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Your mother may have told you to ask a policeman for help when you’re lost; your lawyer advises against it

The Rifle Man would have helped him find his way home, you can bet your gun

The Rifle Man would have helped Timoteo find his way home, you bet your gun

Drunk asks for assistance, and boy does he get it

On Sunday October 11th 2015 at approximately 4:20am, Greenwich police observed a gray Dodge Caravan parked in front of 230 East Putnam Ave.

The vehicle appeared to be running with one male, later identified as Timoteo Aguilar, 44, of 5 Woodland Av in Stamford, standing outside of the driver’s side door.

After turning around, police observed a single male occupant in the driver’s seat make a U- turn and begin to drive east on East Putnam Ave behind the police car. Aguilar then pulled alongside the police car’s passengers’ side door and ask for directions to Stamford.

Mr. Aguilar was unable to maintain his lane of travel crossing the double yellow multiple times. Police were able to determine the vehicle was unregistered, and as Aguilar pulled into a parking located at 1114 East Putnam Ave, police initiated a motor vehicle stop.

Mr. Aguilar was charged with DUI, Unsafe Movement, Operating Unregistered, and Operating without a License.


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Short sale possibility

22 Mead Avenue

22 Mead Avenue

22 Mead Avenue, Cos Cob, is back on the market, asking $1.699 million. That’s probably not the right price, even if the owner paid $1.750 for it back in 2006, but the bank must be getting tired of this process; it’s had three separate judgments of foreclosure reopened by the debtor’s attorney, and perhaps a deal can be had.


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And a bank owned sale

5 Tree Top Terrace

5 Tree Top Terrace

Discussed a couple of days ago when a pending deal was reported, 5 Tree Top Terrace closed at $1.320 million. Wells Fargo loaned $1.830 million on this property in 2006, when it probably wasn’t worth any more than it sold for today.

Fraud, or incompetence? I’d guess the former but then, I’m a cynic.

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Three sales

19 Pintail

19 Pintail

19 Pintail (corner of Mallard), new construction, $2.445 million. Builder pid $1.175 for this lot in 2012 and there’s no way he spent nothing close to a million dollars on construction, so I’d say he made out well.

37 Perryridge

37 Perryridge

37 Perryridge, $3 million. I really liked this house back when it was first renovated and sold in 2012 (for $2.750), but I’m still surprised when a Perryridge home sells for close to or at $3 million. I guess they can, now.

150 North Street

150 North Street

And then we come to 150 North Street, which has sold for $3.8 million. For those readers of this blog (and of Freakonomics) who are convinced that real estate agents always sell their own homes for more than those of their clients, you should note that the house was purchased new in 2006 for $4.520, greatly expanded and improved in the intervening years and originally listed for sale this time at $5.150. Just saying’.


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Country heaven with all the familiarity of city living

31 Meadow Wood, Belle Haven, is newly listed today at $4.295 million.

Charming Belle Haven Association waterfront Cape tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac in the exclusive gated Quarry Farm Association. This unique waterfront estuary setting is surrounded by woodlands and teeming with fish and abundant wild life. The pristine 3 bedroom home nestled along the saltwater estuary is one of only seven homes in Quarry Farm. Encompassing the 1.21 acre parcel is a large lawn area, a chicken coop, a gazebo, a woodland trail, a quaint walking bridge over the inlet, a launch for kayaks and 220 feet of direct waterfront. Opportunity to move in, expand or build new. Truly an enchanting and unique environment.

And as a plus for urbanites who fear quiet solitude, the Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike is just an earshot away.

Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?


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As predicted

Time's up

Time’s up

Foreclosure repossessions spike as legal hurdles and delays are finally exhausted.

 Bank repossessions, the final stage of the foreclosure process, jumped 66 percent year over year in the third quarter of this year, according to RealtyTrac, a foreclosure sales and analytics company. It’s the largest annual rise ever recorded in bank repossessions by RealtyTrac. More than 123,000 homes went back to the bank in just three months.

“In states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York, a flood of deferred distress from the last housing crisis is finally spilling over the legislative and legal dams that have held back some foreclosure activity for years,” said Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac. “That deferred distress often represents properties with deferred maintenance that will sell at more deeply discounted prices, creating a drag on overall home values.”

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Politics collides with reality

1969 - construction begins on the new Greenwich High School

1969 – construction begins on the new Greenwich High School

The architects charged with designing the new New Lebanon School have looked things over and come back to the town officials with their conclusion about the designated site: “You’re fuckin’ nuts”.

Some of our town leaders, but not all, are not amused.

For months, school board members, the selectmen and many parents and other community members wrestled with whether a new building should be placed on the William Street ball field or in the lowest-lying part of the woodlands. Those options were rejected last spring by the selectmen. And they remain off the table, said Stephen Walko, the commitee’s chairman.

“I don’t think this committee, at all, is actively seeking or would entertain any building that was built on the field or in the bottom of the ravine,” Walko said. “I think that’s safe to say by this committee.”

Nick Macri, the Planning and Zoning Commission’s non-voting “ex-officio” representative on the committee, likened Kim’s role to that of an architect hired by a homeowner to design a new house.

“He could come back and say ‘I looked at the whole thing,’ and, hypothetically (say) ‘This is a terrible piece of property, go build your house someplace else,’” Macri said. “He could come back and say ‘This is great, I have a fantastic idea, I think you’re going to love it. It’s really not exactly what you were talking about, but it’s going to save you a lot of money, and you’re going to get a wonderful house.’ ”

Bill Drake, the Board of Estimate and Taxation’s representative on the committee, agreed with Macri.

“We want to hear creative, alternative ideas,” Drake said. “There’s a time to put some options on the table, and there’s a time to toss them out. We’re not at the phase to toss them out.”

Selectman Drew Marzullo cautioned against straying from Scheme D, which the Board of Selectmen gave a “municipal improvement” land-use endorsement in June.

“The selectmen clearly gave this committee a charge, and it’s been voted on and referred to Planning and Zoning,” said Marzullo, an ex-officio committee member. “Any deviation from that will require once again a process that now has been going on seven or eight months, and it will result in more time.” 

In an interview with Greenwich Time, First Selectman Peter Tesei said that he wants the plans to closely follow Scheme D.

I understand our politicians’ reluctance to revisit a long-fought battle that was finally resolved in one particular plan, but taxpayers should remember the travails of the “new “Greenwich High School. That fight: two schools or one, east, west or central Greenwich, remodel vs build anything new at all, and so forth, literally extended for two decades until, finally, in the late 60s, the “one high school, build new” camp prevailed. A piece of swampland was available on Hillside Road and, although totally unsuitable for construction, was chosen as the site, just to stop the battle. The result was, as we now know, a disaster – steel pilings driven on a Friday to begin the construction had sunk out of view by Monday (“we need a bigger boat”), toxic fly ash was brought in, water table polluted and all the tribulations of building where we shouldn’t still plague us.

If relocating the New Lebanon school to a different portion of the site will entail another 6 month delay while more political infighting resumes, so be it; better a small delay now than 60 years of repentance. Tesei and Marzullo should show some political balls and listen to what the architects have to say, rather than just stick their fingers (or whatever) in their ears and say, “our mind’s made up”.


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For Greenwich real estate agents willing to travel, a job opportunity

Welcome to the Circle K

Welcome to the Circle K

The Greenwich real estate market appears dead, or at least dormant, so what’s an agent to do to keep up her Lexus payments? How about a job as hangman in Sri Lanka, where officials promise a pretty easy workload: the country hasn’t executed anyone since 1976.

There are 1,116 convicts on death row, but the role is described as ‘light administrative work only’.

‘It doesn’t matter whether the government wants to execute or not. In the event the government wants to carry out executions, we should be prepared,’ prisons commissioner general Rohana Pushpakumara said.

The position of executioner fell vacant in March 2014 when the previous hangman quit weeks after he was hired, citing stress, soon after he saw the gallows in the capital, Colombo, for the first time.

Two other hangmen hired in 2013 failed to show up for work.

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