Just to be nasty

New construction, stale design

New construction, stale design

There’s an ad (disguised as a news story) in today’s Greenwich Time on a piece of new construction that’s been placed on the market in New Canaan. The following passage caught my eye:

With cathedral ceilings, ornamental beams and detailed millwork, the custom property is a classic example of a “transitional-style Colonial” that so many buyers are seeking.

“I create houses that are different,” said Ryan Fletcher, owner of Fletcher Development LLC.

It may be a nice house, but “different”? It looks like every other house that’s been built here in Greenwich and our surrounding towns for the past 15 years. I wasn’t wild about the neo-victorian fad when it first appeared, and grew increasing dubious as copies  of the look metastasized across our borders. It’s probably time to shut it down and look for something else. Log cabins, maybe.


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  1. Anonymous

    Given the absurdity of realtor speak, I think calling a somewhat typical house “different” barely qualifies as a misdemeanor. Here are some examples I found, I am sure there are many more you have seen on the Greenwich MLS.

    Curb Appeal” =looks better outside than inside

    “Needs some TLC” =it’s a tear-down!

    “Close to transportation” =there’s a freeway 20 ft from your window

    “Deceptively spacious” =ridiculously tiny

    “Easily maintained garden” =concreted yard

    “Period features” =same decor since 1954

    “Ample off-street parking” =no garage or driveway

    “Open outlook” =on a building site

  2. Phillip Johnson may have dabbled in that transitional fol-de-rol, but not Howard Roark

  3. weakleyhollow

    “Perfectly adequate” comes to mind. Sort of like the late Gerald Ford.

  4. AJ

    I prefer small bungalows on small lots with expansive, six story, take up the whole neighborhood basements.

  5. Flash

    Every time I see these shingle chalets, I think about painting the trim on those gables without dripping on the shingle, while balanced on a three story ladder……do NOT take low bid.
    Your picture has a very interesting rotunda included in the scheme.

    • Anonymous


      I helped friends paint a shingle house last summer. It sucked.

      Cabot solid stains are good, by the way. Go on nice & smooth, excellent coverage.

  6. anonymous

    Interestingly, a local architect I know referred to this style – the proliferating shingle style seen everywhere- as the new contemporary home. A far cry from the 70s & 80s contemporaries but probably not a bad description.

    • Accolay

      Perhaps I’m a bit biased, because I love these shingle style homes, but I don’t think in 30 years people will be tearing them down like the 70s and 80s contemporaries, at least not the more classic looking ones. There are some modern takes in Greenwich (and a ton in Westport) that are definitely quite absurd, to say the least.

  7. Walt

    Dude –

    A good article entitled “Wall Street Pulls in its Horn’s in Connecticut”:

    Not a good sign for dirt prices, Stamford, and Connecticut in general. Why would anyone want to relocate to Connecticut? The progressive led cities are all starting to crumble, and like dominoes, the states go next. Illinois, Connecticut, California, New York…ALL IN THE CRAPPER!! Here is a list of the 10 worst, by very liberal ABC News:


    And YES!! Connecticut made the list!!

    Progressive Democrat rule really is a form of mental retardation. The facts..the math…the history…the current status….ARE UNDENIABLE!!


    Does Francis ride around on the short bus? How do I toss my name in the ring to run for Mayor of Greenwich? I will gladly debate Francis BASED ON FACTS!!

    Your Pal,

  8. Anonymous

    I like houses like that, but you are 100% correct that they are not unique or different. Still nice, though.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Off Topic:

    Could this have been FWIW’s elusive Inagua (or as Walt calls him, Lizzard Boy)?


  10. tumbleweed

    Diverse neighborhood = ?

  11. given the English (Voysey) roots of the above house style, could this be the next, “I create houses that are different” freshness to hit our shores?

  12. Hey Chris,

    My name is Ryan Fletcher; I am the owner, and the man who started this company 4 years ago when I got home from Fort Lejeune with the Unite States Marine Corps. Currently I am still active in my reserve contract with the USMC as an Infantry Team Leader- while running our company that you chose to blog about.

    Thank you for your input on our project- I guess they say bad press is good press right?? Our goal as builders is to come up with innovative ways to market our projects. News stories, online ads, blogging, are just some of the great ways we get our product to the public.

    What we do not appreciate is slander of any type towards our company (thus Myself). Before writing any article titled “just to be nasty” you most certainly should do your research on the individual first- or at least go stop by the jobsites and introduce yourself to the builder (myself). Sitting behind a computer ‘cyber bullying’ to make yourself feel more endowed with your life sounds like a bit of a disorder that is very bothersome to me and I would be happy to explain this to you more vividly in person.

    Everyone is entitled to there opinions-yes- but if its ‘just to be nasty’ than you should write your articles on the terrorists that are threatening our country instead of pissing off a Marine that defends this country, and that started this company on his own while hiring other Marines to help get the jobs done. And yes WE HAVE become a well-known builder in the area- known for EXCEPTIONAL craftsmanship, ingenuity, and most of all quality. I do NOT settle for anything but perfection.

    The house is in New Canaan- not Greenwich. That’s great that they build homes similar in a town that is NOT New Canaan. And I applaud those builders that do so. They are and have always been my inspirations as I have grown in this industry.

    If you have any further comments about my business, my homes, my team of employees and most of all, ME- please call my cell 203 858 0703, and lets discuss.

    Thanks you,

    Ryan Fletcher
    Builder / Owner
    Fletcher Development LLC

    • Anonamommy

      Despite the many typos and grammar errors in your comment, I say Way to Go Ryan. The Just to be Nasty headline bothered me immensely too.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      Ryan, dude, take a chill pill! If you read the original post, the discussion was about what was different about this house, given that all the houses built around here for more than a decade look like this house. THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT! If you want to argue that point, please tell everyone what is different about the house! Don’t get all pissy and take offense at perceived slights that have no basis. Nowhere was the quality of the house discussed or criticized in the original post.

      Reading your little diatribe would certainly make me think twice about engaging you to build a house for me. If you get all hot and bothered about a non-offensive comment like this, how do you react when there is a real problem?

      And while I thank you for your military service and I will always respect the contributions of my fellow veterans, the fact of the matter is your military service has nothing to do with the discussion at hand except as a distraction.

    • Flash

      Ryan, I still don’t like the rotunda and that is my opinion.
      I think it’s a spec house, and I think spec builders should populate their own home towns and that is also my opinion.

    • Walt

      Ryan –

      Thank you for your service. The American people cannot repay our debts for what you have done.

      Much of what you fought for is to protect is free speech. And the right to bear arms. Both of which are under assault by the “progressives”.

      I think it’s healthy that you and the Dude disagree. Different opinions are healthy. They should not be silenced. And both should be able to discuss their points of view in an open forum. Versus the “progressive” view that it is PC incorrect to discuss it at all. Progressive censorship is a real threat to our freedom.

      Anyhows, I like the house. Best of luck with it.

      Can you shed any light on the New Canaan wife swapping? I live in Greenwich, but I am in no way wedded to it. If you guys have sweaty, disgusting orgies going on, I could easily relocate.

      Your Pal,
      PS – DUDE!! Where is earlier my post? You censorship NAZI!!

    • Denali

      Anyone actually buying these homes anymore?
      There are what seem like dozens upon dozens of these for sale in Greenwich, and come with a tax bill at half the price.

    • P

      How dare Chris express an opinion about architectural taste and advertising methods! Sue him!

    • dogwalker

      Slander? Goodness. This will have me re-thinking Marines. I’m not happy about that . . . but slander? What was slanderous? The post wasn’t really about his project anyway . . . was it? Or did I miss something . . . as usual.

    • Anonymous

      MOS 0311, enlisted/NCO rifleman?
      after Roger Williams?

  13. Walt

    Dude –

    Shall I give you a primer on what you missed the last two months? To catch you up? OK THAN!!

    EOSr & Al Dente really stepped up. They provided a safe haven for all FWIWorthers. Although I chose not to post on their blogs. And Sarah is a rock star. When I marry her, we will have many Happy Thanksgivings we can share together. You homo. And EOSr doesn’t know how to properly cook hot dogs. It’s a long story, so I don’t want to digress.

    Anyhows, now you are pretty much caught up.

    When can we have lunch? MANE BURGRS!!

    Your Pal,

    • Walt

      Dude –
      And Toonces is a HOTTIE!! She was in a beer commercial.
      Your Pal,
      Toonces – call me. Because Steph isn’t.

      • AJ

        Speaking o’ hotties, can you believe that Johnny Depp walked away from this. After a little monologue, she starts getting down at 0:56 of the clip. Go Vanessa:

      • AJ

        “Because Steph isn’t.”? Nothing like telling a girl she’s your second choice.

  14. AJ

    To say that a design that’s ubiquitous is not different is hardly nasty and doesn’t even come close to being cyberbullying. BTW, libel is a written or published defamatory statement, while slander is defamation that is spoken by the defendant. And to say that you’re being nasty when you’re not is called humor.

    While you many not win any awards from Architectural Digest for building the same, as in similar, design that every other builder is building, the popularity of that design (at least among builders) probably means you’re much more likely to quickly sell it.

  15. AJ

    Cheer up, Mr. Fletcher. Here, this should make you happy:

  16. HG

    I am not a marine, but my brother was in the civil air patrol when we were young, and just like this guy has been lording it over me ever since.

  17. Tokenekebozo

    I’ve heard of Camp Lejeune- been there actually-but Fort Lejeune?

  18. Anonymous

    Chris – Seems like a decent amount of real estate activity over last couple months. How about a post? 57 Gilliam sold, 59 Gilliam under contract, 33 Normandy sold, 25 Club asking stupid price, etc. 57 Gilliam at $3.3 traded for a lot more than I expected. I’m curious where 59 Gilliam closes. 33 Normandy seems in line with expectations. 25 Club ask seems comical relative to 58 Club sale at $3.5 since it’s a tear down. But some people will pay any price to live on Club. The best job of over-pricing seems to be 10 Pilot Rock but that’s just me. 73 Willowmere gives it a run for its money though.

    • Chris, speaking of real estate – looks what’s “NEW TO THE MARKET” again! My favorite. I know it sold at some point last year. Buyers remorse? Too much work needed? Too far away from Greenwich proper?

      PS: Welcome back to blogging. As Walt stated, he never cheated by visiting my blog. He’s very loyal to you. Some guy who called himself Anonymous did stop by EOSr and wrote “in a Walt fashion”. But it was definitely not Walt. I did NOT have blogging with that man, Walt…. 🙂

      • AJ

        Three million to live three miles west of East Jesus? You could get something similar with a lot more acreage in North Country somewhere north of 100 grand and somewhere south of 200 G’s. But I do like the house.

        • The joke is that the house was for sale for a million years – it was upwards of twice $3 at some point. The current owners have stripped it of its former beauty or perhaps the photos show it staged with furniture from Bob’s Discount House of Crap. In any event, these sellers didn’t own it very long at all and I have a feeling it will take them a while to convince someone else to buy it.

          Chris looked at it with me and he can tell you first hand, it was really pretty.

          It was very private. On a lake. An really not a fer’piece from town at all.

        • AJ: I used the Vigilance WP theme for over five years, tired of it myself but not ever able to find a new theme that appealed. My regular readers will tell you I’ve amused them with attempts at new themes over the years, only to return to the old tried and true., This time however, WP no longer offers Vigilance so once I tried this format, called Cubic (with a C), I couldn’t go back. It has its limitations and things I don’t like, but for now, it’ll stick.

          I’ve bookmarked your blog for later perusal. How are the book sales going?

        • AJ

          Thanks for asking, EOS. Book sales are going slowly but growing. By using my new YouTube channel, which doesn’t have much in the way of videos, to comment on popular videos on popular sites, I’m able to direct people towards my blog and book to make sales, and do get results. Naturally, my comments are legitimate and not spam (a great way to piss people off) although the spammers have had no trouble finding me.

          If you search the quit smoking category on Amazon, my book, being new, is so far buried at the back of the list that there’s no way to find it, so I’m depending on the blog to drive traffic there. In addition to a YouTube account, I’ve also opened a Facebook account and a Twitter account that I’m now in the process of figuring out how to use. Once I get to the front of the list, I’m sure I’ll do fine because if you read the product descriptions and “Look Inside” previews of most of the books that top the list in the quit smoking category not only are they poorly written but offer nothing more than the same old, same old. I did do a very small run of digitally printed copies which I test marketed in convenience stores for price testing and found $17.95 the be the highest I could go without affecting volume though it sold at as high as $24.95, the highest I went. It’s now available solely on Kindle at 99 cents or can be borrowed on Kindle Unlimited for free and also allows you to use it on multiple devices and lend to friends. If you don’t have Kindle, it can easily be downloaded onto your desktop for free.

          The best way to get to the top of the list is good reviews. What I’ve found from reading books on, say for instance, grammar — I have lots of books on grammar — is that it’s not the best and most informative books that get the best reviews but the books that are best formatted for easy use that review well. So, I put a lot of time into graphics that break the book into easily defined chunks that help make going at it look much less daunting and make using the book much easier than it would be otherwise.

          What’s funny about some of the reviews that I’ve read is that they are so obviously written by the author of the book who must have gotten friends to buy his or her book and then gave them a prewritten review to send Amazon.

          This fall I’ll probably put together some clips for YouTube that demonstrate some easy to conduct experiments that any smoker can perform to prove to themselves beyond any shadow of a doubt that cigarette smoking is NOT an addiction. Those experiments are described on the “Illustrated to Help Guide the Way” submenu page under the “Book Preview” menu page of the blog towards the bottom of that page.

          Right now most of the posts on my blog are linked material from other sites, a standard M.O. of many successful sites, but once I get my social network machine up and running, I plan on spending much more time on posting original content, which, if it gets picked up by other blogs, is the best way to drive traffic to a site.

          BTW, there are no expletives in my book. It is rated church going granny safe.


      • AJ

        Sorry I didn’t post on your blog, EOS. But it had far too many nice pictures for me to be dragging my ass across it.

        • No need to apologize. I carry on (but don’t always stay calm) no matter who poo poos my blog. (see what I did there?)

        • AJ

          Whoa, a totally new theme — your last one looked a little dated. A much better choice since your blog is photography laden (life through my lens — ah, duh). I’m sticking with a traditional theme — my blog’s light on photos as I only use stuff from Wikimedia Commons, either public domain or licensed for free use with attribution: don’t want to end up in court over some stupid photo — because I think people are more comfortable with the tried and true and what they are used to, and put off and intimidated with what they are not used to, I know I am. If I wasn’t forced to change, I’d probably still be using Windows 3, and I got really upset when Netscape got replaced by Windows Explorer — kind of stupid in retrospect.

          I’m using the 2011 theme, very similar to CF’s Pilcrow theme, but a little cleaner and more modern.

        • AJ: My reply went one above.

      • Riverside Dog Walker

        EOS, I guess I didn’t get the memo about your blog. And I’ve lost track of it now that CF doesn’t have it in his blog roll. Let me have the link. Chris, put it back up, please!

        • Just click my name in the comment. It’ll whisk you up like the red shoes did Dorothy and transport you to EOSland. Warning: You won’t be in FWIWland, Toto.

        • AJ

          Just click on anyone’s commenting name that appears in blue, like EOS’s, or click on their Gravatar, click on full profile, and it will offer a link to their website if they have one et voilà.

      • AJ

        Walt may have been too busy to post: I think I tracked down his latest love, but he’d have to confirm that.

  19. JK

    Where has Chris Fountain gone now???

    • Anonamommy

      Maybe to the barber to shave off the beard and cut the long locks? From the looks of his return photo, that process might take three days, or more

      • AJ

        Do NOT cut you’re hair whatever you do. There’s a little known story about the Vietnam War about how the US Army brought Native Americans to Vietnam to make use of their well know psychic powers. Trouble was, once they got their standard military haircut they lost those powers. And look at what happened to Sampson when Hedy Lamarr, inventor of spread spectrum technology, cut off his hair — need I say more.

        My hair is very long, comes halfway down my chest, and comes in very handy for keeping gnats and flies out of my face and ears, though totally unnecessary for that task as you can drive them off by pulsing loud thoughts — BE GONE, GO AWAY. This may not work for you because of doubt. At some point I may blog about how you can control the minds of insects and experiments you can conduct to prove over and over again with 100% efficacy that this is true. Oh, the things you can learn while taking LSD.

        So, you might be thinking WTF? Other than Renfield, who the hell needs to waste their time controlling the minds of bugs. But you’re missing the point. For instance, there have been many times when I’ve been walking down a deserted beach and spotted a hottie walking along the shore, maybe a quarter mile or more away, and gotten her to walk away from her boyfriend to come over to check me out. Unbelievable? Yeah. But ask my wife about it and how much it pisses her off. I showed this to one guy, and he’s like your f*cking crazy. But he now has an almost 100% closing ratio, and his average time to close someone he never met who just walked in off the street a fully loaded car with very little discount is fifteen to twenty minutes, sometimes as little as five. And then he asks them if they’d like to take a test drive, and they’re like — no. It’s not unusual for him to sell a car to someone without them even asking the price, and as they’re walking out the door they ask, oh BTW, how much is this going to cost? Obviously they’re not taking immediate delivery but these are fifty thousand dollar cars.

        So how does this work? On the principle of we are all one, so you can get inside anybody’s head? Don’t be silly. It’s vibrations — good vibrations and bad vibrations. And you can easily see this for yourself. Next time you’re walking around in the supermarket or wherever and you spot someone, just think loudly something like you fat ugly whatever and you’ll see a reaction instantly registers on their face — they don’t like you, and it’s just as easy to do the opposite. Can they read your mind? Of course not. But they can feel the vibration of your thoughts.

        Anyhows, as Walt would say, if you look like Hedy Lamar, you can come over and cut my hair anytime — not. Well maybe just a trim. If you want to read up on the Indians in Vietnam, just Google search: Indians in Vietnam cut hair and lost physic powers:

        Hedy Lamarr:

        • Martha

          I still think you secretly study ACIM! You *do* know those bugs are only bugging you because of your unconscious guilt, right? (Said in fun and love😍)

  20. AJ

    The psychic powers of Joe Medicine Crow, the last War Chief:

  21. OG gal

    Sorry Ryan, although I am grateful that we have extremely dedicated and very professional men and women serving in our armed forces, I don’t see why you mention it in your rebuttal to Chris’s blog and title, or why we should give a crap or why we cant abuse your house. You sound a bit pompous too …… just sayin’

  22. Anonymous

    Will this in-person discussion involve bro-hugs or comparing lengths of one’s monkey wrench?

    “Sitting behind a computer ‘cyber bullying’ to make yourself feel more endowed with your life sounds like a bit of a disorder that is very bothersome to me and I would be happy to explain this to you more vividly in person.”