The future of the Back Country?

2 Oneida Drive2 Oneida Drive, Unit C-2 and priced at $4.995 million, has a pending contract. They haven’t even finished construction, and they’re selling out.


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31 responses to “The future of the Back Country?

  1. Cos Cobber

    Never would have predicted that. Didn’t the project next door sit near empty since 2007? Anywho, the new project is a bit closer to the water and does have unique and exciting architecture.

  2. Anonymous

    Even, say, a 20-unit complex built on a 20 acre site, well offset from the road. WOuld there be a market for it?

    I’d imagine the zoning challenges would take years, if ever.

  3. Anonymous

    What’s the buyer for something like this? Empty nester or young money that can afford private schools and no maintenance lifestyle?

  4. Publius

    That is impressive. I have watched this development rise from parking lot to today and wondered what the units would fetch and who would buy them. The Steamboat side of the development, I think is challenging because 600 Steamboat looks like a massive pillbox on the Maginot Line overshadowing the smaller buildings despite the setback and the road itself is somewhat unique (commercial + residential) almost all the way down to the LIS. The “water” on the Oneida side is nice but you have to get used to the funk of low tide.

  5. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    Thats so absurd; have they seen the views during low tide there?

  6. Can anyone identify that architectural style that doesn’t include a four-letter word?

  7. Anonymous

    There have been lots of multi-unit townhouse projects on Milbank which is nearby, two blocks off Greenwich Avenue, and with these sales, there will probably be more. Personally I prefer the nice old single-family homes, especially those at the end of the street

  8. Anonymous

    The market for this is the back country residents who winter in FLA. Based on the people we’ve met who live there and who walk their dogs. Not empty nesters only, one family has kids. We live up the street on Oneida in Indian Harbor so we’ve actually met the new residents. Takeaways: What used to be a 5 minute dash from ‘mid country’ has become a an I-95 experience. Greenwich Ave (have not been there since Woolworth closed), the farmers market and Bruce Park are additional pluses. The real genius is the partnership with Delamar for ‘Concierge Services’. It’s the Ritz Carleton experience with a twist.

    When we saw it going up , we too laughed. Middling quality: Jeldwen windows (no aspirational Marvins), HD sheathing/siding, no name doors. Nobody in his/her right mind would buy this we observed archly.

    We wuz wrong. It’s still about location.

  9. Greenwich Gal

    Remember your demographics! Back Country is where it is because the baby boomers are retiring and they don’t need a big pile and land to weigh them down anymore. Shed some real estate, downsize and head South.

  10. Just the Facts!

    Don’t believe the hype. Contracts don’t mean closed. Check those pendings and how long they have been open. Some pendings go back to the beginning of the year. JTF!

  11. Anonymous

    What is the relationship of the listing broker Michelle Tesei to Peter? She is a brand new broker making a killing!! I know a lot of real estate is luck but the real estate gods are certainly smiling down at her!!

  12. Anonymous

    Yes, good point! Does anybody have an answer?