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The Republican debate is tonight and no, I won’t be watching

Pretty much for the reason this blogger says:



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When you’re a midget, everything looks large

Governor Dannel Malloy meets Adam Smith

Governor Dannel Malloy meets Adam Smith

Malloy announces hope to shed 500 of our 45,000 state employees, by attrition – no direct firings.

“My administration has never been afraid of big ideas,” Malloy said.


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Justice Department Civil Rights investigators are jetting to California as I write

An unfortunate misunderstanding

An unfortunate misunderstanding

White principle body slammed by three black high school students.

“If I had a grandfather, he’d look like this gentleman”, Obama declared from the White House Rose Garden where he announced the investigation. “This must not stand.”


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Seller to market: “Screw You”

400 N. Maple Avenue Go away

400 N. Maple Avenue
Go away

Or, more gently, “nobody’s gonna steal my house”. After six months on the market without movement, 400 N. Maple Avenue has cut its price, from $3,000,000 to $2,999,ooo.

This on a day when there is absolutely no – zero – real estate news, in a slow month heading into the dormant winter. Owners can do as they wish, of course, but this doesn’t seem like a propitious time to signal “no negotiation, no surrender”.

I think, by the way, that it’s a very nice house. Apparently the market disagrees.


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Well they’re citizens, so they have every right to do so, and they want to work: a double welcome to them

"And your grandchildren will be in this very same line in 2015, I assure you" PR Governor's wife, Mrs. Rexford Guy Tugwell, hands out free milk to impoverished children

“And your grandchildren will be in this very same line in 2015, I assure you”
PR Governor’s wife, Mrs. Rexford Guy Tugwell, hands out free milk to impoverished children

Increasing numbers of Puerto Ricans are coming to CT as their economy collapses.

Democrats, the self-styled “progressives”, should be delighted by all this: since 1941, when Franklin Roosevelt appointed one of his Brain Trust geniuses the governor of the island, every nostrum prescribed by liberals: centralized planning, subsidies, an incredible minimum wage, have combined to keep the territory mired in poverty: the current poverty level, for instance, is 45%.

It’s odd, isn’t it, that cities that have been run by Democrats for decades, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and so on, are all bankrupt? Liberals can’t be so stupid to notice this, so their persistence in enforcing their policies must be deliberate and malicious.

Fortunately for them, their illiterate voters are too enamored by the prospect of “free” goods taken from other people are costing them dearly, and so they keep voting for the folks who promise them more free stuff, like cell phones, food stamps and slum housing.

I do feel sorry for the Puerto Ricans who are coming to Connecticut looking for economic salvation; they won’t find it here.


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When words have lost their meaning

Yo! Get too work!

Yo! Get too work!

Huffington Post article: The word “too” is sexist, and must be banned.

MSNBC: The term “hard worker” demeans women, blacks.

I think the only way to restore some semblance of civility and rational discourse to this country is for all of us to simply stop talking to liberals and young feminists. The process is too demeaning to our humanity (hupersonity?)


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