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Feel safe now?

Get your face out of that vomit bucket and shut up or I'll blow your f**king head off, understand?

Get your f**king face out of that f**king vomit bucket and shut up, or I’ll blow your f**king head off, understand?

Airline captain tosses federal air marshal off his plane after the marshal storms cockpit to complain about bad service.

A tough-as-nails captain booted a federal air marshal off his plane after the cranky man threatened to file an official complaint about a flight attendant who spilled a drink.

The bizarre incident is described in a discrimination lawsuit filed Monday by David Maldonado, an air marshal who appears to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

Maldonado, who is based at the Transportation Security Administration’s New York field office in East Elmhurst, Queens, and three other air marshals pre-boarded a jetliner on Aug. 4, 2012 and informed the flight crew of their assignment.

Before takeoff, a flight attendant spilled a tray of drinks on Maldonado and “responded by laughing sarcastically and walking away without apologizing … or offering to clean the spill,” according to the suit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Thirty minutes later, she offered another air marshal the choice of three different meals — but only offered him a “beef” entrée, Maldonado claims.

Outraged, he rushed up to the cockpit, where he informed the captain that he might be required to report the incidents to the TSA’s Mission Operation Center in Washington, D.C.

The captain clearly wasn’t in the mood for Maldonado’s complaints.

“Are you mad? Because I don’t want a mad person with a gun on my plane,” the captain said, according to the suit.

“I didn’t serve 21 f—–g years in the military being shot at so that you can threaten me with a phone call!” the captain said, according to court papers.

Maldonado made good on his threat, but the captain barred him from getting back on the plane. Maldonado was grounded by the TSA during an internal investigation.

He was suspended for seven days after the incident.

Maldonado’s suit grouses that his suspension was retaliation for two internal complaints he had filed with the agency five years earlier.

He also alleges that a supervisor referred to him as having mental issues and that he was told to contact an employee assistance program for help with his “anger issues,” the suit states.

The TSA declined comment.

So for at least five years, the TSA has known that they’ve got an armed lunatic with “anger issues” flying loose around the country, and it does nothing about it? This, along with over a decade of stories of TSA agents stealing drugs, jewelry and anything else not nailed down in passengers’ luggage, groping, even raping women, fondling children and confiscating toothpaste, all without catching a single terrorist, makes me wonder if the billions expended on airline safety since 9/11 is being spent wisely.

UPDATE: by the way, I just noticed that there were four marshals on the flight, so they weren’t on duty to begin with; just goons on a junket.


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What, we’re gonna die twice?

We're doomed, we'rrrrrr DOOMED!

We’re doomed, we’rrrrrr DOOMED!

After the earth was destroyed during last week’s “blood moon” event, along comes another group promising that we zombies are all going up in a ball of fire tomorrow, “and this time we really, really mean it.”

It’s no coincidence that these end of days predictions all arise from various religions. The most expensive false predictions so far have come from the Church of the Holy Gaia, which for twenty-five years has been preaching the arrival of the irreversible global warming “tipping point” and for twenty-five years being proved wrong.

Like their co-religionists, the Gaians just shrug off each failure and push the deadline down the road, echoing the same refrain as their brethren: “Yeah, but this time, no kidding!”


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Bidding wars at the low end

6 Griffith Road

6 Griffith Road

6 Griffith Road, Riverside NoPo, asked $999,000, sold for $1.025. Listing notes that “house next door sold above asking for $1.225”.


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So far, not much of note reported today

47 Husted Lane

47 Husted Lane

47 Husted Lane closed (May contract) at $3.5 million. Seems like a lot to me, even at this location, but someone obviously disagreed and put his money where his taste was. Interesting, perhaps, that Ogilvy brought this on at $4.5 million and kept it there, before accepting an offer a million less. There’s almost no such thing as a low ball offer. Toss it in, see what happens.


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Captain Renault lands at Turtle Bay

Welcome back to New York, sir

Welcome back to New York, sir

U.N. officials arrested for bribery

Federal authorities in New York arrested and charged the former president of the United Nations General Assembly and five others in an alleged bribery scheme, part of what prosecutors said was a wider probe into corruption in the top ranks of the international body.

“We will be asking, is bribery business as usual at the U.N.?” said Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, during a news conference Tuesday announcing the charges. [Really? He can just ask me – Ed].

Authorities allege that John Ashe, a former ambassador to the U.N. for Antigua and Barbuda who led the U.N.’s 68th General Assembly in 2013, accepted more than $1 million in bribes from Chinese businesspeople in exchange for advancing their interests in the U.N., including support for a planned U.N. conference center in Macau.

A deputy U.N. representative and two employees of a nonprofit organization based in New York City were also arrested and charged in connection with the alleged scheme. A Macau real-estate mogul and his assistant, who were arrested in September on related charges, were also charged Tuesday and remain in custody.

U.N. spokesman Stephan Dujarric said Ban Ki-moon, the U.N.’s secretary-general, was shocked and troubled by the allegations.

“Mr. Ban Ki-moon has been quite specific in his orders,” Mr. Dujarric told FWIW. “No one in our organization is authorized to accept bribes except with the express permission and participation of Secretary Moon himself. This … this, why this is criminal!


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Where’d he get this number?

Greenwich residents wait for food at Town Hall

Greenwich residents wait for food at Town Hall

In his “State of the Town” speech yesterday, Selectman Peter Tesei asserted that ““In Greenwich, 11,000 of our residents are employed but are unable to put food on their table”.

I love bold, preposterous numbers when they’re tossed about by politicians, and this one struck me as one of them, so I looked up the (2012) census figures of our town.

Pop.: 61,428. 11,000 hungry residents = 18%

Employed: 27,806. 11,000 hungry workers = 38%

Residents on food stamps: 1,403

Families on food stamps: 119

So 38% of our workforce goes to bed hungry every night, 18% of all our residents, and yet only 1,404 individuals, 119 families avail themselves of food stamps.

I say it’s time to do something about this horrible situation: let’s cancel the Byram Pool Project, and spend the money on emergency food rations.

No one’s ever claimed that our First Selectman isn’t a dunce, but is it too much to ask that he at least read the speeches he’s handed before he delivers them, and think, even a little, about what’s in them?

Dumb question.


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looks like a long, cold winter for the whales



Just out of curiosity, I looked up how many homes priced at $9.5 million and above have either sold or gone to contract since the 1st of September. Answer: One sold, one contract. 48 Round Hill Road sold for $9.750 million after starting at $12 million in June, 2013, and 18 Parsonage Road, now asking $10.2 million, is under contract, after asking $13.750 in March, 2011.

There are 54 active listings in this price category.


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Does this mean we can demand that Elizabeth Warren quit the Senate?

Susan Taffee Reed at family reunion in hidden Pennsylvania

Susan Taffe Reed at family reunion in hidden Pennsylvania

Publius sends along this WSJ story: Dartmouth dumps its Native American after she turns out to be a white gal. 

Dartmouth College has removed the new director of its Native American Program after tribal officials and alumni accused her of misrepresenting herself as an American Indian.

The Ivy League school hired Susan Taffe Reed last month to serve as a liaison between the college and Native Americans, saying her role as president of the Eastern Delaware Nations would be instrumental in helping guide Indian students.

But her appointment quickly became mired in controversy as some Native Americans said Dartmouth didn’t sufficiently vet Ms. Reed’s association with the Eastern Delaware group, which concedes it isn’t an actual tribe. Indian activists also said they couldn’t find documentation of Ms. Reed’s claims that she had Native American heritage.

Ms. Reed, who has a doctorate in musicology and American Indian Studies from Cornell University, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. In an email to The Wall Street Journal last week, she said she was of mixed Native and European heritage, though she wouldn’t specify which tribe or tribes she hailed from. She added that she had been raised participating in traditional Native ceremonies in a rural region of Pennsylvania, where she said some Native Americans had historically kept their identity secret.

Dartmouth said Ms. Reed had been honest in representing herself and that it would never ask an applicant to document their ethnicity.

So if it’s illegal to ask a job applicant about her ethnicity, and it is, and if this member of a “secret” Indian tribe was truthful on her resume, isn’t it illegal to fire her because of her race? Probably so, which would explain why, after removing her from her Chief Pocahontas role, the school’s keeping her on the payroll “for retraining for some other job”.

On the related story of Elizabeth Warren’s false claim to be an Indian (and unlike Miss Reed, she did lie on her resume), this week Slate examined “Why so many Americans claim to be Cherokees”. The answer, basically, is because they can; it’s a claim almost impossible to disprove, short of DNA testing, and what faker’s going to submit to that? Perhaps someone – that Congressman who stole the Pope’s? -can swipe Warren’s water glass from her senate desk and send it for testing.


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Morgan Stanley doesn’t understand the Tesla business model

I'm Joe Hedger, and I endorse this message. Screw you, sucker.

I’m Joe Hedger, and I endorse this message. Screw you, sucker.

New Tesla SUV is “too expensive” at $132,000, it claims, and lowers its valuation of the company’s targeted stock price.

The bank should know better. Tesla, manufacturer of cool cars for the 0.01%, doesn’t make its money from its cars, but from the sale of emission credits to conventional car makers.

It’s the perfect scheme for liberals who want to drive the Little People from their cars and into mass transportation, where their movements and residential choices can be controlled, while leaving the elite driving Zil Limousines Tesla’s cars. “It’s the ultimate in fairness”, Al Gore tells FWIW. “This way, everybody’s doing their part to save the planet.”


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Comb over

Bad comb over

Bad comb over

Eli Comb’s (formerly) Greenwich hedge fund shuts its doors after blowing European bet

The company had settled into digs on Steamboat Road just three years ago, but moved to less expensive quarters in Stamford a little while ago. Presumably the Euro bet wasn’t the only thing it got wrong.


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NYC rent control: bonanza for the lucky few

Mayor DeBlasio's grandmother sets the tone

Mayor DeBlasio’s grandmother sets the tone

Two tenants settle for $25 million and a luxury apartment in exchange for dropping their appeal of an eviction suit

Two tenants in a grimy four-story building on a desolate stretch of 10th Avenue in Manhattan scored a $25 million payout — after stalling part of the Hudson Yards redevelopment project by refusing to vacate.

The men lived together at 10th and West 34th Street, on a rundown corner that had been slated for redevelopment by real-estate giant Tishman Speyer.

The developer had bought the property and its surroundings for $438 million as part of a $20 billion redevelopment plan to create some 17 million square feet of new residential and commercial space west of 10th Avenue from 23rd to 42nd streets.

But the developer couldn’t proceed with its big plans until the pair moved, and they refused to budge. Tishman actually won in court, but it still caved.

The men’s lawyer, David Rozenholc, is infamous for tying up cases on appeal, so Tishman offered the men a multimillion-dollar settlement to avoid a prolonged battle, reported Crain’s New York Business.

Court papers identify the tenants as Gary Schwedock, 58, and Steven Kobrick, 36.

They now reside on the top floor of Riverbank West, a 44-story doorman building at 560 W. 43rd St. with concierge service, a pool and roof deck.

Rozenholc, 69, did not return a message seeking comment.

But he told Crain’s that Tishman was right to assume he would continue to fight.

“I would have taken the next step and come up with another argument.

[Even] if [the developer] wins every step of the way, it will take them five years,” he said.

The city’s filled with stories of wealthy tenants still occupying and paying  1960s rent for luxury apartments, and the protections afforded tenants in general allow for a lawyer like Rozenholc to acquire a rich practice as a (legal) blackmailer. It’s been a while since WWII, when these controls were imposed, but tenants’ groups have blocked their repeal ever since. And no wonder: you never know when someone will win the lottery.


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Liberals are always astonished when the communists they supported line them up against the wall first


SOVIET UNION: Intellectuals get a whacking

DeBlasio orders city cultural institutions to compile voluminous reports on their diversity hiring

The city is grilling museums and cultural institutions about the racial and ethnic diversity of their entire staffs — and if they don’t answer, they’ll be cut off from taxpayer cash.

Nearly 1,000 organizations were asked to fill out a survey this summer detailing the race, gender and disability status of their employees and board members.

“As long as you complete the survey, you will be eligible to apply for funding from [the city] in fiscal year 2017,” institutions were told in a July 20 letter from Tom Finkelpearl, commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Organizations had to fill out a “demographics spreadsheet” by combing through their personnel files for their workers’ information.

Groups that don’t keep such data were told to hand out voluntary surveys to employees, with the caveat in the instructions that “you cannot require a staff member or board member to self-report any element of their identity.”

In addition to providing the workforce information, the cultural groups had to answer a questionnaire with up to 48 questions — including “How does your organization engage with issues of diversity on a daily basis?” and “What forms of diversity do you think are important for strengthening the quality of work of your organization?”

Groups are also queried on whether there were barriers to increasing diversity among staff and board members, according to a copy of the survey obtained by The Post.

The survey is being paid for with more than $150,000 in private funds from the Ford Foundation, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

But an art adviser who works with high-level collectors called the racial inquisition another “Big Brother act by the de Blasio ­regime” and said it didn’t matter who was funding the initiative.

“It’s a waste of money that could go into the arts,” the adviser said.

Yesterday, in response to the uproar of his liberal allies after this NY Post article came out, DeBlasio denied that he’d cut off from city funds any institution that refused to complete the survey, but the threat is still there (my guess is that he’ll make good on his threat after the furor dies down) and the waste of money and time mentioned by the “art advisor” quoted above remains regardless. The reaction of the cultural elite reminds me of Michel Moore’s plaintive cry on the day Al Qaeda brought down the twin towers: “Why New York? We voted for Kerry!”.

Always the last to know.


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