Land goes begging in our northwest corner

Looking north from 646 Riversville

Looking north from 646 Riversville

646 Riversville Road, 5 acres with the claim to being “the highest point in Greenwich” was purchased for $2 million in 2001, mortgaged to $2.5 million in 2006), and has been for sale since at least 2007, when it asked $4.995 million. Today it’s been reduced to $2.795, with, I’d guess, still more to go.


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  1. Anonymous

    The highest point in Greenwich is the Hirshorn Estate on John St at 555 above sea level. Otherwise known as “Round Hill”

    From wiki:
    Joseph Herman Hirshhorn (August 11, 1899 – August 31, 1981) was an entrepreneur, financier and art collector. Born in Mitau, Latvia, the twelfth of thirteen children, Hirshhorn emigrated to the United States with his widowed mother at the age of six.

    Hirshhorn went to work as an office boy on Wall Street at age 14. Three years later, in 1916, he became a stockbroker and earned $168,000 that year.

    A shrewd investor, he sold off his Wall Street investments two months before the collapse of 1929, realizing $4 million in cash. Hirshhorn made his fortune in the mining and oil business. In the 1930s, he focused much of his attention on gold and uranium mining prospects in Canada, establishing an office in Toronto in 1933.

    In the 1950s, he and geologist Franc Joubin were primarily responsible for the “Big Z” uranium discovery in northeastern Ontario and the subsequent founding of the city of Elliot Lake. Hirshhorn Avenue, a residential street in that city, is named after him. By 1960, when he sold the last of his uranium stock, he had made over $100 million in cash from the uranium business.

    • Watt/KG

      I get almost the same elevation at the peak of round hill, next to the former Helmsley estate, heading north, just before Close/Round Hill.

      • Shedlesstoolman

        Round hill near Close road registers 600 ft above sea level on our dashboard altimeter. That is near the Helmsley mansion.

    • AJ

      His [Hirshhorn’s] business dealings in Canada were not without controversy. He was investigated by the Ontario Securities Commission, convicted twice of breaking Canadian foreign exchange laws, deported from Canada for illegal stock manipulation (which he later appealed and won by having himself declared a landed immigrant), and fined for an illegal securities sale and illegally smuggling cash out of Canada. . . .

      Canadian Oil and mining stocks are known for being similar to the wild west and have a long history of being fraught with fraud and scams, the biggest one being Bre-X.

    • Definitive survey rsults are in:
      We have a winner!
      Max elevation above sea level in the 1988 FEMA datum:

      Hirshhorn “Round Hill” 573 ft interior (see photo in my entry above)
      Helmsley along the apparent top of Round Hill Rd 564 ft.

  2. Anonymous

    The highest point in Greenwich is Walt after an evening smoking doobie.

  3. Anonymous

    Not if he is on his estate on Richmond Hill Avenue in Stamford.