Bank auction

12 Byfield Lane

12 Byfield Lane

12 Byfield Lane, once listed as high as $12 million, has sold at auction for $4.475 million. No way was this house ever my cup of tea, nor was Byfield a street on which to look for $12 million (as we’ve discussed here over the years), but $4.475 seems like a heck of a deal or, at worse, a very fair price.


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18 responses to “Bank auction

  1. Anonymous

    $450/sq ft for this house seems expensive…

  2. Anonymous

    Just how many of these dinosaurs are still out there looking for buyers? This cannot be good news for anyone owning in the back country. And how will the town adjust the property taxes which are currently 68k?

  3. Anonymous,

    The town is a zero sum game and hedged. If the taxes go down $40k on this one than they just look for appreciated Riverside and OG houses to increase that like amount.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like 4-5m is the new mark for the backcountry. The extinction has begun.

  5. Anonymous

    Can a house that’s sat empty for this long be saved?
    And even with 2m in, is it worth 7?

  6. Anonymous

    Isn’t this the house with the obnoxious builder who made a comment here (saying something about Babar the elephant)? I actually felt sorry for the agent and sellers. What a prick.

  7. Millenial

    The foyer/double staircase/marble looks straight out of Scarface, the rest of the house actually looks pretty nice. First impressions matter though, and I’m guessing people would probably think you sell used cars for a living.

  8. Flash

    Developer from Henderson, nv. Snake oil profiteer.

  9. Anonymous

    This house is terrible and should not be compared to other lovely backcountry houses. So big and ugly!! No taste at all! and who would ever think the Byfield could fetch 12 million. A great street but not that rich! A perfect example of a builder on steroids.

  10. Anonymous

    Did the Greenwich listing agent get screwed out of a commission?

  11. Matt

    Looks like it could be on ‘Real Housewives of NJ’

  12. Anonymous

    Hideous home — the worst of the worst for McMansion.