New construction sale, Old Greenwich

67 Sound Beach Avenue

67 Sound Beach Avenue

67 Sound Beach Avenue, $3.5 million. Some years ago a purchaser paid $4 million for the new construction next door, and I thought he was nuts (and said so here). Now, five years on, the market’s creeping closer to him.


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37 responses to “New construction sale, Old Greenwich

  1. Bid/Ask📉

    Asking 3.5 today, down from 3.8 in April.
    Mediocre location unless you love the roar of commuters/mommies/nannies/townies
    Basically everyone east of cos cob drives by this house 3-5x/week.
    (@ full speed too!)

  2. AJ

    With sites like isn’t the GAR hurting themselves by keeping their site secret to the public?

    • Anonymous

      GAR thinks they are helping themselves by removing much of the listing information from their site, in an attempt to make clients dependent on their brokers. It is an exercise in futility.

      Today you can get just about all information on stock and bond trading for free, and you can trade institutional blocks of shares for $9.99, but many clients still depend on the service and advice of top brokers (or wealth managers) who thrive to this day.

      Real estate is not so different, Zillow is getting better. Forget the Zestimate, that is a joke, but the information about current and recently sold comps etc. This allows clients to be educated before they hire Mickster who adds his Riverside secret sauce to the process (I have no doubt he does!)

      However the public availability of data online doesn’t hurt Mickster or CF, but it does hurt some of the brokers who never provided any value in the first place.

      If the GAR restrict data from the public it will be to their long term detriment. Mickster and CF will be fine, they will just align themselves with the next provider of data and their clients will still need them.

      • Mickster

        Au contraire, mes amis! GAR doesn’t restrict anything (well very little). The MLS data feeds directly to, zillow and many other sites, including my own for a fee. It does not publish owners name, address is sometimes not disclosed (at request of owner), private agent to agent instructions, showing instructions are also not disclosed but ALL the listing data and pics are disclosed.
        We are now light years ahead of where we were not too long ago when we had bound and looseleaf books that would be delivered to our offices once a week.
        GAR is there to protect it’s members who service the home owners and buyers of Greenwich properties. We enter into legally bound contracts every day with multi-millions on the line. We have to have a fully qualified legal staff to review each one.

        • And why can’t I link here directly to a GMLS listing? And why is the listing information, including photographs, pulled from the internet sites as soon as a sale is completed?

        • Anonymous

          I am not a GAR member so obviously you have more accurate info than me but just for a start pulling all pictures etc. from the site as soon as a house is sold seems suspect, even to you realtors, let alone the public. I stand by my assertion that lack of transparency will be detrimental to the cause over time.

        • Mickster

          Firstly, the MLS is a database NOT a website. It maintains that data for us and feeds it other national marketing sites. We can send links to listings to our clients, including active and sold. The dilemma is that if you ‘give the shop away’ your buyer will have very little reason to pick up the phone and call you. We already have clients who think they know more than us just by reading this blog. Property porn is already a common expression. Just to give you an example, Mickster Jr et al plan to buy in town and he already think he knows more than the old man!! I obviously didn’t slap him around enough when he was a toddler!!

        • Anonymous

          Trouble is Mickster if GAR restricts the data eventually somebody else will provide it, probably to the detriment of some of the brokerage profession. You can’t stop change but you can adapt with it. In the prior analogy financial market data is free but clients still pay fees to financial advisers who add value. Change has come to Wall St, taxi industry, airline tickets. Real estate is following.

  3. Anonymous

    This sold? Nice build for sure but that’s a lot to pay for a super busy road and 95 hum. Kids certainly aren’t going for a bike ride or walk from this house. Meh.

    • desidog

      Yup; they’ll spend more time in the car each day just waiting for a traffic opening than they might spend in their car if they lived in mid country….

  4. fitterhappierlessproductive

    The house next door (156 lockwood) actually is cheaper on a per sq ft basis. $4.1m for 7770 sq ft is $520/sq ft, while $3.5m for 6119 sq ft is $579/sq ft. that is not bad at all for a house of this build quality, and while it is on a busy street, is convenient to everything and there is certainly no 95 noise.

    • Bid/Ask📉

      No 95 noise? What are you smokin!?!
      It’s 1/4 mile from i95!
      I’m well over a mile from it, & yep, still hear it!

    • Hurricane Chaser🏄

      Actually the listing on shows 4887 sq.ft
      Which works out to: $716.00/ft
      Sounds like a pretty premium to me, guess you didn’t bring your tape measure & slide rule huh!?!
      Those trusty agents aren’t so are they?!

      • fitterhappierlessproductive

        Actually, new construction is priced and sells at $600/sq ft +/- $50/sq ft depending on location and size. This sq footage always includes the basement. Check your comps since 2013. At 571/sq ft, there is a location discount baked in. This house on bramble would sell for 4 easy.

  5. Anonymous

    What an awful location!! I don’t get it!! Crazy to pay that price!!

  6. Anonymous

    Once again we all see that new builds get a premium to gut renovations or older houses.

  7. fitterhappierlessproductive

    are you superman? can you hear me typing right now? Admittedly we are used to the roar of manhattan, but we stood outside on the driveway for about 5-10 minutes on a sunday afternoon listening for noise and no way could we hear 95. We could hear sound beach traffic, but even that was not that bad given screening and that the house was set above the street.

    • Anonamommy

      It’s a brokers dream scenario to have a client stand and listen for noise on a busy street on a Sunday. Go Monday at peak commuter/school bus time and again at 3:30 and also at 5:30.

      • Bid/Ask📉

        And yes, I’ve been called superman many a times before.
        Thanks for the tee’d up titliest.
        Enjoy your dinner 😝

    • Sound Beacher

      The true test is to go at night, park in the driveway and open your windows. The I-95 noise is always clearer at night.

  8. Anonymous

    Are you the buyer?

    • Cos Cobber

      Certainly seems to be. One big bonus to offset the cons, this is close to Binney.

      I wonder why this one over the listing on Winthrop for 4,1 (?) or the one on Hendrie right opposite the ball field for 3.9. I guess this is a little less at 3.5.

      • fitterhappierlessproductive

        No, i’m not the buyer. And truth be told i wouldn’t buy in this location myself. I am commenting because it is totally in line with recent new construction sales, so I’m baffled by the surprise that this house got 3.5m. You don’t have to like the price of new construction, but this is what people are paying for new.

        • Anonymous

          paying this for new in this location is surprising. I guess I don’t really get the family with kids who buys on a busy road. but I grew up riding my bike down the driveway and out through the neighborhood.

  9. Anonymous

    The location may not be ideal — but if have kids, then going to OG, NMS, ISD, Riverside and then Eastern is worth the sacrifice of smaller lots, smaller houses and noise from 95. Location, location, location now has to do with convenience and schools.

  10. Anonymous

    Next to Binney next to library 5 min walk to train, no 95 noise and ps at peak commuter times traffic is so bad on 95 there is zero noise bc it’s not moving. Borders conservation land too. Impressive home.

  11. Anonymous

    Was really expecting this house to have some decent views, but there are none. Also, it is going to be a pain to turn left out of the driveway and head towards the highway. Discount to other new homes seems about right though.

  12. sherry

    This will languish like the new mansion across from the Binney Park ball fields. That home next to the tunnel. Lots of $$$ to be on a racetrack. Yeah, making the left will be hard out of the driveway, unless the yellow flag is out.
    How can anyone say you can’t hear the freeway? When, ever, would you not?

    • Mickster

      Sherry, try to stay focused – this has SOLD. And you can’t hear 95 traffic over Sound Beach traffic…lol

      • AJ

        At 3:00 AM, there is no place in Riverside or OG that you cannot hear the constant hum of tires from I-95 with the intermittent louder hum of trailer truck tires. With closed double pane windows it is also most likely completely unnoticeable.

      • Toonces

        funny one Mick!

  13. rivman

    As a neighbor you can only hear 95 late at night,early AM if the windows of your house are open. I’ve lived nearby for 20 years and have never lost any sleep to 95. The area is busy during peak commuter and school hours but I work in NYC. Every place has its trade-offs, depends on what is most important to you and your family.

  14. AK

    I live in the neighborhood as well and you really can’t hear the highway. As others have said, with small kids (which I have) to be able to walk to binney, Perot, train, playgrounds, town… It really is an ideal location. When I travel home at 5 the traffic does suck but it takes what? all of 30 seconds to get through the traffic circle. NBD

  15. tro

    Worse than summit road. it’s a drag strip. you want your kids walking on that street?!

  16. Anonymous

    that’s what sidewalks are for