A jewel of a house? A (costume) jewelry designer’s house, at any rate

109 Pecksland Road

109 Pecksland Road

109 Pecksland Road has sold, for $3.2 million. That’s a curious price, because the place expired, unsold, last October while asking $2.995 million. Why would someone pay more than what they know the seller was willing to accept a few months ago? I don’t know – if you run into the new owners at a cocktail party, ask them.

I think I did a decent enough summary of this place back in August, 2013, so I’ll just paste here what I wrote then.

…. 109 Pecksland, a 1755 house that was rendered unrecognizable as such long ago but still clings to three of the original acres, has chopped another $400,000 off its price and is now asking $3.295 million. David Ogilvy brought this on back in 2011 for $4.7 and after that failed, another agent picked it up, cut its price to $3.695 and added the information on its listing sheet that the property was owned by a “life balance guru”. That’s a term I certainly don’t recognize nor, judging from the lack of results, does anyone else. My guess is that this price cut will be more helpful in finding a buyer than pyramid power.


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12 responses to “A jewel of a house? A (costume) jewelry designer’s house, at any rate

  1. AJ

    Sorry, man: I been misbehavin’. Check out my new piece on the latest of evils caused by the evil weed on my blog. Be sure to shield your eyes as you scroll past the pic of the newly named Mount Obama. Looking directly at it will turn you into, no, not stone, but something even worse: a group-think Libtard.

  2. Toonces

    I really, really like this house. Which is weird because I usually prefer modern these days. This looks so cozy – low ceilings in some rooms right? I like them – it fits this house. Hey maybe two people started bidding on it and the price went up. It happens and the market is maybe better now than it was last October? Or,at least, people are worried interest rates might rise so they might want to buy now?

  3. James

    One of the nicest streets in Greenwich (according to me)

  4. AJ

    Maybe, the buyers used the sellers agent who told them it was a new listing, which I guess is technically true. Why would a seller or his agent bring up previous history, when he could just let sleeping dogs lie. I mean, do you really have to let on that last 100 prospects that walked through your house (hypothetically speaking) thought the place really sucked?

    • No, it was a deal between two agents, Shelly Tretter, buyer, Jane Basham, seller. But it never returned to the MLS after expiring last October, so I doubt there were multiple bids, which leaves the $200,000 premium a mystery

      • Furnishings? Maybe the buyers wanted to move right in.

        Quick Q: is 93 Doubling visible from the road? I have to be in Greenwich tomorrow and thought I’d do a drool driveby, in a non-stalking way. So, GPD, if you see a blue Audi Q5 with a vanity NY plate, slowly going back around #93 a couple of times, it’s just little old harmless me. OK?

      • AJ

        Maybe George Washington slept there. We can send Jack Benny to see if he can find an old boot in the well. He’s still 39, right?

  5. Anonymous

    Shelly Tretter, Seller, Martha Jeffrey, Buyer

  6. Flash

    I think that Buddha in the bedroom was the bad:

    Do not put your statue where someone’s feet will be pointing toward it. While pointing with your finger at a monk or Buddha image is bad enough, pointing with your feet would be even more offensive.
    Keep the area free of objects that might tower above the image. Do not place your statue near refrigerators or other items that are much larger or much taller.
    Refrain from placing your statue or any other Buddhist related symbol in the bathroom, or any room where acts of passion might take place (I think you know what I mean).
    Position the statue so that it will not hang under laundry lines, as you want to make sure that things such as undergarments and socks will not hover above the statue.

    • Anonymous

      No statues allowed where acts of passion take place? The bedroom should be fine as long as it’s in FF county.