But why New York? Don’t they know we voted Democratic?*

CNN shocked, shocked that Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rowdies interrupted HillaryClinton.

This crowd has been heckling and disrupting presidential candidate events for months, but being rude to Hillary? It’s the end of the world.

  • Michael Moore, similarly shocked when Saudis slammed two planes into the Twin Towers
  • Well yes, okay, but he's not Hillary!

    Well yes, okay, but he’s not Hillary!


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4 responses to “But why New York? Don’t they know we voted Democratic?*

  1. Anonymous

    Amusing. The liberals, once again, are eating their own. Eventually, the house of cards will fall.

    As the saying goes, why commit murder when you can watch somebody commit suicide all by them self?

    The moral may be to sit back and watch.

  2. The reason the “journalist” was shocked was because the beast negotiated a settlement with BLM back in August that was supposed to prevent this type of disruption, in exchange for a seat at the table and other good and valuable considerations down the road.


    Some politicians just won’t stay bought. They’re looking for a better protection deal.

  3. edgewater

    my hazy recollection of michael moore is not that he was shocked at the muslim attacks on the US in 2001, but that he said they were warranted and well-deserved. the guy should have been sent to yemen years ago.