It’s spreading, again, across western civilization

Germanstudents do their master's bidding, voluntarily

German students do their master’s bidding, voluntarily

English college students demand Germaine Greer be silenced because she disapproves of “transgenders”

Germaine Greer may be barred from giving a lecture on women’s rights at a leading British university after hundreds of its students signed a petition accusing her of holding “misogynistic views” about transgender people.

The petition calls on Cardiff University to cancel the event featuring the 76-year-old feminist author and academic, who has been invited to give a lecture entitled “Women & Power: The Lessons of the 20th Century” next month.

By late on 23 October almost 300 people had signed the petition, which was started by Cardiff Student’s Union Women’s Officer Rachael Melhuish. It claims hosting Greer would be “dangerous” due to her previously stated views on transgender people.

Funny thing about so-called liberals: they can’t see past their obsessions to the principles involved, because they have no principles, only “feelings”. Here’s the Guardian writing about a U.S. minister’s stated intention to burn a copy of the Koran – the paper has said nothing about the Cardiff uproar.

On the night of 10 May 1933, a crowd of some 40,000 people gathered in the Opernplatz – now the Bebelplatz – in the Mitte district of Berlin. Amid much joyous singing, band-playing and chanting of oaths and incantations, they watched soldiers and police from the SS, brownshirted members of the paramilitary SA, and impassioned youths from the German Student Association and Hitler Youth Movement burn, at the behest of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, upwards of 25,000 books decreed to be “un-German”.

The climax of a month-long nationwide campaign, this best-known of literary bonfires was intended as both a purge and a purification of the true German spirit, supposedly weakened and corrupted by un-German ideas and intellectualism. “The future German man,” the Reichsminister declared in a speech, “will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. You do well, in this midnight hour, to commit to the flames the evil spirit of the past. From this wreckage the phoenix of a new spirit will triumphantly rise.”

The volumes consigned to the flames in Berlin, and more than 30 other university towns around the country on that and following nights, included works by more than 75 German and foreign authors, among them (to cite but a few) Walter Benjamin, Bertolt Brecht, Albert Einstein, Friedrich Engels, Sigmund Freud, André Gide, Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Lenin, Jack London, Heinrich, Klaus and Thomas Mann, Ludwig Marcuse, Karl Marx, John Dos Passos, Arthur Schnitzler, Leon Trotsky, HG Wells, Émile Zola and Stefan Zweig. Also among the authors whose books were burned that night was the great 19th-century German poet Heinrich Heine, who barely a century earlier, in 1821, had written in his play Almansor the words: “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen” – “Where they burn books, they will, in the end, also burn people.”


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6 responses to “It’s spreading, again, across western civilization

  1. CatoRenasci

    You can’t make this stuff up….

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    The “progressives” are so retarded, and they are absolutely oblivious to the path of destruction they are headed down. They can’t see that “political correctness” is the same as censorship. It’s book burning without the fires. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

    They don’t understand that differing opinions are OK. In fact they are healthy, and stimulate growth. Because we are all the same. But diversity.
    It’s OK to be offended. It’s OK if someone is smarter than you. Better than you. Doesn’t like you. That is called life. So learn to deal with it. Be accepting, even if you perceive something as flawed, rather than be hateful and intolerant.

    Because people are different. Every one of us. We aren’t all the same. And that is a good thing. You don’t want everybody to think the same way. Dream the same dreams. Behave the same way. That results in mediocrity, and eliminates brilliance. WHO THE FUCK WANTS THAT??

    The “progressives” are so blind by “political correctness” that they can’t see that they are the ultimate racists. Discriminatory. Hateful. Biased. Intolerant. Blind.

    And they all embrace a “zero tolerance” strategy. Which isn’t a strategy, it’s an onerous penal system, which eliminates any judgement and common sense. Because they have none.

    They don’t understand context. They want to ban certain words, which THEY find objectionable. Like “illegal aliens”. Which is the most INANE, SHORTSIGHTED and DANGEROUS idea I have ever heard. Who decides what is objectionable? WHO? This censorship must stop.

    They want to rewrite Mark Twain to make it “politically correct”. They want to condemn certain past Presidents, and other historical figures, and judge them by today’s standards, which is not only factually incorrect, inherently and morally WRONG, but also dangerous.

    It really is IDENTICAL to the strategy the Taliban and ISIS are using, if you boil it all down and look at it objectively. And people better wake up to it, because it is gaining momentum every day.

    Your Pal,

  3. Hardcore feminists have their undies in a twist over the whole transgender thing. They find the idea that men can decide to switch teams that way deeply disturbing because the men lack the experience of being victimized by the patriarchy and therefore cannot actually be women.

    I actually have some sympathy for their point of view, but for other reasons.

  4. Peg

    More and more, it’s appearing that “old timers” like us will be saying “Yes, I remember when we had the freedom to say what we thought in America.”

    Except, we’ll only be able to say THAT in secret…

  5. Once

    When Bruth Jenny did his switcheroo did snyone in the press notice he happened to have just killed someone in a car accident?