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Everywhere, governments are working to steal other people’s money and their time

Your money here

Your money here

Town employees ordered to learn Cornish, even though only 500 people in the world speak it.

Officials at Cornwall Council told employees at call centres and receptions they will need to be able to speak the regional tongue.

Bosses say customer service operators needs some basic phrases in case a Cornish-speaking person calls in.

But from April next year, the report says the council should ‘deliver basic training in key phrases and greetings for reception staff,’ while call centre staff and council officers will be encouraged to ‘use basic Cornish greetings’.

Council officers will also be provided with a translation of their job title, department and other details for use on e-mail signatures, while the corporate e-mail disclaimer will be made bilingual and any letter received in Cornish will receive a reply back in the same language.

In March this year, just six weeks before the general election, the then coalition government announced an extra £150,000 to help promote the language.

“And the wider economic benefits are enormous. Cornwall is very lucky to have its own language and it helps establish our unique cultural identity, which promotes and strengthens the brand.”

Money has also been set aside to develop the council’s website in Cornish.


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This is good news for either Trump or the Democrats, but I’m not sure which

Well we know at least one has made the trip - in fact, he's still there

Well we know at least one has made the trip – in fact, he’s still there

Many viewers of “Mars” think it’s based on a true story of humans landing on that planet.


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Not so pleasant after all

33 Pleasant Street

33 Pleasant Street

33 Pleasant Street, Riverside, started off at $3 million, is now down to $2.195. Looks like a perfectly nice house, and yard, but I-95 noise is killing it.


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Malloy: with our infrastructure crumbled, it’s time to look at alternative means of transportation

Back to the future

Back to the future

We’ll be getting a pedestrian and bicycle path along the Merritt.

“look,” Malloy told FWIW late last night, “it’ll cost no more than $250 million – that’s before cost overruns, of course, and we really do need a way for commuters to get from Shelton to Greenwich. What else would you have me do?”


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Nobel Peace Prize update

Naive chump meets his match

Naive chump meets his match

Iran’s Supreme Ruler bars further talks with US

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday barred direct negotiations with the U.S., saying America would use them to undermine the Islamic Republic.

Since Iran and six major world powers led by the U.S. reached a landmark deal in July to limit Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting of international economic sanctions, there has been widespread speculation that the accord would serve as a springboard to tackle crises in Syria and Iraq, among other regional issues.

On Wednesday, Mr. Khamenei scoffed at the notion of talks with Washington of any kind, saying nothing positive would emerge from them for Iran.

This was not the result predicted by White House tools like CNN when the US caved in to Iranian demands.

The agreement, a focal point of U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, appears set to reshape relations between Iran and the West, with its effects likely to ripple across the volatile Middle East.

Oops! Well, at least our president has kept Russia under control.


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I don’t suppose this matters, because the goal of anti-gun zealots is to confiscate all guns but …

Zero correlation between homicides and strictness of states’ gun laws

The statistical analysis is in the linked-to article, if you’re interested.


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Harvard kids meet their future, and lose

off to debate class

off to debate class

At least the students headed for Wall Street did. Prisoners defeat Harvard debate team

“They had more time to prepare” Harvard senior Cornealious Cadwallader Pennington complained to FWIW. “Just wait a few years, and we’ll be right there with them, beating their ass. Or vice versa, I suppose.”


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This should be good news for Greenwich real estate

Indian Harbor Yacht Club hosts

Indian Harbor Yacht Club hosts “members” night

While reading about the ruling against a Windsor Locks swingers club, holding that intercourse and blow jobs on a bar stool are not acts of free speech protected by the First Amendment, I saw that someone took the time this past summer to compile data on each Connecticut town’s number of swingers using the Ashley Maison cheat sheets. There’s certainly some stiff competition out there for the randiest town, but Greenwich did manage to slip in at 9th place, with 4,982 users looking for love in all the odd places.

I’m not interested in the identity of these wanderers, but I’ll bet there are lots of suspicious spouses out there who are, and certainly divorce lawyers have a new mine for ammunition. In fact, digging into that list will be part of their due diligence.

Realtors, start your engines; there should be some dramatic reshuffling of living quarters soon.


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