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Well, it seems they’ll be doing better than the estate of Barton Biggs, over at 11

Shutting the barn door 13 Chieftans

Shutting the barn door
13 Chieftans

13 Chieftans Road, asking $2.950, reports a pending sale. No final price disclosed yet, but considering that the owners have taken their time dropping the price – it started at $3.250, way back in 2012, I assume the buyer will be paying close to the asking price – or perhaps the sellers have just finally thrown in the towel.

The sellers’ reluctance to reduce their price may be explained by the fact that they paid $3.5 for the place in 2005 and in 2007, performed some major renovations. Still, poor old Mr. Biggs paid $4.650 for his house next door (it was a private sale arranged by two friendly agents, duh) and his estate finally unloaded it a couple of months ago for $2.538. Depending on how much those renovations cost at No. 13, I’d say that Biggs made the worse “investment”.


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Nobel Peace Prize update, Chapter CCXXXV

Administering a good dose of foreign policy

Administering a good dose of foreign policy

Putin authorizes drafting another 150,000 into his army, Russian and Iranian troops pour into Syria.

Vladimir Putin has conscripted 150,000 new troops into the Russian army as the country unleashed a new wave of airstrikes in Syria – while and Iran and Islamist group Hezbollah prepare for a major ground offensive.

Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria over the last ten days, backed by the country’s Lebanese allies, Hezbollah, and rebel fighters from Iraq and Afghanistan, two Lebanese sources claimed today.

One of the sources said the Iranian ground forces were ‘soldiers and officers’, not advisers, adding: ‘We mean hundreds with equipment and weapons. They will be followed by more.’

They are being supported by Russia’s warplanes who bombed camps of rebel fighters trained by the CIA, one of the group’s commanders claimed.

The White House expressed its dismay, especially after Mr. Obama had spoken so eloquently at the United Nations last week, promising to abdicate the world stage in order to bring peace to the globe. “Ungrateful bastard” was just one comment directed at Putting by the official White House spokesman, “Bo”.

Here’s our president in New York:

[A]ppeals to a glorious past before the body politic was infected by those who look different, or worship God differently; a politics of us versus them.

The United States is not immune from this.  Even as our economy is growing and our troops have largely returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, we see in our debates about America’s role in the world a notion of strength that is defined by opposition to old enemies, perceived adversaries, a rising China, or a resurgent Russia; a revolutionary Iran, or an Islam that is incompatible with peace.  [Fox Butterfield, call your office]

We see an argument made that the only strength that matters for the United States is bellicose words and shows of military force; that cooperation and diplomacy will not work.

I stand before you today believing in my core that we, the nations of the world, cannot return to the old ways of conflict and coercion.  We cannot look backwards.  We live in an integrated world — one in which we all have a stake in each other’s success.  We cannot turn those forces of integration.  No nation in this Assembly can insulate itself from the threat of terrorism, or the risk of financial contagion; the flow of migrants, or the danger of a warming planet.  The disorder we see is not driven solely by competition between nations or any single ideology.  And if we cannot work together more effectively, we will all suffer the consequences.  That is true for the United States, as well.

No matter how powerful our military, how strong our economy, we understand the United States cannot solve the world’s problems alone.  In Iraq, the United States learned the hard lesson that even hundreds of thousands of brave, effective troops, trillions of dollars from our Treasury, cannot by itself impose stability on a foreign land.  Unless we work with other nations under the mantle of international norms and principles and law that offer legitimacy to our efforts, we will not succeed.  And unless we work together to defeat the ideas that drive different communities in a country like Iraq into conflict, any order that our militaries can impose will be temporary.

Sadly, although he too was in New York, President Putin apparently didn’t listen to our Commander in Chief’ mewling. Or, worse, he did.


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Calhoun Drive resurfaces, at a new price

37 Calhoun Drive

37 Calhoun Drive

37 Calhoun Drive, to be exact, now asking $8.950 million, down from $11.950 and various other prices that have come and gone since 2010. It’s a grand, old (1919) home, modernized and tastefully expanded during its lifetime. Only difficulty I see is that there’s a glut of houses in this price range. But few of them are of this era, in this condition, so perhaps this will stand out.


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Cos Cob contract

60 Cat Rock Road

60 Cat Rock Road

60 Cat Rock Road, asking $2.225 million. I did not see this house, but from the photos, it looks like a really decent renovation, in which case, the price seems right.

Plus, it’s just across the street from “Kenmondo Road”, so that’s a bonus: gives you another street name to bitch about.


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OG land sale

52 Forest Avenue

52 Forest Avenue

52 Forest Avenue, 0.18 acre with tear-down, asking $899,000.


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I’d rather they spend their time on other issues

Selectman Peter Tesei addresses he Republican clambake

Selectman Peter Tesei addresses the Republican clambake

At the urging of Republican [sic] Peter Tesei, we’ll soon be blessed with a panel devoted to discussing transgender students and how we all can be “sensitive to their needs”. “I think it’s very forward-thinking of the first selectman’s office to tackle an issue that is honestly pretty uncomfortable for folks. It can be a pretty straight-laced community,”[team leader ] Jennifer Flatow said.

Compared to the estimated 3% of the American population that’s gay, 0.2- 0.3% of adults are transgender. School administrations and Peter Tesei are bending over to accommodate transvestites and transgenders, yet what about the estimated 40% of students who “identify” themselves as politically conservative? They’re subject to the scorn of their teachers and professors, ridiculed by the national media and their feelings of isolation and battlement are ignored.

It’s bizarre, to me, that our country is oh-so-sensitive to the “feelings” of a tiny sliver of the population yet those in power ignore the needs of young conservatives who feel so disrespected. Conservative lives matter.


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