More potential Starbucks employees

They make enough noise so that you might think they are, but actually they're less than 3% of the population

They make enough noise so that you might think they are, but actually they’re less than 3% of the population

University of Tennessee tells students, professors to stop using offensive terms like “she” and “he”.

The University of Tennessee has told its staff and students to stop calling each other ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘him’ and ‘her’ – and to start referring to one another with terms like ‘xe’, ‘zir’ and ‘xyr’ instead.

The Knoxville branch of the public university, which has 27,400 students, sent a memo round to its members filled with unusual new parts of speech to avoid referring to anybody’s gender.

According to a gay rights official at the university, the new language regime will make the university ‘welcoming and inclusive’ and stop people feeling ‘marginalized’.


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19 responses to “More potential Starbucks employees

  1. Cos Cobber

    Is this supposed to help whom; geldings and the spayed?

    Insanity on the modern college campus has no limits.

  2. Anonymous

    But I am a male and I identify as a male. I will feel excluded if I am identified by anything other than a pronoun that is gender neutral.

  3. Anonymous

    EOS’ blog went private.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Whoa, I thought it was just me being locked out. I hope she doesn’t have a psycho cyber stalker. Walt, did you piss off someone over there?

      • Walt

        My answer is I don’t have the first damn clue. Maybe she is an early riser and liked to set her blog on registration required. Or maybe she doesn’t have any friends who she trusts to post without registration.

        I’m an educated man, but I’m afraid I can’t speak intelligently about the blogging habits of EOSr. What I do know is that she was set to go out of town, so maybe she didn’t want to monitor the blog for wayward comments while she is away.

        Now, are these the questions I was really called here to answer? Blog locks and offensive postings? Please tell me that you have something more, LA. Please tell me you haven’t pinned your hopes to my inane rants being the reason EOSr went to registration only. AM I CLEAR?

        JACK DUDE!!

      • EOSredux

        Someone reported/flagged my blog as offensive to WordPress. I have two choices while I fight the charges. Delete the blog or go private. Over my dead body will I delete the blog. Going private means I have to extend an invitation to you. You can’t register. Rather than doing that, I’ll stay private and not blog until the issue is resolved.
        Stay tuned. Thanks for all the email, tweets, and comments of concern.

        • Good God. Someone did that to me with Google and I had to switch to WordPress because there is no human available to speak with at Google. At WordPress there was, and I hope still is. I don’t know what I can do to help, but I’m going to see.

        • EOSredux

          Thanks for the offer to help. I actually had in my files the name of one of WP’s Happiness Engineers, as their help/tech gurus call themselves. Because I previously had an error message on my Admin pages that said my domain name expired 42 years ago (!!), I was able to get in touch with someone at WP directly. For now they think someone flagged the blog by mistake, going to “like” a post, instead flagging it. WP has found no posts that would cause me to lose my blog (they just haven’t read all of Walt’s comments I guess – phew!) I won’t have a definitive answer about going back to live until Monday when everyone at WP is back behind their desks.

          Just as well, I didn’t have anything to blog about anyway this weekend.

    • Swanton

      Thanks for the clarification, EOS. You had a lot of readers wondering what was up.

  4. burningmadolf

    Seriously? You didn’t lead with a picture of the cow who wrote this crap?

  5. Anonymous

    They should be so lucky to get a job at Starbucks.

  6. AJ

    Does this go for written papers, too? And what happens when these students enter the wider world? Will the result be similar to that of Common Core students who have no problem with 2+2 equaling five, yet are left wondering why their checks bounce?

    It could become a very interesting world if each university develops its own language. Tower of Babel redux?

  7. Anonymous

    How about we stop being welcoming and inclusive and start kicking their sorry little pansy asses, just for sport?

  8. Fox

    Who would be so stupid as to hire anyone with a “degree” from that joint?

  9. Tokenekebozo

    Went to Knoxville for a football game years ago. Everyone enormously shitfaced, and with the hillbilly accents everything comes out sounding like xe, zir and xyr anyway, so no prob.

  10. FYI to my reader: I got a presidential pardon and am back on the blogwaves.