Well it’s about time

Democrats to the rescue

Democrats to the rescue

Connecticut Democrats repudiate Jefferson, Jackson

Because they’re exactly the people Jefferson warned us about, the Democrat’s distancing themselves from a man who was not only not a Democrat, but whose political philosophy was diametrically opposed to everything the current crop of Demmerkrats represent is only fit. He can now stop spinning in his grave.

Jackson, who was a Democrat, remains the only president to defy the Supreme Court (although Obama still has another 18 months to duplicate the feat) when, in response to a ruling that he could not forcibly remove the Cherokee nation to Oklahoma via “the Trail of Tears”, pointed out that the Court has no soldiers to enforce its edicts, so screw them – thus foreshadowing Stalin, who asked, “how many divisions does the Pope have?”, and proceeded to slaughter millions.

I’m struck by Ct. Democrat Chairman Nick Balletto’s observation that “blacks and Native Americans are a major constituency of the Democratic Party.” If there are two more miserable constituencies in the America, they’ve remained well hidden, so if their fate is what befalls the Democrats’ friends, it’s unnerving to contemplate what those same Democrats have in mind for the rest of us.


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  1. edgewater

    with all due respect to your comment, i don’t think it’s fair or accurate to ascribe the current situations of blacks and native americans to ‘what .. the democrats have in mind for …us’. the democrats have good intentions, mostly, for their dozens of programs in housing and education and neonatal care and prenatal care and nutrition and anti-poverty and social services. the problem is that all these programs are corrosive to the structure of families and communities and thus we see the disfunctional results. i am reminded of the experience of a good friend who spent years in the philippines where his children were looked after by nannies. sure enough, his little boy was constantly picked up by the well-meaning nanny and didn’t learn to get off the ground by himself until daddy stopped the nanny’s well-intentioned but misguided and counter-productive coddling.
    and, chris, welcome back.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      Bill Whittle actually had a good piece on this topic recently. Stay with the clip for awhile until he find’s his voice. Fast forward to the part about LBJ saying in front of witnesses ‘ I’ll have these n****** voting Democrat for 200 years.’ This is much more consistent with LBJ the ultimate hack politician. I always thought it admirable he wanted to be a statesman when he had the chance. Guess I was overthinking this.


  2. Connecticut DC Democrats just led effort against 2 local tribes to be even recognized.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Democrats love the poor. It’s why they work so hard to make as many poor as they can.

  4. Anonymous

    Speaking of Democrats, happy to see your partner running against Peter Tesei? It may be another landslide but at least it will be entertaining!

    And only the Greenwich Democrats would both tout their “success” with the MISA project and nominate the former BOE chair responsible for that debacle as one of their BET candidates.

    • Riverslide

      Right. The Dems are going to try to distinguish themselves by advocating more and longer term borrowing. That’s it!

      If they weren’t such morons, they pursue the only avenue I can envision — which is questionable, I know — namely, that Tesei and company are big spenders, putting money toward the posh, wealthy backcountry set. MISA was a boondoggle for the monied, artsy crowd. The police station and fire station were suck-ups to the coddled, privileged unions. The idea of spending tons of money on another backcountry fire station, while Byram still doesn’ have a pool, is elitist. What has been done for the poor, the displaced town natives who can’t afford to live here, the ball fields and the seniors, while our current leaders blow the budget on high-profile gimmicks for the wealthy.

      That’s weak, I know. But it beats the only platform the Dems seem to have discovered: lengthen the terms of our borrowing, so we can spend more!

      • CatoRenasci

        In a rational world (stop, I know, I know….), Greenwich would match funding for projects with their projected life. For some things expected to last decades, bonding over those decades (if rates are reasonable to rent the money) is reasonable.

        Problem is, of course, that the Democrats would regard the savings to current taxpayers as an opportunity to spend the money on something else, and to raise the total amount of the Town debt.


        • My two cents – Tesei and the GOP BET members will never bend from the silly five year bonding rule because it gives them an excuse to say no to capital projects. They don’t have the spine to push back on every pet project from every special interest constituency that comes down the pike. After all, we’re Greenwich – why shouldn’t we have a $50+ million High School auditorium and a $15 million pool? We can afford it and XYZ people deserve it. God forbid they should offend someone by saying, sorry, can’t do it. They’re not sticking to their guns on this because they think that financing long term assets with short term bonds is a better municipal financing technique. It’s the easy way out for them.

        • Riverside Dog Walker

          Agree 100%. And it wouldn’t only be the Democrats spending the money. Republicans talk about fiscal responsibility but don’t walk the walk. All politicians want to spend OPM.

    • If Frank would promise not to bring along his friends into the Oval (okay, rectangle) Office, I’d vote for him in heartbeat over Tesei. I’d much prefer, however, that Tesei step down in favor of Chris Von Keiserling, just to put a new face in the Greenwich Republicans’ clown circus.

  5. Anonymous

    A bit ironic that the as-yet-unnamed dinner will feature a genuine faux-Native American.

    • Devildog

      Well … a modest proposal … in order to save all that stationary and banners ..they could leave the name of the event as it is ….but change Thomas to George . . and Andrew to Jesse …problem solved

  6. Anonsky

    We now have to change the pithy moniker “Constitution State” to “Communist State”. What a bunch of ignorant Buffoons CT Dems are.

  7. AJ

    Andrew Jackson, the man who killed the Fed. The PBS American Experience story of Andrew Jackson is well worth the nearly two hours it takes to watch. Fascinating and time well invested.

    • Thanks, I’m always looking for good documentaries but many are so biased it’s hardly truth. Anything super bloody/scary for my little guys (10 & 5) in his one?

      • AJ

        I haven’t watched it in several years, but I remember it as unbiased: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And Certainly, nothing as scary as this clip:

        The Buccaneer clip below is also available as a full movie on YouTube. My eight year old and six year-old little brothers and I all enjoyed it at the time: 1958.

  8. AJ

    From The Buccaneer:

    • AJ

      I saw that one in the Pickwick Theater when I was ten years old for 25 cents.

      • AJ

        After seeing the movie I walked over to the Old Greenwich record shop next to Gristede’s — the era of free range kids — and bought Johnny Horton’s 45 speed (remember those things where you had to put the little yellow disk in the middle) and played it till I wore it out.

        Prior to the mainstream R & R breakout of Rick Nelson’s Honeycomb, Paul Anka’s Diana (my wife went to high school with him — Class of ’63), all brought to you courtesy of Dick Clark’s Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show, there was no such thing as rock and roll, and I had a large collection of Rosemary Clooney, Andy Williams, the Andrews Sisters and other similar era bands along with accompanying 8 x 10 glossies bought in that same store.

  9. Yos

    Well, the Demos may have left Reagan, but now they’ve positively abandoned Jackson and Jefferson. This is “Progress.”

    Perhaps Heinlein would call it “bad luck?”

  10. Anonymous

    America is like that frog in heating water. We’ve been subject to political correctness for so long that this insanity ses normal. Now that Donald a Trump has begun reminding people just how great and prosperous this country used to be, he may find himsel mocked all the way to the White House.

  11. Please help us interpret these events:
    In his opinions for the Greenwich Time, Bob Horton seems to lift his observations directly from Democratic BET member Sean Goldrick.
    The Democrats this week found Goldrick so disagreeable and unproductive that they didn’t renominate him for the BET.

    • They also got rid of Randy Huffman who was the only member of the BET (Rep or Dem) with any real world municipal finance experience. So instead we get the former BOE chair who brought us that paragon of fiscal responsibility known as MISA. FF – what were your members thinking?

  12. AJ

    In case anyone’s interested, this History Channel doc focuses on President Jackson’s military actions whereas the above PBS doc focuses on Jackson’s battle against the second Bank of the United States and Daniel Webster, who may have debated the Devil and won, but eventually succumbed to the influence of evil.