Just in time for AJ and me to combat the NSA’s new, more powerful brain wave detectors

Bring it on!

Bring it on!

Metallic foam lighter, more effective against radiation than aluminum foil.

North Carolina State University researchers have found that lightweight composite metal foams they had developed are effective at blocking X-rays, gamma rays, and neutron radiation, and are capable of absorbing the energy of high-impact collisions. The finding holds promise for use in nuclear power plants, space exploration, and CT-scanner shielding.


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71 responses to “Just in time for AJ and me to combat the NSA’s new, more powerful brain wave detectors

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    NSA has a backdoor into the foam.

  2. AJ

    I prefer this type of foam. It obliterates thoughts, rendering them unreadable.

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    Where have you been? You SON OF A BITCH!!

    Can I get a GOD DAMNED FONDUE RECIPE? Wait, which blog is this?

    Your Pal,

  4. Off topic.

    Rats look for the exits as the USS Hildebeast takes on water:


    • I’ve complained bitterly (to deaf ears) that every Amy Chozick NYT article written doesn’t allow for comments. Write one about Trump or Huckabee, and let the comments door open, wide. Blatant Clinton loving. I hope she sinks soon. My mother said Biden has been at church a lot lately in Greenville so perhaps he’s praying for guidance on his decision to run and take the giant windbag out of Hillary’s sails.

      • Anonymous

        I will never pay a nickel to read the NYT. I try not to read their articles, ever. If we all do our part, the grey lady will go out of business, a fate that the paper and the ilk running it deserve.

      • looks like the Ridin’ with Biden crowd is revving its engines

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Couldn’t happen to a nastier *itch. Must be a bitter pill for her that it all emanates from the WH office of a certain senior administration adviser who also sports a V’jayjay. So much for sisterhood.

      • I read one piece in the Spectator along those lines. The White House (i.e. ValJar) has plenty of ammo to sink Clinton and has decided that it’s time to begin that process. They were supposed to be the source for the original “private server” story that started the whole mess.

        I think Bubba senses the coming collapse too. He’s been uncharacteristically silent for the last few weeks. Life is going to be hell in Chappaqua when Hill has to trudge home in inglorious defeat.

        • When she is defeated, she won’t come back to Chappaqua. Nor will Bill. They only bought that house to declare her residency to run for Senate. They have zero interest in suburban life. It’s not as if Hillary will start driving a Volvo wagon and meet her girlfriends at Starbucks. She’ll get some pad in the city. Bill will get a separate apartment in the city.

    • Anonymous

      “Lost, confused, tired and ANGRY” says it all – I can’t stand to look at the woman anymore. And if Moocher Michelle runs in her place, I will permanently don my tinfoil hat. Greenwich Oldtimer

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    I am posting this anonymously so no one knows it’s me.

    The worst thing imaginable for this country would be Bush vs. Clinton. Have we become Limey’s? Bad toothed, bland food eating flackies? IS THAT WHAT WE HAVE BECOME? YOU SON’S OF BITCHES!!

    I really do believe Hillary is evil. A criminal, who should be in jail. She let Americans die. In Benghazi. Then lied about it. And we are considering her to be POTUS? Just because she has a vagina? We all need our heads examined. She is an absolute disgrace. Half of the populous has a vagina. IT’S NOT SO SPECIAL!! Even though I really like them.

    Both Democrats and Republicans need to come together, and hold our politicians accountable. I WANT TERM LIMITS!! I WANT TAX REFORM!! I WANT TRANSPARENCY!! We are settling for SUCK!! And that is what we are getting. It’s a disgrace.

    Brunch tomorrow?

    Your Pal,

    Hillary is a vile, evil little entitled vermin. I cannot fathom how anyone would want her to be our President. It really blows my mind. And if we elect her, we will get what we voted for. SON OF A BITCH!!

  6. Walt

    Well that went wrong.

  7. Anonymous

    That picture is frightening.

  8. Anonamommy

    So Chris, the blog style since your return is to put up a post then ignore the comments? Seems it to me.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    AJ. That’s quite a way to pop corn! If you manage to extract any kernels popped but not scorched, lemme know

  10. If elected, Hillary would be the oldest President, (except for one, Reagan, by a few months). She can’t connect with the millennials like Obama did. Both Biden and Sanders are older than she. We can pray the Dems nominate one of them, but they won’t.

    From Hillary, we’re going to hear 16 months of war-on-women, abortion-is-the-only-issue-that-matters crap. We’ll hear this until our heads explode. The Hill-bitch will be just like that losing Senate candidate Mark Udall (“Mark Uterus”).

    The thinking party needs only to stay calm and propose common sense policies that draw a contrast with Obama’s failures.

    • Easy Game

      Dems’ don’t have a shot in hell.
      It’s trump for 8 years.
      Strap in and strap on.
      Giddy up!!

    • Hillary is so focused on Hillary she chided the R candidates for being a gaggle of men, then she said, whoops, my bad, the R’s do have one woman. That’s how out of touch Hillary is, totally unaware that Carly Fiorina is running for president. I wish I could hear Carly in person and I hope she gets to the debate. I like everything I’ve heard come out of her mouth.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        She is smart. My optimal R ticket would be Cruz/Fiorina

        • AJ

          Yeah, that would be Hillary’s optimal R ticket too. One that from the numbers, apparently even Republicans wouldn’t vote for.

          What sort of crazy, nut job state are you guys living in down there in CT? Some guy down there went to a flea market, spotted Confederate memorabilia, started shaking, almost vomited, freaked out and started running in a panic, then after having gotten to a safe distance, pulled his shit together enough to dial 911 to let police know that Confederate merchandise had been spotted and that they needed to go arrest someone.

          If this little note triggers a panic attack in anyone, please, let me apologize in advance.

        • Anon2

          AJ: Planned Parenthood has killed more black lives than the Confederate flag ever did. Where’s the outrage from the #blacklivesmatter crowd? Crickets. DEFUND PPA now.

        • AJ

          Where’s the outrage? They’re all too busy celebrating, eating their new abortion flavored ice cream — celebrating what, I’m not sure.

          Either that or they’re too busy supporting the new anti-bullying seminars being given at middle schools, paid for with tax-payer dollars that are teaching kids how to use strap-on dildos for anal sex, use flavored oils to facilitate the eating of each other’s butt, and vandalize the property of those who disagrees with you.

          Schools fully back and support these programs, and if you don’t, then you’re a bully.

        • AJ

          Abortion rights supporters brag about killing their kids.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          One that from the numbers, apparently even Republicans wouldn’t vote for.

          You can’t accuse me of praising Republicans for their candidates (state or national) Boehner[less] would be a prime current example of the dearth of present Republican “leadership.”

          As for the nutjob who called the cops on the Civil War memorabilia vendor, well, there you have it, he/she/it and others of like mind is why we still have Dan Malloy and his “Cage aux Folles” coterie of progressives in Hartford. There appears to be no hope this state will ever turn around. What a shame.

        • Anonymous

          Carly & Carson in 2016…yeah baby.

          Takes gender and race out of the mix so we can focus on real issues such as lowest employment rate since Great Depression, out of control spending/debt and no real economic growth.

  11. Views of Converse Lake

    Fun fact for Conyers Farm:
    I count 16 homes/lots for sale in CF, a total of 278 acres.
    Sure 80 of that is Peterffy’s, but you get the picture.
    One of my golfing buddies lives inside the north gate, but on the CT side of the border, & even he admits his property will most likely lose 1/2 of its value in the next 10 years.

    • Cos Cobber

      There are many reasons for the decline of the mega spread in back country. Some of it local or regional and some of it cultural/socio. Even if CT wasn’t in slow economic decline, homes over 8M in back country would still be hurting because in this jet set age, fewer really want a mega house.

      • Easy Game

        My hopes of having a golf course around the lake in Conyers are improving by the minute!

      • Anonymous

        Is it odd that my wife and I, in our lower 30s, want a backcountry home?

        Privacy and quietness are underrated. I’d vomit everyday if I lived near 95 surrounded by 3 other homes staring at their backyard.

        • Anonymous

          Different strokes for different folks. Wait until you have a few kids and need something at the grocery store after you just driven twenty minutes home, unless you have a nanny.

        • Cos Cobber

          I’d much rather have 10 acres with some pasture and forest to play in – but I don’t want to pay the premium for it. Rather invest the cash in other things including a second home. I think many agree – that is why those trying to sell their oversized lots for a premium are doing very poorly.

        • No Vomit

          We’re in Riverside.
          No highway or train noise.
          No neighbors to look at thanks to an abundance of those green things called trees.
          You can have the same, spare yourself the 10 acre upkeep, you just gotta pay more 🙂

        • Mickster

          Anon, I assume you are not a native. No one whose native tongue is English has ever used the expression “lower 30s” when referring to their age. The expressions used are normally “early”, “mid-” or “late”.
          Having got that off my chest you are quite entitled to your opinion but the trend in this town for the last few years is that young NYC buyers want to live in “family neighborhoods” like the OG/Riv school districts where your kids can ride their bikes, have play dates without driving 30 minutes, walk to train, school, parks, etc etc. It’s a quality of life thing. Most love it.
          You on the other hand would “vomit” at that closeness to your neighbors and that’s understandable. Maybe they would feel the same about you. I wish you well. There are bargains in mid and back country – more supply than demand.
          No intention to offend – just teasing – enjoy whatever part of this town suits your taste. And if you need a good realtor, call me:))

        • Anonymous

          Not odd. We were in the same frame of mind 2 years ago and did it. Not 10 acres but 4 and 2 very young kids. We could not be happier. If your shopping list is so rigid and tight that you may need to go out having forgotten something, Round Hill Store is great in a pinch, not to worry there. I am 1h door to door on the train to NYC, easy. Well worth consideration. And another of the same generation just bought on our tiny lane.

      • AJ

        Property taxes and utility bills should be enough to convince anyone to go small.

  12. Libertarian Advocate


    Happy Birthday Chris!

  13. AJ

    Happy Hello World day.

  14. foodstampy

    Best value housing in Greenwich

    • Foodstampy,
      I just hope your family doesn’t experience a death or illness of the breadwinner of the family or some other financial tragedy that would leave you in the position where you would have to live in low income housing. Most of the people that live there do work and have to pay rent. There are some elderly residents there as well. I’m sure you are so much better of a person than all of the people that live there that maybe you should volunteer and maybe meet some if the single moms busting their asses working at low paying jobs or maybe some of their kids that , yes, actually go to school!

  15. Anonymous

    Suppression of free speech is alive and well on higher education campuses.

  16. just_looking

    CF, I know you have an interest in log cabins, and in New Canaan…..

  17. JK

    Is CF coming back to his blog?

  18. Thirsty Horsepower

    What a day @ Miller!
    Test drove a handful of tasty treats:
    2015 RR WRAITH
    2013 MULSANNE Le Mans Ed.
    2015 RR GHOST SERIES 2

    Averaging 650hp and 800nm of torque and 9 mpg !
    Adrenaline baby!!

  19. another starbucks 4 me

    Was in Portland at J’s Oyster quite a bit over the past 2 weeks and missed the return of the Messiah – welcome back Chris!

  20. JK

    I don’t think he’s coming back.:(