Good luck with that

8 Chapel Lane

8 Chapel Lane

Then again, in Riverside, who the heck knows? Maybe they’ll get it.

8 Chapel Lane hits the market, $4.195 million.

Nice street,a tad noisy.


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44 responses to “Good luck with that

  1. Anonymous

    Max 3.5m. And it won’t sell quickly. Much better specs, both in design and location in OG/Riv.

  2. Anonymous

    It will get the price. The house is new so nothing more needs to be said.

  3. Chapel is a dead end to the water. Why is it loud?

    • Riverside Chick

      1 block from train , close to 95. Could be a plus for some though.

      • Anonymous

        Extremely convient location . I bet it gets close to ask.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t remember the house number, but we saw a $2m house on this street (needed bulldozing or major, major reno) a couple of years ago. There is some kind of boat ramp at the end of the street, next to a house with a junk collector in residence. Next door to the $2m knockdown we had a lovely view of a shirtless pot-bellied dude gettin’ some rays in the backyard. Aside from the issues with the house, the street seemed pretty bleh, to put it nicely. Has it changed much? If not, there is no freaking way I’d pay $4m to live there.

    • Now you of all people should know that, Balzac – that “water” is Cos Cob Harbor, and I-95 crosses it. Sound roars across the water, unimpeded and reflected, and up the street. I don’t find it intolerable: welcome to Riverside, but Bucolic Acres it is not.

    • Anonymous

      brand new home on long view – cheaper than this – 3.6 or so. it is sitting and sitting and it’s a quiet street. this price is crazy

      • Anonymous

        Long View isn’t Riverside School

        • Anonymous

          It most definitely is in Riverside: it intersects Gilliam. Look it up. 14 Long View Avenue, Riverside CT

      • Riverside Dog Walker

        Not hard to see why 14 Longview is sitting. That lot should have had one nice house built rather than two POS houses right on top of each other.

      • New to Riverside

        I looked at Long view and ended up buying an older Riverside home. Great home, terrible lot. Not a great curb appeal street, and a shallow backyard looking right onto a neighbor’s house and driveway. Even in Riverside you don’t have to settle for that.

      • Anonymous

        The outside design of Chapel is much nicer than Longview. From the outside Longview looks small.

        • Anonymous

          Long view is fantastic quality construction. I agree though that it looks small from the outside. Also not sure why there is a teeny tiny island in the kitchen. But quality wise it sure looks better to me than Chapel home.

  4. New to Riverside

    To get over $4m, I’d say you need closer to half acre, 3 car garage, and a more respectable distance from 95. Or at least 2 of the 3. Front-facing garages are kinda ghetto too.

    • Anonymous

      Bingo. Even og/riv has its limits. Take a moment and peruse all the 3.5+ listings. Way too many which have been on the market for way too long. A recent direct waterfront home on North Way in Lucas Point (same size, newish quality build) got only 4.5 after a long time and several reductions. The market has turned but not many willing to acknowledge.

      • Anonymous

        Lucas Point has a dozen properties for sale
        Most are below level of new FEMA regs
        It’s going to be devastating for the majority of sellers.
        Land value is best and final.

    • Matt

      I find the combination of “Riverside” and “Ghetto” very amusing.

  5. Anonymous

    This is a signal we are approaching the top of the market!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Was there ever a “Chapel” on this street? This street always seemed a bit creepy/ haunted feeling.

    • There was: St Paul’s Church, which later moved to its new digs further down Riverside Avenue in, I’d guess, about 1958? Somewhere around then

    • Anon99

      We saw a Victorian house here about 2 years ago, maybe the same $2mm house referenced above, which was described to us as the “parsonage” for the church that used to be there.

      We liked the street a lot, but a but too close to the tracks for us.

  7. Anonymous

    This house probably gets a number in the high $3mm range…it’s a pretty good location.

    • Anonymous

      Street is so narrow its basically a one way with each car having to wait for another to pass. Proximity to train is nice as much as people love to complain about the noise.

      • Anonymous

        Right. It’s a no brainer to pay $4 mil to live next to Sanford and Son. Fuck yeah! I’m in.

      • Narrow means less speed, so children aren’t run over, and a tiny street like that doesn’t generate much traffic, so your wait to let your neighbor pass is probably within the tolerance limits of even our most hard charging new residents.

  8. Anonymous

    Town Records:
    8 Chapel Lane
    .35 acres
    4528 sq. ft

    So, 872 sq.ft below deck.

    And it borders the old/new Ada’s property. If it gets 3.5 I’m going door to door with a bulldozer.

  9. Anonymous

    Do we know who the builder/developer is?

  10. Anonymous

    Let’s face it. It’s hard to avoid noise in Greenwich when you have I95, the Merritt, Route 1 and the train running right through it. Even fancy Club Road and Glen Avon hear the train and I95. Chapel is a unique street with some beautiful Victorians and Arts and Crafts homes and access to the water for kayaking, etc. What’s a little noise when you’re coming from NYC?

  11. Anonymous

    Looks like a deliberate pricing strategy to me. Start high, take a few cuts and it looks like a “bargain” in the mid-to-high 3s. It will sell in that range, in my opinion.

    • You’re probably right, on both counts

      • Anonymous

        You guys usually say a seller will get a higher price by starting a little low and creating a bidding war or at least a lot of quick interest.

        • And that’s the strategy I still recommend, but there’s no denying the appeal to buyers of a perceived “bargain” when a house that started at $9 million drops down to $6 – I have to remind (some) of my clients that if the house was never worth anywhere close to that first amount, there hasn’t really been any discount taken.
          Sellers have the same problem:”but I’ve already list $3 million, why should I lose more?” You can’t lose what you never had, but the human mind is a wonderful deluder

  12. Anonymous

    Who is the builder? Chapel is a great street! A bit noisy but only a 5 minute walk to the train. There is a tear down on the market across the street. Depending on what this sells for that might be a good investment. I think the will fetch mid 3’s