Corey Kupersmith’s final chapter

Coppersmith Village, Martha's Vineyard

Kupersmith Village, Martha’s Vineyard

Kupersmith’s former home in Conyers Farm at 2 Cowdray Park/11 Hurlingham Drive, foreclosed on quite some time ago, has a contract. Originally purchased by Kupersmith in 1999 for $8.9 million, its last asking price from People’s Bank was $4.1.

Kupersmith was the subject of many wild tales during his tenure here, most of which I won’t write about for fear that the penniless grifter might look to me for damages, but he was involved in a take-over of a Wyoming gun manufacturer, leaving several very angry investors and “partners” in his wake, and, of course, his most prominent failure, the Martha’s Vineyard golf course development that went bust.



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14 responses to “Corey Kupersmith’s final chapter

  1. Anonymous

    A fall from grace…this guy had everything and squandered it all…family, friends, and money…there is a lesson here

  2. Anonymous

    Did it come with the cell tower?

  3. i’m no expert, but, it sure looks like a lotta photoshoppin’ goin’ on. maybe they call that virtual staging?

  4. View From Back Patio @ Stanwich CC

    I wonder if the gentlemen building his monstrosity across the street picked up this one to protect his…..views?
    He’s currently living and renovating one on Hurlingham.
    So maybe this makes 3?

  5. Accolay

    Why the 2 addresses?

  6. Anonymous

    I wrote about the inventory levels in Greenwich proper a few days ago. It is not good, and if some of the homeowners should decide to pull their listings off the market to wait for the surge the market will fly. What your seeing now are the homes that are still priced at 2009-11 levels sell as they appear cheap to the current conditions. I went through the inventory I see about 26 homes from the old days. Not much for the size of this town.

  7. Blimey! That is peanuts for Conyers, it might be something dodgy why it cannot be flogged.

  8. Happy Hour

    If a bank robber uses Uber for his/her getaway car, is the driver an accomplice?
    Netflix stock is down 20% from its summer high, buy?
    With inventory of homes and the fixed sized lots they’re on, with demand stronger than supply, do prices continue to rise despite a falling stock market?
    Will investors continue to purchase/rent homes for income rather than rely on “fraudulent blood sucking underperforming money managers” to produce alpha?
    Is Heidi Klum still a 10? YES
    Will Trump be our next President? HELL YEAH!