse than useless. During its tenure, Dr. Cancer and his minions had spread willy-nilly like a Congolese militia across the bones of my pelvis and upper legs, most notably into the socket where my right leg meets the hip. For those unfamiliar with walking, the right leg meets the hip quite often.

    And so with a heavy heart, I cancelled my plane ticket to Portland West and flew on home to Maine. I was crushed. In my dispirited state I let my doctor talk me into a minimal round of radiation, but not before I decided “screw it” and flew down to St. John in the Virgin Islands for a week. Yes, the travel almost killed me, but as I swung in a hammock between two palms on a pristine beach curved around a turquoise bay, I thought of Maine, soaking itself in the freezing dregs of mid-April. I figured if the flight back killed me, they could roll my smiling corpse off the plane.

    Anyway, radiation. I was really set against it from the start. In no way does bombarding my body with radioactivity sound healthy. But apparently here in the 21st century you can sit on a comfy bed while doctors play a Pink Floyd laser show on your body, somehow constructing a complete 3D digital model of your bones. Oh. And then they match that up with CT scans and Star Trek that radiation directly to the bone. It doesn’t touch any of the surrounding tissue, there are no side effects, and your pain is greatly reduced. Considering that every other effort by doctors to heal me has only hastened my demise, I didn’t really believe it would work. But you know what? It did! I actually noticed a difference a few days after finishing treatment, and it continues to improve. Huh-freaking-zah. For once, western medicine didn’t try to kill me outright. And it was radiation! Did not see that coming. So bully for me, I’m up with a cane and re-teaching myself to walk. I feel for the first time since August that I am on the mend, regenerating instead of disintegrating. I’m eating, I’m sleeping, I am slowly becoming a real boy. But remember, this is Cancerland.

    As the pain had grown rather severe before radiation, I had been on a steadily increasing diet of Oxycodone. Interestingly enough, while so effective for pain, I never really felt high. As the radiation began to work and pain decreased, my appetite for the happy pills diminished. My body, however, deemed otherwise. Last night, feeling relatively pain-free, I skipped my bedtime oxy and went to sleep. Around 5am I woke to learn I am a heroin addict. I had sweat the bed straight through to the mattress. I was shaking uncontrollably and every muscle burned like fire. I was also completely delusional. I was under the belief that God had left us and took Time with him. Here without time, nothing moved forward, no one could rest, nothing could change. I was trapped in stasis feeling like death, convinced I was facing eternity. It was terrifying. Hours later, after pulling myself somewhat together with a cold shower and another goddam pill, I had to check the news to make sure Time, at the very least, was still here. I was completely out of my mind. So that’s withdrawal. I would absolutely steal a car stereo to prevent feeling that way again. I’m glad I don’t have to, I’m just saying I would.

    So that’s where I am, a regenerating opioid addict. Today, as fate would have it, is one year since my diagnosis. Is that my cancerversary? Canceria? Who cares. I suppose in the next day or two I’ll write up something nice summarizing what a long strange trip it’s been thus far. I don’t know what the next year holds in store, but I sure am glad to have you all here with me.

    Don’t do heroin,


    • Peg

      John – I am with you. Even with the opiad addiction…… been there, done that with my family.

      One day at a time – for all of it…..


  27. Mickster

    You’d really wonder about God at times….

  28. Happy in Riverside

    John is amazing ! God Bless him!

  29. This is funny and sadly true

  30. Greenwich Gal

    Life is unfair. He has such a wonderful “voice” and attitude. I do hope there is a heaven.

  31. Anonymous

    You are one strong willed, well spoken, bad ass, stare the beast in the face face, shining Star.
    I’ve never heard of, seen, read about, or experienced a human being quite like yourself, in any way, shape or form.
    Your wrought iron fortitude, unwavering spirit, limitless courage, and willingness to share your battle with us all resets the bar for how life ought to be lived. Keep fighting my good man.

    I admire you John.

    • Mickster

      What he said.

      • Toonces

        Yes, me too. You inspire me, John. have saved the things you’ve written so I can read them again. So much wisdom. I look up to you! (PS- in my experience Vicodin only makes you feel high when you don’t need it. If you have pain, it lessens it and that’s it)

    • She

      Well said.
      I don’t know John, but that amazing kid has changed this fifty year old’s life.

  32. anonymous

    I’m going against the grain today saying I wish the John Facebook post was not here nor on the While Chris Was Away blog. It’s well written and heart wrenching, but we all know part of why Chris is taking time is that he’s dealing with the pain of what is an inevitable. I think Chris would prefer us to be upbeat, talk about politics and real estate, Japanese school girl porn – the good stuff.

  33. Swanton

    I seldom add anything but I am so very grateful to have read John’s comments. He’s an extraordinary man and my life has been enriched by knowing him through this blog. I’m blown away by his vitality, yes vitality, wise perspective, humor and optimism. Plus, he’s a damn good writer. Wish I knew him personally.
    Chris was kind enough to let us know he would be away and not blogging for a few weeks. Let’s leave it at that.
    Oh, I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t understand why it hard to select a screen name other than ‘Anonymous’ .

    • anonymous

      Swanton: John’s words are everything you said. I never said otherwise. It just strikes me as wrong to post them here in Chris’s absence. It crossed a line for me but I can see I’m alone in feeling this way.

  34. Many have commented on this blog if they were downsizing, they would go to North Stamford. What areas in No Stamford? What area is considered No Stamford?

    • Walt

      Anything north of the Merritt. It is a very nice area.

    • anon

      Check out Farms Rd which connects into Taconic.. 10 mins to downtown Greenwich or to Cos Cob down Stanwich. Also Riverbank, Guniea Rd, June Rd, ad Long Ridge Village/Rock Rimmon.

      • Anonymous

        Yep to all those suggestions. That’s where we opted to relocate vs. the Greenwich premium for what we wanted.

        The only thing that sucks is the Stamford train station to NYC is more of a schlep. It’s about a 35 min house garage door to train door if you’re less than 2-3 miles north of Merritt along any of the main arteries feeding those areas.

  35. AJ

    Good cop, bad cop — you decide.

    ‘Charges Dropped Against Cop Caught Having Sex With Cows’

    “When a citizen journalist recently sent us a tip about an officer who was caught having sex with cows, we were admittedly skeptical. But it turns out that the case of former Moorestown police officer Robert Melia Jr. is just as bad as it sounds.

    In Mount Holly, New Jersey, Officer Melia was indeed caught assaulting sexually abusing a cow. But his sexual crimes did not end with non-humans. Melia was also charged, several years ago, with sexually assaulting three girls.

    It was during the course of that investigation that police found a video in Melia’s home that recorded him… abusing multiple cows. Apparently he was so proud of this abuse that he filmed it and saved it for posterity.

    The incident was allegedly recorded on a Southhampton farm back in 2006. But a Superior Court Judge ruled in 2012 that prosecutors had failed to present sufficient evidence to jurors that Melia’s actions in fact tormented the cows.

    As a result, the judge explained, they were unable to convict him of animal cruelty charges.
    . . .
    Only months later, a jury found Melia and Lewis guilty of six counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault in addition to multiple counts of sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child.”


    • AJ

      Heh heh heh.

      • Mickster

        AJ, go get a fing life – let’s leave our cops alone here. There are rotten eggs in every walk of life. This is an old story. Somehow your attempt at sophmoric humor falls totally flat here.
        We have a family going through a lot of pain. No control. No light at the end of the tunnel. I know there are many here who drop in for the RE titbits and political back and forth and have no personal interest in CF and his family, but there are a band of us who feel.their pain and can’t bring ourselves to continue to discuss Walt’s pecidilios (as much as we’d like to) or Obama’s lack of leadership or FF’s lottery winnings. These don’t seem so funny at the moment. Sorry.
        Maybe its the Irish in me – we have more sad songs and laments than every other country combined.
        Like I said before, I have kids John’s age who would have been a class ahead and behind in EMS. Not sure how (or if) I could cope with this.

        • AJ

          You’re right it’s not funny it’s sick, and it’s pervasive. But sweeping it under the carpet and ignoring it is the same as condoning it. The light of day is the only thing that will end this sort of behavior, that is, over 5000 have been shot and killed by police in America since 9-11, and some estimate that number to be much higher. They kill with impunity. And it’s not hard to find at least a half a dozen articles on police abuse, as in brutality and violations of peoples rights every day.

          If you want to wallow in doom and gloom for the next thirty days, then go ahead. I won’t be joining you. That fact that CF went to spend time with his family — I assume that’s what he’s doing — doesn’t mean the worst. But, perhaps, I’m not as pessimistic as you: miracles happen every day. One of the laws of nature is that you usually get what you expect, so stop expecting and predicting the worst and start hoping for and expecting the best.

          You guys are a bunch of downers, no wonder CF had to step away from his blog: I can’t believe the negativity of some of your — not you Mickster — comments. I have a hard time reading such negative crap.

          BTW, one of my kids survived three operations for a brain tumor when he was around seven. He’s fine, no scars, no damage. I never expected otherwise, not even for a second, so I do know how I would cope.

        • Anonymous

          Mickster, you are getting my Irish up. Yes, there are good cops, but there are way too many bad cops out there. For some reason this profession attracts an undesirable element that protects one another, even in Greenwich. I personally witnessed a Greenwich cop taunting a law abiding adult into doing something stupid so he could get an arrest. Fortunately the adult was smart enough not to take the bait. And the venue… one of our public schools in broad daylight. Furthermore, this is not the first nor the last time I have seen Greenwich cops with an attitude that really was not necessary. What a shame. This is the last thing I expected when our family moved to this town. I need to side with AJ.

        • Anonymous

          No point in turning this blog into a place of grief. Awful things happen but I think this blog is great because of the diversity and weirdness of some of the posters. Let’s keep it going.

        • The New Normal

          the common thread among all the recent incidents of individuals dying at the hands of police: THEY WERE BREAKING THE LAW

          your chance of getting killed by a cop, either good or bad, is close to 0% if you simply FOLLOW THE RULES and don’t use bad judgment

        • AJ

          The six Baltimore cops indicted for murdering Freddie Gray were charged with making an unlawful arrest. In other words he was doing nothing wrong.

        • AJ

          You’re right, there’s nothing funny about criminal cops at all. Fallen heroes? Nice touch, but they’ll get no sympathy from me until they break their blue wall of silence, a silence that makes even the good cops complicit.

          According to the FBI, 27 cops were killed in the line of duty last year. It’s estimated that 1000 people — someone’s son, daughter, mother, father who will not be coming home — are shot and killed by police each year, according to the sourced Washington Post article.

          But being a cop isn’t even in the top ten most dangerous jobs. In 2013, 215 construction workers were killed on the job, 220 farmers and ranchers were killed on the job, and 748 on-the-road sales people and truck drivers were killed on the job. As far as the most dangerous in deaths per 100,000, the top three most dangerous jobs are loggers, fishers, and pilots followed closely by roofers. How about putting up a video for them.

          As for the runaway kid talking to the policeman, in today’s world he would almost certainly be turned over to CPS and put into foster care where 28 percent are abused and tortured, 80% who age out of the program are dysfunctional, and 12.5% suffer sexual abuse, as in are raped. But you’re right, let’s not talk about it: maybe if we all close are eyes and ignore it, it will all just go away.

        • Toonces

          Thanks for posting that chris r. I have never seen that web site and it’s a good and important one,

  36. AJ

    I’m so glad I voted Republican. What a difference it makes.

  37. Mickster

    Whatever about your death stats there are very few jobs that someone goes to every day with a chance that you might not come back in one piece. I respect the uniform admire most that wear it and despise their unions, especially that loudmouthed Mick in NYC. They are our last line of defense from the animals in the Bronx and Bridgeport and I’m glad to see them on the streets every day.
    I do think at times we hold them to too high a standard. They are regular people who are there to uphold the law but they’re not perfect.

    I can honestly tell you that if I was was in fear for my life from someone, whether he be armed or not, I’m not waiting for him to make the first move. I’m going to remove that threat one way or another. The message has to be sent out to those that would think of threatening our cops – it will never be tolerated in our society. If we force cops to delay another second or two before making a decision to disable a suspect, we are going to see a lot of funerals.

    • AJ

      Mickster, Cop doesn’t even make the top ten list of jobs you might not come home from. Hope you don’t own a gun because you just stated that if someone made you uneasy, you’d shoot first and ask questions later. So according to your philosophy, you’d be okay with some cop shooting your son who he had just pulled over because he reached to get his license and registration. Google police shoot mentally ill man, police shoot man with hands up, police shoot unarmed man and you can watch video after video of police emptying their guns into people who pose absolutely no threat to them (literally hundreds of them). From Bridgeport or the Bronx? How would you know unless they had their point of origin stamped on their forehead?

      • AJ

        And whatever you do don’t come to the door with a screwdriver in your hand like this guy did who shows absolutely no signs of being threatening. Guess you’re okay with the cop who knocked on someone’s door without announcing police, and shot the kid who answered the door with a remote in his hand because you pretty much told us that that’s what you’d do.

    • anonymouse

      Here, here. Well said, Mickster!!

  38. Matt

    Town Party tomorrow, anyone going? Looks like a nice day for it.

    • Anonymous

      Just looked, only tickets available are $1250
      Where does all the money go?

      • Saabstory

        David stockman says today that we are on the verge of catastrophic collapse! I think he’s said this before? Does he still live in greenwich?

        • Cos Cobber

          I think he finally sold at a gargantuan loss. Being an investment guru and taking a large loss on your castle is bound to skew the POV. I know it does for those who win on real estate deals (think things are rosier than they are).

        • Anonymous

          Stockman sold his house for $13.15 million down from the original $19.75 million listing price but he didn’t lose money, he bought the place in the mid 1990s. Unfortunately I think his prediction will prove correct. Anybody who cares can read his thoughts on his blog. http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/

        • Anonymous

          Gimme a break, Stockman’s appointment to Salomon and Blackstone was probably as high level former bureaucrat window dressing for the firms at the time. His own firm floundered some years back. Is it even still around?

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Stockman is far from the only source out there predicting a cataclysmic collapse. John Williams of ShadowStats.com has also been saying pretty much the same thing from about 2012 or so. His argument in effect is that Oblahblah’s minions have been cooking the real numbers on employment and the economy and have relied on his fawning presstitutes to give him all the cover he desires.

      • Anonymous

        Regular tickets were $80. The $1,250 are sponsor tickets that subsidize the event for everybody else and get you into a fancy tent with booze and food.

  39. AJ

    Looks like Ingmar Guandique, the man convicted of killing Chandra Levy, will be getting a new trial. Remember how CNN’s newly hired Connie Chung (after being fired from CBS news for whispering in the ear of Newt Gingrich’s aging mother’s ear that anything she said would be just between you and me) thought she could trick Congressman Gary Condit into spilling the beans by asking him if he did the crime by asking the same question in twenty different tones of voice — a memorable performance.

    It’s not surprising that Mr. Guandique will be getting a new trial as the victim’s body was found in a swampy area of DC’s Rock Creek Park after more than a year of sitting outside in the elements by a man walking his dog, leaving no forensic evidence. Much like Michael Skakel, he had become the new most likely suspect in a case everyone wanted to see closed.

    What astounded me most was that the body was found in the park after DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey claimed on CNN that police had thoroughly searched every square inch of the park. Yeah, every square inch except where someone would be likely to stash a body. Guess the police didn’t want to get their little footsies wet. Had they never heard of cadaver dogs?

    It is rare to see incompetence, unprofessionalism, negligence, and misconduct on such a grand scale. If their was such a thing as a five donut lifetime achievement award, it should go to Chief Ramsey and his intrepid team.

  40. Sarah Fountain

    Hey all,

    I’d just like to add a few short and sweet things:

    1. The commradery among you guys, and the loyalty to my Dad, is heartwarming, appreciated, and very often–hilarious.

    2. My brother wishes he could thank each and every one of you who have contributed, prayed, and offered words of encouragement..he says so frequently. FWIW has brought us more help than you’ll ever know.

    3. Really, you guys are great. Even Walt is okay…I guess.

    4. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Lots of love,

    • ours are merely words. it’s your love, devotion and hard work that have brought respite to an intolerable situation. if only i could invent a word that said “thank you” a million, bazillion times over.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Sarah: Thank you for all your love and support for your brother. Your commitment and love for John are both inspiring and sadly all too rare. Sadly your devotion to him seems the exception rather than the rule in today’s narcissistic wilderness.

      As for Walt, well I’m convinced he loves your Dad, even though it may seem otherwise. After all, where else can Walt go to publicly discuss his fascination with Japanese school girl porn without being immediately bashed for having a racist sexist fixation on minors that should land him in Club Fed for life. FWIW provides Walt the safe environment he needs to express those fantasies, so he owes your dad a lot for that!

      • Sarah Fountain

        Haha! Yes I agree. My family will often throw out a “DUDE!” (Walt style) for laughs. We love that guy.

        • AJ

          Yeah, but do you dare do brunch with him? Eh, my pretty? Haaa ha ha ha ha.

        • Walt

          Sarah –
          SARAH!! Thanks for checking in!! Give my best to John. Maybe do the “pull my finger” joke to cheer him up? And where are you on asparagus piss? Just asking.

          And AJ. WTF is your problem? That post was pretty creepy. Don’t turn into a bunnytee, and make me bitch slap you back to Area 51, where you belong. Behave yourself. You putrid little alien.

          And LA is correct. Of course I love the Dude. Not in any homo way. NTTAWWT. His haplessness amuses me. We have the same sense of humor.

          Is it June 15 yet?

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, Dude. Thought you might be the Wicked Witch of the West. That wasn’t you who flew by on the broom?

        • AJ

          Thought you might be the wicked witch of the west. Ya mean that wasn’t you who flew by on the broom?

        • Anon

          Walt RULES!!

        • Walt

          You obviously didn’t scroll past reading my post. You lying hypocrite.

          Although I wish you did. I don’t need to be read by retards. You retard.

          And I 100% believe in free speech, and AJ should be able to post whatever he wants. But what he posted offended me. It was wrong. And I have the right to express that. Do you agree, you douche bag?

          I agree everyone on FWIW gets to explain their point of view. And those that don’t agree get to express that. Do you agree Lezbo Momma? And AJ was wrong. So blow me.

      • Walt

        Totally lame. Totally vapid. Totally AJ. You are rude, crude, and a moron. You take up blog space, with nothing of substance to say. Your posts are all cut and pastes, and you have never written an original thought in your life, and you eat your own dingle berries.
        You disgust me. Now do us all a favor, and try and behave until Chris gets back. You mongoloid.

        • Anonymous

          brb… getting popcorn

        • anonymous

          Walt, dude, take a chill pill. AJ deserves as much air time as your dead baby jokes. As LA said, AJ posts what’s important to him. Just as Japanese school girl porn is important to you. That’s what’s so great about FWIW. Everyone gets to say what they want. Just scroll past AJs comments if you aren’t interested -like I do to yours.

        • AJ

          What’s the matter, Walt? Your dominatrix out of town? Have to spank your monkey all by yourself?

      • Anon

        Douche Bag says what?

    • housecat

      Hi Sarah –
      I sincerely hope that your dad is okay, and was glad to hear that your brother is in good spirits. best to you, too.:)

    • Hi Sarah,
      You are an awesome sister and daughter!

    • AJ

      Strange, first my comment gets lost in cyberspace, then a few minutes later it pops up. That’s a new one.

    • Anonymous

      -sarah 12:16

      ahhh……..the irony of it all.

  41. AJ

    AUGUSTA, Maine (May 19, 2015) – A bill introduced in Maine this month would authorize marijuana to be taxed and regulated similar to alcohol, legalizing the plant, and effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same.

    LD1401 was introduced on May 12 by Rep. Mark Dion (D-Portland) and seven bipartisan co-sponsors. If this bill is successful, Maine would become the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes through the legislature rather than the popular vote.

    LD1401 permits a Maine resident aged 21 or older to do the following:

    Transport cannabis accessories and up to one ounce of cannabis, or its equivalent in cannabis products…

    Transfer or furnish, without remuneration, up to one ounce of cannabis, or its equivalent in cannabis products, to a person who is 21 years of age or older…

    Purchase up to one ounce of cannabis, or its equivalent in cannabis products, cannabis seedlings, clones, seeds and cannabis accessories from a retail cannabis store. …


  42. AJ

    Are we all victims of Gregory Bateson’s double bind and Norbert Wiener’s purpose tremor, running around like chickens with our heads cut off? The Feds certainly hope so.

    “… Consider the schizophrenia-generating contradictions underpinning all U.S. economic policy.

    We have to keep interest rates near-zero forever because the economy is weak, but the economy is strong–look at the low unemployment rate.

    Well, which one is it? The official answer: both. The U.S. economy is both strong and weak at the same time. Interestingly, it’s strong in terms of official measures of employment and jobs, but weak in financial terms.

    This means there’s nothing to be fixed for those working for a living, and everything to fix for financiers and banks, who are struggling due to weak financial fundamentals.

    Meanwhile, corporate and financier profits are soaring to record levels and wages have stagnated for years. Wait a minute–weren’t we just told that the financial fundamentals are weak, hence the need for zero interest rates for ever, and that job growth was strong?

    Financialization has enriched the few with access to free money for financiers and those who own assets favored by the Fed and left everyone earning a living in the dust:

    The Federal Reserve insists on maintaining this crazy-making double bind because the stock market depends on both conditions being true at the same time: the economy must be expanding so profits can loft ever higher, but the economy must also be weak and ill so the Fed will continue its policies of zero interest rates (ZIRP) and free money for financiers that have pumped trillions of dollars into “risk-on” assets like stocks.

    If either of these contradictory conditions is erased, the stock market will tumble, as neither a weak economy nor zero interest rates (ZIRP) alone is sufficient to maintain the stock market’s current sky-high valuations: profits must continue rising and rates must stay zero to enable carry trades, stock buy-backs, and all the other financial finagling that has driven stocks into the stratosphere.

    In effect, the Fed and all the other organs of propaganda are telling the American public: don’t you dare trust your lying eyes, ears, mind and awareness of rising insecurity–believe us. …”


    • Anonymous

      The unemployment rate is a ruse. The real metric is employment rate which is at an all time low. The recovery sucks. Obama is an amateur with no real-life business experience and it shows.

  43. Anonymous

    Can somebody start a while Chris is away blog for AJ?

  44. anon@google.com

    Does anyone actually read AJ’s drivel?

    • AJ

      So, I guess you oppose Maine passing its own laws, support the TPP which will remain secret until passed, and support QE to infinity and TBTF banks which will erode the value of your life savings to nothing, that is, if they don’t knock the floor out from under you all at once à la 2008.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Drivel to you. Entertaining and from time to time informative to others. The only DRIVEL found on FWIW is Dullard Bill’s direct feed of shrill DWS’s DNC talking point screeds. Aside: Man, is she an ugly 4th rate porn actress look-alike or what? [Shudder].

  45. chris r.

    i dunno, looks like the whiskered warbler, downy diva Conchita is offering up some pretty stiff competition for Eurovision 2015:

  46. Greenwich Gal

    What, actually, do you do for a living AJ? Just wondering…

    • Anonymous

      Maybe some clues here?

    • AJ

      Retired; will be sixty-seven in about a month. Used to be an art director for print and TV in NYC. Also used to freelance as a storyboard artist and a lot of design work and illustrations direct to corporations; also some copywriting. Will be uploading 166 page, illustrated (Adobe Illustrator) how to quit smoking book to Kindle as soon as I figure out how to set up the blog it links to.

      Since people get pissed when books link to websites that aren’t up and running, the website has to go up first — something I just started on today (all the pages are already written as is the product description for Amazon — the book just has to be uploaded).

      How long will that take? Got me: I’m not much of a computer guy and the Missing Manual book I’ve got (500 pages of technical crap — should I read it one more time?) uses the WordPress 2011 theme to give its examples, but GoDaddy, who’s doing my hosting, doesn’t offer that theme, so I’m busy doing a lot of head scratching right now. Since everything is ready to go, definitely by the end of the summer (I do like to waste my time enjoying myself), probably a lot sooner sooner than that though.

      The main purpose of the blog, QuittingIsEasy.com, will be to answer people’s questions on quitting along with smoking news and political opinion. If you go there now, there’s nothing to see but the Just Another WordPress site, Hello World page.

      • AJ

        Here’s some hello world music you can listen to if you decide to go to the Hello World page.

      • Mickster

        I use siteground.com for hosting and they are excellent. Godaddy is not a good hosting solution.
        Are you planning to use the blog tobpromite the book also? Why do you need a blog? Won’t most of the “answers” be in the book?

        • AJ

          I’ve used GoDaddy in the past for traditional sites and never had a problem with them. They have WordPress supported hosting, if that’s the correct terminology, for a dollar a month if you have 25,000 or less hits a month, and it goes up to 30 dollars a month if you have more. Since I have my own Domain, switching hosts is not a problem, but I’ve already paid my 12 dollars for the year. I’ve got some experience writing html and CSS code and a subscription to Adobe’s web design package which includes Dreamweaver CC with which I am familiar, but I’m new to working with WordPress, I’ve already got my header set up, and once I get into it, it probably won’t be that difficult if I don’t get too fussy to begin with.

          The idea is the book promotes the website and the website promotes the book. But yes, the book is entirely self-contained; however, as with any new method or approach to anything, most people appreciate having their hand held, or at least being able to get answers to their questions — something I don’t mind doing. And it will offer me feedback. Unlike CF, I am interested in ad revenue, something not permitted on WordPress hosted sites.

        • Mickster

          Go to fiverr.com There are tons of people with WP expertise that will get you up and running for very very little. Used it for various projects successfully. They have a great rating system that you can trust.

        • AJ

          Thanks, Mickster. I’ll check them out.

      • incognito today

        Cool AJ! Maybe I worked for you since I am a decade + younger than you. I did TV commercials in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s. Commercials produced/written by many different Ad agencies. It was a good/great way to make money as an actress back then. I’d link to one for Walt that has me in a bikini but…. maybe another day!! If you feel comfortable let me know the ad agency you were with. Steve Horn was one of the directors I loved working with most. Good luck with your quit smoking book – good stuff.

        • AJ

          If you get a good one, the residuals can be sweet.

        • AJ

          Ah, yes, the beer drinker’s lifestyle sans the beer gut. And you didn’t even have to dance. I worked on one back in the 70s where the unknown actor spokesman made a hundred thousand in one year off of one commercial. That company’s products (health care, cosmetics — I’ll leave them unnamed) didn’t deliver as promised so they switched, against protest — but, hey, the client is always right — to a please believe us it works (yes, that was pretty much exactly the copy) and went out of business.

          I remember there was a movement among many companies to not show actor’s faces in commercials so that they wouldn’t have to pay residuals.

          • incognito today

            That’s terrible – but I totally believe it. Ad execs were usually on set watching carefully to make sure the extras were not on camera for longer than a second. Between Screen Actor’s Guild dues, paying for headshots and getting to auditions it was not easy to make a living as an actor.

          • incognito today

            PS – I am in the white bikini with the little red flowers. Corky Carroll, famous surfer, well, I had ever heard of him!!

        • AnonnaMommy

          Incognito: you’re going to make us guess who you are? Cruel. Only three real options, considering your age. GG, Toonces, Housecat. Although maybe bubbytee. Or Walt.

          • incognito today

            🙂 have to stay anonna – Walt would go CRAZY!!! you may be closa though anonna.

        • AJ

          Yeah, I checked you out. There you are living the life:

          Beer commercials, well, not all of them, are all about the girls, aimed at guys who think drinking beer is somehow going to get them some action. And cigarette ads used to be about living the healthy lifestyle, that and being the center of the party (getting some action). When you’re 15 or 16, it all looks like a very good plan.

        • AnonnaMommy

          Bunnytee! Bunnytee! Bunnytee!

        • AJ

          “How Beer Saved the World.” Was beer responsible for the birth of civilization. According to this documentary, yes.

        • of course, housecat is from Hawaii (circumstantial) and Walt would….

        • AJ

          Yeah, but isn’t Toonces from California. A surfing commercial could be shot on Jones Beach, the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore, and no one would know the difference. It makes sense that a NY agency would use a NY producer and film on the East Coast.

          • incognito today

            yes, indeed AJ. Shot on the east coast…….. on a New Jersey Beach! My glamorous life in commercials. Went to Michigan for a Baby Magic lotion commercial, Atlanta for a Roy Rogers commercial and…….. (my first time ever there) Greenwich for a Jif peanut butter commercial. I wish I could remember the house and street. Someone’s back yard with a hammock to hold a choosy mom (me) and a 5 year old boy who did NOT want to be in the commercial. Oy. Bad stage moms are the worst.

        • Mickster

          Toonces, you looked good – still do, BTW!

        • housecat

          Mickster! Did you just out Toonces? Naughty, naughty!! (It’s not me, Chris R.)

        • oh well, i can’t play Twenty Questions to save my life.
          lookin’ good, T!
          (sorry HC, i was thinking “why would someone leave Hawaii for the big city?”, but, of course there are many reasons).

        • Mickster

          I met Toonces last year. I just took off 25 years, her two previous marriages, couple of stints in rehab, a few nips and tucks and presto, there she was was – on a beach in a beer ad!!!

        • AJ

          C’mon Mickster, surely you jest. I’m betting Toonces is still a Beach Babe. Even my way hot, now seventy year old wife who usually had an entourage of a half dozen guys following her around everywhere she went when I first met her is still a good looker.

          Toonces’ theme song:

        • AJ

          Sorry, Mickster. Missed your 7:22 comment.

        • Mickster

          T, you know I was kidding about the nips and tucks? Right? You are one hot mamma. I’m thinking my wild guess hit the mark!! Lmao

  47. RiversideMan

    I found some footage of the Glenville town party.

    • Anonymous

      The Riverside Town Party agenda:
      1) Throw rocks at passing trains.
      2) Count the number of semis on 95 within a five minute timeframe.
      3) Count the number of pink whales on Junior’s VV accessories.
      4) Play whose Cayenne lease is up fastest. Winner gets a cosmo!

  48. Let’s remember to take time today to thank those men and women who gave their lives, and honor the true meaning of Memorial Day.

  49. Anonymous

    3 P.M. Moment of silence fast approaching. The real meaning of Memorial Day.

  50. Thanks EOSR for a solemn reminder befitting the reason for the day. My dad’s first day in the war was as an evacuation MASH surgeon at the Battle of the Bulge, Christmas 1944. Doctors were told to expect 600 casualties needing surgery. They found 6000 waiting in snow-bound tents. 20 hours of surgery per day for three weeks. Then on to Germany. His last day in the war was the liberation of Buchenwald, where he was among the first American doctor’s to witness the horrors there.

    On a trivial note while we are sharing film histories, my own 15 seconds of film fame was in 1965 in Paris, just 20 years after the end of the war. The subtext of Tati’s film, Playtime, was the extent to which American tourism, and globalization of culture beyond it, was ruining France. That was a lot of thanks for D-Day, and perhaps part of the financial ruin the film caused him as a beloved director.

    In the clip, I appear as an icon of American teen-age music and rudeness, from 2:30 to 2:45. Tati, ever the perfectionist, took a full week to shoot this. His mistress of the era was the photographer/tourist. By the end of the film, he was back with his wife, who literally waived off the American tourist-lady friend of Tati (in the script and in real life.)

  51. Sorry – the clip 15 seconds of frame is from 1:30 to 1:45 in.

    • i bet you’re the one with the “M” on the jacket, n’est-ce pas?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      What, no best supporting actor nod from the Acacademy? For shame! They didn’t know real acting talent then any better than they do today.

  52. M is me. For my film penance yesterday, I watched “The Longest Day” with John Wayne going in with the marines to capture Normandy, then “Saving Private Ryan” in bloodier detail, then the History channel special on Patton and the Battle of the Bulge. That not being enough, I finished with “The Battle of the River Plate” on YouTube in HD, about the end of the Graf Spee.

  53. Greenwich Gal

    Glad to know you are back EarthImage! Or maybe you have just been quiet and never left us…

  54. I share my quiet-time thoughts over at EOSr’s site. My brother’s firm, Soundview Engineering, has replaced me in the “Helpful Links” section at the upper right. Some people think we are twins. Others think there is just one of us. However, let one and all know Earth Image is going strong at 6 Oak St West in Byram, otherwise known as 06830. Soundview, ironically, is in the 06831 zip code.

  55. AJ

    Police Abduct 10 Children From A Family In Kentucky Because Of Their ‘Off The Grid’ Lifestyle

    If the government does not like the way that you are raising your kids, they will come in and grab them at any time without giving any warning whatsoever. Of course this is completely and totally unlawful, but it has been happening all over America. The most recent example of this that has made national headlines is particularly egregious. . . .


  56. AJ

    Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad

    From the first sudden, and quite dramatic, appearance of the fanatical Islamic group known as ISIS which was largely unheard of until a year ago, on the world’s stage and which promptly replaced the worn out and tired al Qaeda as the world’s terrorist bogeyman, we suggested that the “straight to beheading YouTube clip” purpose behind the Saudi Arabia-funded Islamic State was a simple one: use the Jihadists as the vehicle of choice to achieve a political goal: depose of Syria’s president Assad, who for years has stood in the way of a critical Qatari natural gas pipeline, one which could dethrone Russia as Europe’s dominant – and belligerent – source of energy, reaching an interim climax with the unsuccessful Mediterranean Sea military build up of 2013, which nearly resulted in quasi-world war. . . .

  57. AJ

    What happened to the Bunnytee? I was out of town and away from the internet at the time and just glanced at the apparent flame war when I got back. Seems to me that the Bunny failed to realize that there are no winners in a flame war and to try to make logical arguments is a waste of time, so she wore herself out as do most people who try to talk sense to a fool in a situation where short and nasty rules.

    • oh, AJ. go back and read ALL the comments. it was really for the best. i must admit, she did pique my interest in the latest Hermés swimwear.

      • AJ

        I didn’t read any of them; just took a glance: flame wars generally get stupid real fast and don’t interest me. Just mentioned the Bunny because a lot of commenters in this post brought her name up. As far as comments go, this blog doesn’t come close to some of the more popular ones that regularly get 400 to 500 or more per post, a lot to scroll through, but posts here seldom get more than 20. So, the more the merrier. At least, that’s what I think, Hermés swimwear notwithstanding.

  58. Anonymous

    AJ: you must be fun at parties.