And they’re off!

Frank quaffs a hemlock for the team

Frank quaffs a hemlock for the team

Frankie Fudrucker declares for First Selectman Nothing against Frank – he’s my pal, but it’s a sign of the pathetic condition of the local Democratic Party that Frank stepped up only when no one else would, “so that we’d have representation on the ballot.” To use an architectural term, Frankie’s candidacy is an ironic reference to more viable political parties.


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  1. Mickster

    If his platform is raising the debt limit and increase long-term financing, he’s already dead in the water in Greenwich. Puuleeese, FF.

    • FF

      I’ve been the DTC Chair for 8 years, a partisan job for sure. But running for FS, I’m going to try to step a little out of the box I’ve built for myself. I’m a proud Democrat, but I’m also a realist – long term bonding isn’t getting approved in the next two years, so I’m willing to talk about well-considered limits on spending. I want to spend better, we can take some business solutions on things like construction by entrusting the work to the professionals to save us real money. I think we need to spend some more money on social services and seniors, because if 2009 showed us, even the most flush of us need a hand to stay in Greenwich. But I want those solutions to be paid for equitably, and not through programs that were created to address the cities of CT. You won’t agree with a lot that I’ll say but I trust you may be open minded to hear some things that you will. And then just ask Chris my opinion on global warming……………….

  2. AJ

    FF steeped up [sic]? Yeah, he’s steeped up all right. Steeped in Libtard doctrine. But I’d vote for him, that is, if he showed me the secret Libtard raccoon handshake and some of the other more esoteric Libtardarian hand signs.

    Secret invisible message to FF — for your eyes only: If you expect it to happen then it most likely will.

  3. housecat

    Somewhere in Westchester, $Bob is weeping over his Kombucha because he’s missing all the fun…

    • AJ

      Somewhere in Westchester? Ya mean Bronxville? Oh wait, that’s Accolay.

      I remember that back in the early fifties there used to be a lot of box turtles (tons of them) crossing the Hutch around Bronxville (the way to NYC back in the day) and most getting run over. Wonder if there are any left?

      I saw a spotted turtle crossing a trail in the Wog about twenty years ago. And no, I didn’t run him over.

      A Kombucha? Yuck. Looks like something you can grow between your toes.

      • housecat

        …And Kombucha tastes like pureed week-old roadkill. No hyperbole. I think swallowing a tapeworm would be preferable to drinking that “stuff”. I have no idea how people do it without yakking (or maybe that’s the point??).

  4. Anonymous

    Hey, Chris. Welcome back

  5. FF

    You know I still love you, big guy

  6. Denali

    Not sure if we’re talking Greenwich Real Estate yet, but as mentioned here on this blog months ago, Thomas Peterfy has now gone ahead and listed his 80 acre estate in Conyers Farm.

  7. But is it on the MLS? Have I missed something?

  8. Walt

    Dude –

    Does Francis have a campaign manager? If so, they should advise him that some people have a problem with grown men still requiring the use of a sippy cup. But at least he took his dribble bib off for the photo.

    How do I put this delicately……hmmmmm…HE LOOKS RETARDED IN THAT PICTURE! In fact…IN FACT!!!! He looks EXACTLY like Warren from “There’s Something About Mary”. Does he ever run around the office shouting “He’s MASTURBATING….HE’S MASTURBATING”?

    Here – look for yourself:

    And how does he explain the plight of cities run by “Progressive” Democrats FOREVER? Baltimore, Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, Newark, Camden. The list goes on and on and on. Anyone who can’t see that long term Democratic leadership is a recipe for disaster is a retard.

    Thus proving my original point.
    Your Pal,

  9. Anonymous

    I’ll run!

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Welcome back CF! I thought perhaps you were gone for good….hope all is well as can be.

  11. Anonymous

    ditto, welcome back.

    it got depressing seeing that one thread there with 253 replies.

  12. reader

    Welcome back Chris.

    The big part of the Petterfy story is that he is taking his wealth and income out of Connecticut. I have heard he too is becoming a Florida resident. Good job Governor Malloy.

    • Easy Game

      Of course he is.
      Even the most absurd Floridian chalet will “only” set you back about 500k/year in property taxes.
      Forbes had TP worth around 15 billion
      Figure he knows how to generate a decent ROI seeing as he’s worth 15B
      Let’s say he’s good for a cool Billion/year…
      The savings of moving to FL far outweigh any silly property tax bill.
      FLORIDA= no state income tax and no long term capital gains tax either!!

    • Cos Cobber

      His relocation alone will cause CT budget shortfalls. He probably sends between 10 and 40M a year to Hartford in income taxes.

      • housecat

        Now, now Cobber. Math is hard. We can’t expect the mentally handicapped in Hartford to master such a difficult subject as calculating a percentage or something. What were you thinking?

      • CatoRenasci

        Wait ’til the rest of the Masters of the Universe move to Florida, keeping only the use of digs owned by some third or fourth level of blind trustee in New York or CT.

  13. Connecticut’s tax and spending policies, designed by Democrats, are craptacular. In order to keep spending, the state needs $$$$$$, which can only come from the Petterfy crowd.

    In other words, the pursuit of Democratic objectives depends on…….massive wealth and income inequality.