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The race card cuts off reason and facts. Deliberately

Y'all kin keep your flintlocks

Y’all kin keep your flintlocks

Hillary Clinton denounces Bernie Sanders for his pointing out that gun violence is “an urban problem”. “Why, he’s talking’ ’bout black folks,” the one who would be king deduces, “and that be racist”. This from the same lady who recently instructed “the rest of us” to “give up our white privilege and turn in our guns.

But demonizing and disarming white people won’t do anything to solve gun violence: Sanders is entirely correct: Gun violence is a black problem, and it is a major problem in the areas where young black drug dealers live: the cities.

Black males killed each other at a rate of 19.4 victims per 100,000, whites, 2.5.

And our nation’s 50 largest cities see 67% of all gun homicides.

So is Bernie Sanders a racist for pointing this out, or is Hillary consciously trying to appeal to their mutual liberal base that hates guns, period?

Silly question.


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Fabulous headline, from Ed Driscoll

CONFUSED, ELDERLY GRAY LADY SURPRISINGLY DISAPPOINTED THAT MEN CAN’T JOIN HER IN THE LADIES’ ROOM: New York Times Throws Massive Fit over Houston Voters Rejecting Transgender Bathroom Measure.

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Someone wants out of Shorelands, bad

8 Old Club House Road

8 Old Club House Road

8 Old Club House Road was purchased for $3 million in 2007, and put back up for sale for $2.995 in April of this year. Today it was reduced to $1.995 million, which almost has to be a bargain, AE Zone (26% chance of flooding during 30-year mortgage term) or not.

Geeze, you could buy a paddle boat with the savings.


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Lake Avenue sale

743 Lake Avenue

743 Lake Avenue

743 Lake, $2.450 million (started at $3.195) A long, narrow (750′ x 132), 2.65 acre lot, with a dated cottage, but a close-to-town location.


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Some encouraging election results yesterday

This is going to be so much fun!

This is going to be so much fun! Or not.

Houstonians repealed the “transvestites and perverts in girls’ bathrooms” ordinance, enacted just three months ago by their city council; in Virginia, Mike Bloomberg and Governor Terry McCauliffe, former Clinton money handler (and possibly one of the most corrupt political professionals in DC during his time there, if such a distinction is conceivable or possible, and that’s how he’s described by Mother Jones!) lost their gun control fight, Kentucky elected a black Tea Party activist as its Lieutenant Governor, and even way out west in the People’s Republic of San Francisco, the sheriff who flouted the law and declared his terrority a sanctuary for illegal aliens was tossed out of office.

Win win win win. Not bad for an evening’s work.


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How much do Connecticut constables earn?

Hartford Courant, 2009

Hartford Courant, 2009

Some of them earn a whole lot. 

State Marshal [constable] John T. Fiorillo, Connecticut’s most prolific server of legal papers, reclaimed his spot as the marshal with the highest reported income in 2012, even though his earnings were barely one-fifth what they were during the height of the foreclosure crisis.

Fiorillo reported about $681,000 in gross income last year, nearly all of it earned by delivering foreclosure papers to homeowners sued by the state’s two major foreclosure firms, Hunt Leibert Jacobson in Hartford and Bendett & McHugh in Farmington.

Foreclosure lawsuits peaked in 2009, with more than 27,000 filed in Connecticut — more than 100 for every court day — before falling dramatically in 2010 and 2011. But last year, foreclosures rebounded, and so did the income of some marshals.

Fiorillo’s income doubled in 2012 compared to the previous year, according to disclosure forms filed with the Office of State Ethics. But his earnings are still a fraction of what they once were, after a series of reforms cut into his lucrative foreclosure-serving business. In 2009, Fiorillo collected $3 million in fees and reported $1 million in income after expenses, partly by acting as a middle-man between foreclosure firms and marshals who actually delivered the papers, an arrangement that then-Attorney General Richard Blumenthal later deemed illegal.

In total, 230 state marshals reported collecting more than $22 million in fees last year. That is about the same amount as the year before, though it’s difficult to compare the years because marshals who leave office are not required to file disclosure forms. John Lepito was the highest-grossing marshal in 2011, collecting more than $900,000 in fees. But he died earlier this year before filing paperwork for 2012.

Seventy-three marshals reported gross income in excess of a $100,000 in 2012, and 23 topped $250,000. But many also reported very large amounts for business expenses, including Fiorillo, who reported $320,000 in office and transportation expenses — nearly half his income.

While Fiorillo had the highest gross income among marshals who filed financial disclosure forms, Marshal Brian Sheftel had the highest income after expenses. Sheftel reported about $574,000 in gross income and $540,000 after expenses, with most of that earned from attaching bank accounts or other assets to satisfy legal judgments. Marshals are entitled to a 15 percent fee when seizing assets.

Those attachments have become a significant driver of income for the top-earning marshals; last year, six of the ten highest-grossing marshals collected most of their money executing attachments. But overall, delivering legal papers accounted for 70 percent of the fees collected by marshals, who charge for delivery, mileage and copies. Delivering papers to a single address typically generates fees of about $100.

As is true in all of life, however, constable’s earnings are largely dependent upon who they know; the right relationship with a large law firm gets the bucks, and not every constable has them

While some marshals consistently report large incomes, most make far less, with half earning no more than $34,000 after expenses. Sixteen reported losing money.


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Boots on the ground, now dog fights with Russian jets?

We have always been at war with Eastasia

We have always been at war with Eastasia

Obama shipping fighter jets to Turkey 

The Obama administration is sending a group of fighter planes to Turkey equipped with air-to-air missiles, raising concerns that the jets are really intended to battle Russian planes.

The Pentagon plans to ship up to a dozen Boeing F-15C Eagle twin-engine planes to a base in Incirlik which the Turkish government has allowed the U.S. to use in its effort against the Islamic State.

The base is near the country’s border with Syria.

But since the F-15C has no air-to-ground capability, their real mission may be to protect other U.S. warplanes from those of Russia or Syria, according to The Daily Beast.

The Pentagon announced the shipment late last week, and a Defense Department spokeswoman told The Daily Beast the planes are intended to ‘ensure the safety’ of America’s NATO allies.

The spokeswoman, Laura Seal, added, ‘I didn’t say it wasn’t about Russia.’

The trouble with a weak, ineffectual foreign policy is that it invites trouble, and its practitioner ends up reacting to, rather than controlling events. It’s been the hallmark of this administration.


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This should make you hot, next time you’re waiting hours for TSA screeners to grope your genitals

i-got-to-second-base-with-a-tsa-screener_2Homeland Security reports that TSA screeners miss 95% of all bombs and weapons slipped past by investigators.

WASHINGTON – Two top federal watchdogs warned Tuesday that the Transportation Security Administration agents are failing in their mission to secure airports — and are allowing weapons to slip through their supposedly thorough checks.

One lawmaker who reviewed classified information on the number of times weapons were smuggled past TSA screeners in undercover tests called their performance “horrific.”

All along, this program has been solely about smoke and mirrors to lull the public into thinking “something” was being done. That, and affording an opportunity to add tens of thousands of unskilled workers to the federal unionized workforce. It’s “Head Start” for airports.

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