Can we no longer call a spade a spade?

A sheriff was gunned down in Houston and, according to local media, the police are looking for a “dark-complexioned man”.

We report, you decide: does this look like a man with a deep tan?

And isn't it exclusionary to even refer to Xre as a

And isn’t it exclusionary to even refer to Xre as a “man”?


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65 responses to “Can we no longer call a spade a spade?

  1. anon

    his black momma led the police to find and arrest him late last night/early this morning. good woman.

  2. obamaschild

    Looks like a pancake ass cracker to me, you racialist!

  3. weakleyhollow

    Yes, man is sexist, but hupersyn is gender neutral.

  4. Flash

    When the land is cultivated entirely by the spade, and no horses are kept, a cow is kept for every three acres of land.

    John Stuart Mill, Principles of Political Economy, Book II, Chapter VI, Section V. (Quoting from a treatise on Flemish husbandry)

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY DAY? Piss me off? We get, in successive posts, Hillary, recyclable grocery bags, and media bias. ALL THREE OF THEM SICKEN ME!! And what do these posts tell me? WE ARE ALL DOOMED!! Shall I tell you why? OK THAN!!

    Hidabeast. HOW CAN ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN? She is a criminal, a liar, a self-entitled “Progressive” who is so out of touch with reality, it’s frightening. It proves Liberalism really is a form of mental retardation, because no one – NO ONE – of sane mind could remotely defend this “woman” no less elect her POTUS. They can’t bring themselves to call terrorists terrorists, but have no problem tagging their political opponents with this? Political Correctness is dangerous in so many ways, and it is the same as censorship.

    Recyclable bags – This is a made up issue. They should do away with the plastic bags, and go back to paper. WHY YOU ASK? Well first off, the plastic bags SUCK!! All the groceries roll out of them in the trunk, and anything with the slightest sharp edge cut’s right through the little bastards and your stuff falls ALL OVER THE PLACE as you are walking up the stairs. I HATE THEM!!

    Where does paper come from? That’s right – TREES!! AND TREES ARE A RENEWABLE RECOURCE!! We will never run out of trees. AND DON’T GIVE ME THAT RAIN FOREST CRAP!! That’s different. They are cutting those down for development, not to make paper sacks. And brown bags are pretty much made out of 100% recycled paper. SO GET A NEW CAUSE YOU MORON!! Not you Dude, the Greens.

    Now, my favorite topic. MEDIA BIAS!! Save the best for last, didn’t you, you evil little rat bastard. This one is all encompassing. It also covers gun control, race relations, influencing elections, and WHATEVER ELSE ON THE LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE AGENDA THAT THE MSM WANTS TO SHOVE DOWN OUR THROATS! The coverage is meant to divide the races. “Black Lives Matter” is built on a TOTALLY FALSE SET OF FACTS!! Hands up don’t shoot NEVER HAPPENED!!

    Is this reported? No. The amount of black on black crime is STAGGERING!! Look at what is going on in Baltimore. Over 200 blacks shot by other blacks already this year in BALTIMORE ALONE!! Where is the coverage on that? It DWARFS the amount of black civilians shot by white police.

    But this allows the “progressives” to call for stricter gun laws. GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!! Stricter gun laws don’t work. They take guns from the law abiding, and do NOTHING to stop criminals from getting guns. The Chief of Police in Detroit told the citizens to arm themselves, because the Police can no longer protect them. The same is true in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other liberal run cities. PROGRESSIVE POLICIES ARE DOOMED TO FAIL!! The proof is all around us.

    They want to take away guns so that ultimately, the population will be much easier to control. If it was all about saving lives, cars wouldn’t go more than 25 MPH, and smoking and alcohol would be banned. Does anybody REALLY believe Hillary cares about their lives? Tell that to the families of the folks she left for dead in Benghazi. Ultimately, it’s all about more Government control.

    You want to deal with gun violence? Crack down on gangs. Figure out what to do about drugs in the inner city. Admit we need to fix social issues in the black community, provide jobs, and end the welfare state which dooms the impoverished to generations of misery.

    We need an impartial, fair press. I don’t know how to fix that, so thank God for the internet. That may actually force it, as people are abandoning the MSM, who are propagandists and have no credibility. Which is also why the Government wants to regulate the internet.

    We need term limits. We need a flat tax, and a HUGE downsizing of the IRS, so it can’t be weaponized and used against the citizens. If you don’t pay taxes, you can’t vote. We need to abolish cash. That will help with the drug problem. We need to legalize prostitution. I figured I would just slip that one in there. We need to STOP SAYING we are all the same, because we aren’t. That’s a fact. And if the suspect is black, white or Asian, it’s ok to say that. We need to speak FACTUALLY, but respectfully, and stop banning words that offend very few. Donald’s success so far, I believe, is his lack of political correctness. Sometimes the truth hurts, but not dealing with the truth, and instead sugar coating it so as not to offend someone, is the path of least resistance. And the path of least resistance INEVITABLY leads downhill. THAT IS A FACT!!

    I have a lot more, but this rant is already to long.
    You have exhausted me Dude. Lunch? My treat.

    Your Pal,

  6. greenwich dude

    walt –
    you got my vote
    when do we see you enter the selectman race?

  7. American Muscle

    649 River Road…AO? Or no deal?
    Open house announced for tomorrow @1pm

    • American Muscle

      Ah, 647 Pending…
      Maybe one of the contingencies is to let strangers roam through your house to bid on one of the next two?

  8. RiversideMan

    I think I saw a guy like this walking around Byram / Glenville area

  9. Anonymous

    if Obammy had a son, would he look like Shannon Miles, the suspect in the picture, or would he look like Vester Lee Flanagan, the angry gay black victimologist in Vifginia?

    Where’s our national conversation on race? Barry? Professor Gates? Reverend Al? Ms. Jackson Lee? Ms. Maxine Waters? Elijah Cummings? anyone? Anyone ??

  10. Anonymous Citizenette

    Nope, we just can’t stop pussyfooting around (thought of Walt when I used that word). How bad will things get before we can say what needs to be said, much less begin to do a damn thing about it.

  11. Anonymous

    The main stream media has lost ALL credibility. Their reverse racism has become laughable.

  12. AJ

    MTV Says It’s Impossible For Black People to be Racist: Only white people can be racist

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t we done enough for General Motors by bailing them out. Now, product placement in our national forests?

  13. Call It Like I See It

    Once again Connecticut proves that it is a businesses friendly State

  14. GreenITCH

    As a question .. why is it that as non Westchester County residents one can not use their Golf Courses , Pools etc. but Greenwich which from my understanding does not accept any federal or state money to upkeep Todd’s point relinquished its residents only policy ?

    • Flash

      From Greenwich site, there is a fee and the inconvenience of getting an intruder pass:

      Park, Beach & Tennis Passes
      Phone: (203) 622-7817 Fax: (203) 629-6988 or Email:

      Passes are required from May 1 through October 31.

      Leashed dogs are only allowed from December 1 through March 31.

      During the period from May 1 through October 31, prior to 7:00 am and after 5:00 pm, only vehicle permits for residents and vehicle fees for visitors will be required, no per person fees will be charged. A park pass or guest card/ticket and a vehicle permit/parking pass is required between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm.

      During the period from November 1 through April 30, no fees will be charged to enter Greenwich Point and Byram Park.

      The Town of Greenwich non-discrimination policy will be included as part of the park pass applications.

    • Matt

      From what I remember at Griffith Harris Golf Course in Greenwich, non residents can only play if they are accompanied by a resident. Non-residents can not book a tee time (unless this has changed in the past 4-5 years). I hope they increase the guest fee for the beach for next year. It’s WAY too low for what we as a town are providing.

      • American Muscle

        The griff is awful. Too many white stakes, substandard greens, slow play, mediocre range, ghetto chipping and bunker “area”, and too many Asians.

    • I was one of those people at Tod’s yesterday driving a car with NY plates. We go with my mother, who is a Greenwich resident.

      It was very very crowded – much more so than those pictures make it look. My mother mentioned that when she was picking up our day passes there were four women in front of her, very likely from out of town, buying 15 day passes each. One got 25 after claiming the she called the GPD for special permission. Nothing was checked on that. Maybe you should limit the number of day passes non residents can purchase, since these women were obviously redistributing them somehow.

      • Matt

        maybe they were going to list them on Stubhub

      • housecat

        They really need to crack down on that crap.

        • I agree. By the way, they bought zero parking passes, so who knows how those 70 people were supposed to get there. People are just taking full advantage of the rules. If you want to fix the out of towner problem, cut the number of day passes non residents can buy to 5 or 6, make them show a photo ID, enter the purchase into a tracking system and limit them to twice a month. And anyone who claims that they got a waiver from the GPD for a larger group needs to bring in a letter.

          I don’t think any of those changes would cause the slightest legal problem. It’s all just reasonable regulatino.

  15. AJ

    From my blog — the majestic Mount Obama.

    • AJ

      Mt. Obama — just like the guy it was named after: a stinkin’ heap o’ sh*t. Maybe the next president can have this pharaoh’s cartouche removed from all the pyramids: removed from history as if he had never existed — Forward!

      • Mickster

        Why would you disrespect us by posting that pic here?

        • AJ

          Whaddaya mean? That’s Mount Obama; if he can name ’em, so can I. Send me your address and I’ll send you a popsicle stick so that you can carve a likeness of his shit-eating face into the summit. Obama disrespects you and your country every day; send your complaints to him.

        • Mickster

          If you feel that strongly put it on YOUR landing page. Have a little respect for CF and his readers

        • AJ

          Mickster, you are a delicate one. Do you close your eyes when reading Walt’s posts?

        • Walt

          One on the main attractions of the Dude’s blog, to me at least, is the diverse topics, and varied opinions of the Reader. Which are usually well written and well thought out. Sometimes very funny.

          You AJ, unfortunately don’t fall into either category. To compare what you do to what I do is, quite honestly, offensive. Both to myself and to the English language. And rational human beings.

          But I have a thick skin and it really doesn’t bother me. But I do pity you if you can’t see the difference between what I do and what you do. If you can’t, I am guessing that is not a picture of a pile of dog shit that you posted, but rather an x-ray of your brain.

        • Mickster

          What Walt said…he DOES have a way with words..

        • AJ

          Yes, you’re quite right Walt: “To compare what you do to what I do is, quite honestly, offensive. Both to myself and to the English language. And rational human beings”.

          I don’t write stuff like this recent post of yours from EOS’s blog: “Anyhows, the kids have sprouted pubes, and now abandon me every night. Doing who knows what. Are they finger banging someone? MY HEART BE STILL!

          So I emote my moroseness. Can we talk tampons now?

          You are right: I don’t write stuff about 12 year olds masturbating, tampons, or your latest trip to your dominatrix; your spankings, latex suit, and favorite rubber love shlongs. And that’s just one of your least vulgar posts. Nor do I end up groveling and begging for forgiveness and constantly having to apologize for what I’ve written like you do. But when they hold an election for captain of the PC thought police, rest assured that you’ve got my vote.

        • Anon2

          What you quoted Walt wrote at EOSr is probably what got her flagged as offensive. She doesn’t have the broad FWIW readership and Walt might have, without thinking, caused EOS to permanently lose her blog.

          AJ, your photo is just stupid and to complain about Walt is to prove two wongs don’t make a wite.

        • AJ

          Anon2, I’m not complaining about Walt: I couldn’t care less what Walt posts and find it mostly juvenile, but not offensive, at least not to me. I just find it interesting that the Mickster is so easily offended by a photo of dog poop yet lionizes Walt’s childishly vulgar rants, even giving him a thumbs up.

          Since when did something as common and ubiquitous as a dog poop in the street become offensive. You can’t walk very far without seeing some. Do you cover your child’s eyes as you walk by? I don’t think so. Would you let your child read about prepubescent children “fingerbanging” each other to use Walt’s words? I think not.

          I just find it odd, that anyone on this blog could find a photo of a dog poop sitting in the street offensive. Since when did this site become politically correct. Please don’t tell me you’re a SJW.

        • Anon2

          AJ: I didn’t say the photo was offensive. I said it was stupid.

        • AJ

          So, if it’s only stupid, why all the ruckus? If stupid is a problem, then maybe it’s time to go back to moderating and we can cut this blog in half. Personally, I enjoy stupid: I find it amusing.

          I don’t know what’s wrong with some of you people: First y’all were complaining that my posts were to long, then it was I couldn’t write anything, and all I knew how to do was copy and paste (the modus operandi of most successful blogs), then it was that I posted too many videos — thank god for Chris R who took the heat off by posting even more videos than I did.

          Or is it that you think that the Office of the President demands respect, no matter how big a criminal, no matter how big a psychopathic liar holds the office?

        • Mickster

          AJ, let’s blow this more out of proportion. I just think you should have thought twice about posting a picture of dog crap on someone else’s blog.
          You didn’t offend me. I have found Walt far far more offensive. I just thought it was disrespectful to CF and his readers. Chris might think so but…

        • glad i’m good for something. i was almost going to post that video that got me banned from EOSr’s blog ⊙﹏⊙

        • AJ

          Dear God Chris, not this video I hope.

        • chris @5:19: As Nixon said, let me be perfectly clear, YOU were not banned from the blog but the video did get axed. As Bobby Brown puts it….

        • Walt

          What I post and how I post it has ZERO impact on what you post and how you post it. Would you agree with that AJ? Can you grasp that concept? They are 100% mutually exclusive. Correct? Correct!

          People took exception to what you posted. I didn’t. I took exception of you USING ME to justify what you did. Your post should stand – and be defended – based on its own merits. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING I EVER POSTED!!

          If you can’t defend what you posted on it’s own merits, perhaps it was a bad post, and you shouldn’t defend it. But don’t use me and quoting me to defend what YOU DO is 100% inappropriate. Using me as a shield is wrong. I find it offensive. It’s a cowardly approach. Do you understand how I see it, and why I think it’s wrong for you to do?

          It’s your post so either own it or don’t. I have nothing to do with it, so I shouldn’t be used as a tool to defend it. You tool. Act like a man and don’t use me to draw attention away from your posts.

          And posting a picture is, in fact, very different than a written post. I don’t post anonymously. When you see my name, if you don’t like my style, you can, in fact, choose not to read it. I do that with 90% of your posts. You obviously read all of mine, even though apparently find them offensive. Why?

          But you can’t avoid the picture. Can you grasp this concept? Because there is a difference.

          And Anon 2, EOSr already acknowledged her blog was down because of an error by Word Press. It was not due to anyone’s blog postings.

        • AJ

          Do you hear me taking anything back, Walt? Do you hear me apologizing? Everything in life is comparative: that’s how we distinguish one thing from another; that’s why everything has a name.

          I only used your post as a comparison because if Mickster finds a picture of dog poo objectionable, there are many examples of posts that many would find objectionable on this blog, yours being the most easily recognizable as attackable on PC, or being disrespectful, as Mickster put it, grounds; and all I asked Mickster is if he closed his eyes when reading your posts to point out how ridiculous he was being, considering much of the comments content on this highly, politically incorrect blog You, apparently, took it personally, took it to the next level, and I appreciate that because I’m a ratchet it up kind of guy.

          BTW, you may notice that I almost never respond to your posts. That’s because I have no interest in attacking you: you’re not the problem. The stinking sacks of sh*t running the country are — Trump for President, 2016!

    • Call It Like I See It

      AJ – A little over the top, eh?

  16. Anon2

    To change the subject, Gawker’s lede is pretty funny, unless you are the parents of this Stamford young woman. At least she’s not from Greenwich.

  17. Mickster

    I thought it was spelt “hoor” :))

  18. AJ, what you posted is just….graffiti.

    Walt, Mickster, EOS and especially the Dude post things which are interesting, or funny, or irreverent, or which demonstrate some human foolishness. Their posts show new ideas, humor, or imagination.

    You’ve now shown that you can’t distinguish between their posts, and dog mess. Which is your problem and no one else’s.

    Yours is the self-indulgent gesture of a child who is convinced that offensiveness shows courage and independence of mind. It doesn’t.

  19. Mickster

    Always enjoy reading someone who can write well.