And a perennial back country favorite cuts its price again

212 Taconic Road

212 Taconic Road

212 Taconic Road has cut its price again, to $3.595 million – it started at $5.495 million in 2010. Owner paid $4.9 for it in 2008 (after that owner had started two years before at $6.4), and has been trying to repent of his purchase since 2010.

Maybe some day.


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20 responses to “And a perennial back country favorite cuts its price again

  1. desidog

    Is it no basement, or a soggy basement?

  2. Once

    Looks like s nice house. Why doesnt he just live there?

  3. Anonymous

    that’s a gorgeous house. All it needs it some paint and modern window treatments. A lot of bank for the buck there.

  4. Anonymous

    All these years he could have set up a lemonade stand to sell to thirsty churchgoers as they come & go.

    Lost opportunity, no doubt.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow – that is brutal…a 35% loss…if this doesn’t scare people away from back country I don’t know what will.

  6. Anonymous

    He spent bucks too
    Repainted entire exterior
    Replaced cedar shingle roof
    What’s the cost of that…100k?

  7. Anonymous

    I would say this is a bargain at this point.

  8. Anonymous

    the lot is awesome. wide sweeping views. for awhile there was a white swan that camped out in the pond out front.

  9. Anonymous

    Love the house — too bad it was built in the wrong location.

  10. Gorgeous house…..high end builder in 1998…..good quality finishes, very pretty land. Needs some updating, but otherwise beautiful.

  11. Anonymous

    This has always been a beautiful house from the outside. From the pictures it appears nice on the inside too.

    Is this really an issue w/ backcountry, or more an issue w/ a lack of high-end buyers? If demand were strong, houses such as this would be snapped up. Wall St remains under pressure, with senior people being weeded out now for 8 years now. Hedge funds have been contracting for nearly as long. The senior executives who once called Greenwich home have mostly been transferred to other parts of the country, as they were squeezed out by the financial types, and fewer Fortune 500’s are based in CT and the NY area in general. The buyers in Riverside/Old Greenwich tend to be younger and less experienced/less senior and a higher mix of ex-pats. .

    The market of the 80s or 90s may never return given the dramatic change in the local economy.

  12. eb

    Beautiful house. Why do you assume the owner is a he?

    • I don’t. Use of “he” as a generic pronoun is still acceptable (to me, at lest) without in any way implying masculine superiority or the oppression of women. I’ll admit that these days, what with the transgender phenomenon, “he, she or it” would be more inclusive, but I find it awkward and clunky for writing purposes.