Why would they move to Connecticut to rest just because they got laid?

Notable people laid, to rest in Connecticut.

Celebrities or not, it doesn’t require that much energy to pleasure your partner. They’re just showing off.


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3 responses to “Why would they move to Connecticut to rest just because they got laid?

  1. Anonymous

    How about a burial plot tax due and payable from the heirs? View plots taxed at a higher rate, of course. Might as well throw in a headstone tax, too.

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    I think they referred to Katherine Hepburn as a “handsome women”. Was that code back in the day for someone who was playing for the other team? She is rumored to have been quite the lady licker, and having bedded many a fine woman. NTTAWWT. I can relate. She really was quite lovely, and a very stunning beauty. And she lived until 96, which proves seafood must be good for you.

    Today is also the 40th anniversary of Martha Moxley’s murder. She would be 55 if she was alive today. Her Mom is still alive, and living in New Jersey. A lovely woman and I hope she has found some peace. Are the houses still there, or have they been torn down? It is hard to believe that happened here. And Dominick Dunne, the famous author, is also from Connecticut, and he wrote a book about it. Plus…PLUS!!! His daughter was tragically murdered as well. BTW, where were you that night Dude, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Anyhows, enough about that. How is the candy in Mane? Did you Treat or Trick? Do they just give out Swedish Fish and Granola? The candy here in Greenwich wasn’t that great either. I got some raisins, a prayer card, and a “Vote for Francis” bumper sticker. So I went to Portchester and got Kit Kat’s, Hershey Bar’s, Reeses Pieces and Snickers. It was great!! And the houses were nice and close together.

    Your Pal,