Does this mean J House will be offering day rates?

Shall we stroll upstairs and try out the Presidential Suite?

Shall we stroll upstairs and enjoy the Presidential Suite?

Riverside’s J House is repositioning itself as more than just a transient meat bar

Ginny Kozlowski, executive director of the Connecticut Lodging Association based in New Haven, said J House, along with other boutique hotels that occupy smaller spaces, are trying to fill needs in their market and engage the community.

“Hotel trends, at this point, are starting to move toward being a part of a community, not just a place where people come in and stay and then leave,” she said. “They want to be a place where the community comes together for social events and also where businesses come for meetings, conferences and retreats.”

Whatever they accomplish with their new position, it’s bound to be better than the used condom collection presently adorning neighbors’ yards and the ATM booth across the street.



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62 responses to “Does this mean J House will be offering day rates?

  1. James

    Funny how that place went from a hooker spot to a hooker spot.

  2. hmmm

    Connecticut lodging association is trying to drum up business for businesses that have generally catered to businesses but since there is no more business in Connecticut….well you get the picture don’t you?

    It has now become a game of musical chairs/duck duck goose in CT.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Yeah maybe they can get Danny the Dumbass (SCoaMF2) to provide some targeted tax relief to the industry.

  3. Anonymous

    Is it really that bad, i.e. an upscale skank house?

    Have never been. Know some who’ve been for dinner, and they said it was forgettable at best.

  4. Mickster

    They seem to starting the community move already. Laura, the manager, connected with me on Linkedin yesterday. She does owe me a free meal from St Val’s Day fiasco but I appreciate her reaching out.
    Realistically, if Riverside and OG (ok, maybe a few CC’ers also) support her it WILL become more of a community hub and drive the fakers and shakers (and Walts hookers) out for good. If we don’t support it then we can’t complain.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was a much quieter scene there the last two years? J House hookers for real or surburban legend?

      • Mickster

        In truth, the attire of some of the Westchester ladies had the local prudes shocked and of course the clientele who couldn’t wait to get home and were seen humping in parking lots didn’t help. The liddle old lady at the back of Mavis, I believe, was horrified.
        Janine Pierro (sic), the Westchester DA (apparently being given the nod for the Appeals Court) ex-husband, whaaisname caused a scene one night and the cops were called. He drunkenly told his realtor date to “STFU and lets go” when she sobbed at him speaking to another woman.

      • How odd that I never see these scantily clad women of questionable repute in my daily travels around Westchester. By law and custom we all wear bib overalls and straw hats, at least to church.

        I drove past J House for the first time last Sunday. There was an accident on 95 so I had to take the post road into PC to get on 287. Next time I’ll have to stop in and see these Westchester women for myself.

      • Truthfully

        I witnessed it first hand.
        Guy walks from bar, with two skanky girls 1/2 his age, to the j house employee at the podium near the fire.
        “I need a room”
        And the 3 of them proceed upstairs.

    • Anonamommy

      You mean you actually clicked yes to someone’s request to join LinkedIn? I must get five requests a week, I assumed all spam.

  5. housecat

    Do we think the lack of siesta rates is the reason people are skipping the full hotel experience for quickies behind the dumpster and the parking lot?

    • Walt

      Not at all!! The parking lot is where is is at, Kitty Cat!!

      I have been listening to WCGH radio recently, during the 10 AM – 11:00 AM time slot, purely for research purposes, BTW (You better be doing the same Dude) and the host, Ms. Debbie Nigro – yes, that is her real name – she of the self-proclaimed “Chief Executive Babe” – has empowered the “Boomer Babe” – who are smashing the middle age stereotype, laughing in the face of the calendar, and bucking what society has imposed on them as age appropriate. How is that for a run on sentence? Pretty good, right?

      Anyhows, THESE are the types of babes who frequent the J House. They are divorced, late middle age hosewives (NOT A TYPO) who want to revisit their youth. They are NOT hookers. NTTAWWT. They don’t want to get banged in a day rate room. They all did that with the tennis pro while they were still married. They want to go back to high school and LAUGH IN THE FACE OF THE CALENDAR!!

      So picking up women at the J House is like fishing. You just need the right bait. A car with a big back seat. You know they want to play back seat bingo. Lure them in to said aforementioned car with the promise of a new Poodle Sweater, and saddle shoes, which you just happened to have brought along. Then break out your pom pom’s, and it’s off to the submarine races!! Day rate rooms are for squares. The parking lot/dumpster is where it’s at. If the fuzz shows up, burn some rubber and get the hell out of there.

      • Anonymous

        the fuzz, love that expression

      • housecat

        LOL – did you just see American Grafitti? I remember some of the lingo from Happy Days, though nearly all of it went over my head at the time.

        You know, I just saw a woman who was trying to rock the Caitlyn Jenner look today – I hate to say it, but Brucie is the prettier of the two. Aging sucks.

        • Walt

          I am pretty much a novice when it comes to this whole transgender stuff. I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever met one. So while I may not know a lot about it, I am fairly CERTAIN Bruce and Caitlyn are both the same age.

          Although. ALTHOUGH!! In thinking about it, if Bruce had his frank and beans lobbed of as part of his/her/whatever transition process, I have to believe that may age you a few years. I feel older just thinking about it.

          And what is this new “pansexual’ stuff that I am now reading about, as I perused naked photo’s of that little waif, Miley Cyrus? TWERK!! What is the deal with that? The pansexual stuff. I get the twerking.

          It was hard enough to keep score when we only had the males, females, lezbo’s and homo’s. WHO IS MAKING THIS STUFF MORE COMPLICATED AND WHY? PICK A TEAM AND STICK WITH IT!! AND STOP MAKING UP NEW TEAMS!! Back to basics people!!

          Dude – are you doing a clambake this year instead of your traditional Labor Day BBQ? Just wondering, because I didn’t get my invite yet. Can I get my lobster served tails and claws only? Out of the shell? I can’t stand looking at their black beady little eyes and disgusting antenna’s. Corn on the cob on the side? I have my own dribble bib, so no need to provide one. Please invite some of your transgender friends. I have numerous questions I need to ask them.

  6. To be fair, I’ve never seen used rubbers around J House

  7. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    True story: I was walking with my 12-year old daughter in front of Mill Pond shopping center on the Post Rd a few weeks ago heading over to Dunkin Donuts. A car pulls up next to us with two women that were so tan that it looked grotesque, tight white dresses showing lots of cleavage and bright pink lipstick, stopped and asked where the JHouse was. I told them to head up the road about a mile or so on the right and they couldn’t miss it.My daughter looks at me after the drove off and said “Mom, what is going on in that place??” Kids don’t lie.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    J House patrons think perhaps they are going to pick up a wealthy hedge fund manager or a rich divorcee looking for her next tennis pro or young thing. Everybody is on the make in that place. Not pretty.

  9. AJ

    Have you seen that picture of Trump, showing off the pledge he just signed? It looks like kindergarten stuff. It certainly doesn’t look like any legally binding contract I’ve ever seen; more like something promising not to be a bad boy.

    • Mickster

      Honestly, AJ, you just can’t stay on topic. Looking at the last 10 threads here you’ve made multiple attempts to hijack each topic. You’re not the only culprit but probably the worst. It gets really tiresome. Of course by replying to your post I’m also guilty of doing the same. Maybe you need to get laid or something. I just can’t figure out your behavior lately.

      • AJ

        I didn’t know we had stay on topic rules? Some of the best threads come from posts that go off on tangents. You seem to be some sort of control freak for rules that don’t exist, projecting your imaginary rules onto others. I bet you were a good boy who always kept his crayon coloring within the lines.

        • Anonymous

          Sebastian is Mickster’s alter ego, when he wants to go all crazy with grammar and topics

        • AJ

          I see, as Miss Marple would say. In that case, it seems that the Mickster is always getting upset with himself.

        • Anonymous

          I have never really understood why people get bent out of shape about supposed netiquette and thread high jack. This is not a congressional hearing. Imagine if we were all at J House having a few laughs and one of your friends admonished you for changing the subject from golf to Westchester semi-pros.

        • housecat

          It *was* funny when Mickster started talking to himself as “Sebastian”, though. I’ll have to remember to go easier on “Seb” next time, now that I know his true identity. Just try to lay off the Guy Ritchie movies for a bit, okay Mick?

  10. GreenITCH

    Some truth to what Walt is saying … and perhaps some of the buzz about J House is true .. but there is a whole group ( gaggle , herd ) of middle aged divorces that seem to hit one bar …many years ago it was the Boxing Cat … noticed a few at the outdoor bar L’Escale , these days u can go over as well to Bar Taco in Port Chester

  11. AJ

    But staying on topic, Mickster, this thread, if you read between the lines, is about illegals, that is, Westchesterites coming to Riverside and trying to take over your wimmin and have anchor babies with them. With that in mind, I ask you, are anchor babies really citizens?

    ‘Does the 14th Amendment Grant Citizenship to Children of Foreigners?’

  12. Flash

    Enough about the women
    WHO ARE the men?

  13. GreenITCH

    speaking of bars and the need for a new Cougar hang out .. what is the buzz on the Old Mc Kenzie’s spot ?