Mid Country price cut

49 Grahampton

49 Grahampton

49 Grahampton is down to $5.750 million. Will that be enough? Owner paid $3.475 for it in 20000, performed
“an extensive, complete and meticulous renovation in 2009” and placed it up for sale in 2014 for $7.395. So far, the market has yawned.


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18 responses to “Mid Country price cut

  1. Upperwestsider

    I’d rather buy this vs. Byfield monstrosity

  2. Anonymous

    Some very poor choices here. I’d change out those Kitchen Cabinets – yucky. They should repaint the black, brown (very strange choice) and some of the other colorful walls. But wow, can’t beat that setting. Gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      You can get a high end painter to repaint the kitchen cabinets white (or any other color) with lacquer paint, will run you about $7K. The high gloss red room is an interesting choice.

  3. anonymous

    I just looked at 31 Meadowcroft, which is 150% the size and listed at $5. How can they justify the “improved” price?

  4. Midcountrymagnet

    We looked at that early on when it was overpriced. Kitchen cabinets are fine in person – dark bluish gray and sleek. Love the flat lawn and location. It takes Brown graduates more time to get the right price

  5. Sublime setting and land…pool, fire pit, spa, views…….house is quirky, but very pretty and livable, and it simply needs some paint color changes…….

  6. LAK

    Black, orange & spotted rug?!?!

  7. Grahamptoner

    Owners here! We’ve been laughing about our decorating faux pas and the Brown University banter. Seriously, We appreciate the exposure on your blog. We must say, on a day like today, the setting here quite something and the location is incredibly convenient. No reasonable offer refused and we hear “Decorator White” paint is on sale! Have a nice weekend.

    • Hey Owner! Yeah, I think exposure does help a house, even if it comes with some snide comments. You’ll notice that many readers were highly complementary, and the fact that people are discussing your home (I think your taste is just fine,not that my opinion matters) is all to the good.
      Best wishes,

    • Anonymous

      Hey there owner. I hope you aren’t leaving Greenwich. We need nice people to stick around here.

  8. Scott

    I live the neighborhood, and it is good to see a house that is appropriate for the lot and not attempting visions of grandeur. This place is in fantastic condition. Much better to have a pristine property from a Brown family, than a junior college spec house like some of the other ones in the area.

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha Scott. You’re funny and right. This is much better than a spec house in my opinion too. The land is always the most important thing!