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Yes, I wondered about this

What if someone had costumed their child as a Muslim cleric? Would our royal family have laughed, and awarded it first prize?

That’s a rhetorical question.

The Christians want to regain respect, bring back the Inquisition.

Pope Mobile

Pope Mobile


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None so blind

 Groups around the U.S. are pushing back on the deep-rooted stereotype that LGBTQ identity is incompatible with Islam.

Sometimes, stereotypes are stereotypes because they’re true, despite the best spinning. What suicidal impulse leads the targets of such hatred to defend their killers?

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia






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This probably won’t end well

So are 3 billion other people - so what?

So are 3 billion other people – so what?

NYT: German village of 102 told it must accept 750 Muslim immigrants.

His wife, the mayor said, assured him it must be a hoax. “It certainly can’t be true” that such a small, isolated place would be asked to accommodate nearly 10 times as many migrants as it had residents, she told him. “She thought it was a joke,” he said.But it was not. Sumte has become a showcase of the extreme pressures bearing down on Germany as it scrambles to find shelter for what, by the end of the year, could be well over a million people seeking refuge from poverty or wars in Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The influx is testing the limits of tolerance and hospitality in Sumte, and across Germany. It is also straining German politics broadly, creating deep divisions in the conservative camp of Chancellor Angela Merkel and energizing a constellation of extremist groups that feel their time has come.

One of the few people, in fact, who seem enthusiastic about the plan for Sumte is Holger Niemann, 32, an admirer of Hitler and the lone neo-Nazi on the elected district council. He rejoices at the opportunities the migrant crisis has offered.

“It is bad for the people, but politically it is good for me,” Mr. Niemann said of the plan, which would leave the German villagers outnumbered by migrants by more than seven to one.

The Nazis didn’t rise to power in a vacuum.


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The perils of illiteracy

A Dublin cafe owner is engaged in battle with vegans over his calling their tastes “idiosyncratic’. Now admittedly, that’s a big word for an Irishman, or woman (it means”peculiar to an individual, Mickster) so it wasn’t surprising that the spurned diner, a young Dublin lass, was offended at “being called an idiot”, and proved her point by Face Booking her anger:  The fight was – still is – on.

It all started when a vegan customer came into the White Moose Cafe, a Dublin, Ireland restaurant which describes itself as “an urban, bistro-style restaurant serving reasonably priced Irish cuisine with a contemporary twist.” This customer’s visit apparently did not go well. As a result, owner Paul Stenson posted the following to the restaurant’s Facebook page on August 13:

One Restaurant Owner Has Been Waging An Online War With Vegans For Two Months Now

Now, at this point, this seems an eminently reasonable statement to me. Not every restaurant can cater to the needs of every customer, and eateries are well within their rights to say “I’m sorry, we don’t seem to have anything we can serve you that will be to your satisfaction.” Stenson even offered that if the customer had called ahead of time, they would’ve been happy to work around the issue—which is way more than the restaurant had to do, frankly. People who go into a vegan restaurant and demand a steak are assholes. People who go into a restaurant without vegan dishes and demand the restaurant accede to their whims are similarly dickish.

…unfortunately (and perhaps predictably), the customer herself did not agree. She also apparently has never seen the word “idiosyncratic” before, and, largely on the basis of that particular word, essentially declared a holy crusade against the heathen Stenson and his White Moose ilk:

One Restaurant Owner Has Been Waging An Online War With Vegans For Two Months Now

I particularly like the part where she threatens Stenson’s business for daring to reasonably stand up for himself with the vague insinuation of “you have no idea what you’ve started here.” On that exhortation, Vegan Voltron apparently assembled, as a cavalcade of Tee Jay stans began leaving angry reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page and other online review sites (it’s worth remembering we’ve seen a similar unhinged rage war in this country directed at a restaurant that decided to phase meat off its menu).

Ultimately, Stenson responded again:

One Restaurant Owner Has Been Waging An Online War With Vegans For Two Months Now

Now, if you want to say going that far is a bit of a dick move, I’m not going to argue with you. It’s a little harsh, to say the least. Regardless of that, though, it’s pretty obviously not intended to be taken literally—Stenson isn’t legitimately threatening to shoot any vegan that walks through the door. I mean, obviously, right? Hahaha, no one could possibly believe this post was intended in seriousness!

Hahahaha, that would be…I mean…oh God, that’s exactly what they believed, isn’t it?


One Restaurant Owner Has Been Waging An Online War With Vegans For Two Months Now

Stenson’s post only further fanned the flames of the hordes of enraged vegans with a wifi connection—more and more posted negative reviews and angry comments. As you can probably tell, that above image comes courtesy of a singularly unbalanced Facebook group called People Against the White Moose Cafe which spent over a month posting the same image of a middle finger to literally every Facebook post the restaurant made—regardless of whether it related to the Vegan Wars. Some of them even got a hold of Stenson’s cell phone number and commenced with the angry textin’:

And so on and so on. The owner says he’s received “thousands of £ of publicity”, which is usually what happens in these sorts of incidents, so he’s happy and the vegans are not. But then, are they ever?


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