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“Were he Iranian, of course, I would believe him implicitly; as it is, I’m remaining a tiny bit skeptical, until I have a chance to discuss this with the President” John Kerry

It seems a little odd but ....

It seems a little odd but ….

Train gumman Ayoub el-Khazzani says he found Kalishnikov in a suitcase in the park


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God bless her, but I don’t think I’d do this

117 Dingletown Road

117 Dingletown Road

Owner of 117 Dingletown Road has asked Greenwich Historical Society to determine whether her house is “historic”

The property has been referred to as the Gershom Lockwood III House after the original owner and builder. Documents submitted to the selectmen noted it is “a particularly excellent example of colonial architecture and is one of the few remaining mid-18th-century structures in Greenwich.”

“I’ve been through the house and it’s a terrific 18th-century house in a great location,” Bishop said. “She and her husband have lived there for years and raised their children there. She would hate to see this piece of history lost in the town of Greenwich and she has volunteered that she would like to be designated a historic property.”

“This is a good testament to someone who is being responsive to the call for preservation of historic properties,” said First Selectman Peter Tesei. “This is a real positive for the town.”

“Of course we’re thrilled when anyone wants to do this,” Bishop said. “It’s not that often, and we’re really happy that she would like to go down that road.”

The study committee will be made up of the five regular members and three alternates of the Historic District Commission. Its report will have an analysis of the historical and architectural significance of the property and, once completed, would be sent to the state for final review.

Why wouldn’t someone want to have their house declared a historic property? Resale:

If the designation is granted, future work on the property would be severely limited. It could still be used as a home but a certificate of appropriateness would have to be granted by the Historic District Commission before any major changes could be made.

Most home buyers can’t stand being restricted in the use of their property, and houses that have such restrictions suffer and, in my experience, they sit on the market for far longer, an sell for far less, that comparable houses which are not so burdened. Mrs. Larkin is making a selfless contribution to the town by her action, and we should all thank her from the bottom of our hearts, but the restrictions imposed by such a designation probably explain why our town has so few original homes, to our loss.


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