Back (again) from Greenwich

151 Stanwich Road

151 Stanwich Road

Another lightning trip down to Greenwich today to attend to some real estate business (this time, leaving Portland @4:30 AM and heading back @1, no traffic, 5 hour drives each time. While I was away, lots of sales from Friday were reported. These were contracts from earlier months, mind you, but everyone wants to close before school starts.

151 Stanwich Road sold for $2,386,815 (I think that kind of penny-ante negotiating is boring, but some parties seem to enjoy it). This place started off as a package of two lots, the main one, which is what just sold, and a guest cottage, each on its own acre, and asking, back in April, 2012, $4.495 million for the whole.The seller seems to have finally thrown in the towel and offered just the main house on its acre, for $2.6 million this past June, and a contract was signed a month later.

The listing, by the way, shows a full 4,792 square feet, but that’s an error, left over from the original listing encompassed both parcels and houses: the main house has just 3,333 sq.ft., according to its tax card, and the cottage adds an extra 1,224. That adds up to 4,557, and so I have no idea where still another 235 feet can be found on the property: perhaps in Tamar Lurie’s purse.

The seller paid $900,000 for that cottage back in 1999, so the profit on the whole package, if there is to be one at all, is going to have to be found in this sale of the main house.


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7 responses to “Back (again) from Greenwich

  1. Anonymous

    Watch the owner of the parcel of land will rent out the cottage to a bunch of college kids…thats going to PO the new owners of this house when they are up late listening to wild pool parties and sexcapeds. God bless America!

  2. Anonymous

    Price seems high for size/Stanwich/renters in the backyard.

  3. Anonymous

    Saw house — definitely not 4700 square feet.