Lake Avenue sale

743 Lake Avenue

743 Lake Avenue

743 Lake, $2.450 million (started at $3.195) A long, narrow (750′ x 132), 2.65 acre lot, with a dated cottage, but a close-to-town location.


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14 responses to “Lake Avenue sale

  1. Anonymous

    room to build a ton of curb appeal i guess. I think on a busy street you might want a deeper rather than wide lot

  2. Anonymous

    i just looked that one up. I thought you were describing a lot with no depth. It is the opposite. It is a narrow lot and very deep so at least you can set the house nicely away from busy Lake. If I were looking for good land…. I’d have gone for 42 winding lane – not a bus street, 2 acres and also centrally located

  3. Cobra

    Situated contiguous to the recently developed three-house cluster on the east side of Lake. As those three were each priced at $7-8 million, this location may work out fine for the buyer assuming the cottage is placed in a dumpster and new construction ensues.

  4. Anyone know what zone it’s in? With a lot only 132 feet wide, it’s going to need a variance to build anything. RA-1 requires a lot “Large enough to
    contain a circle 150 ft. in diameter”.

  5. Anonymous

    Kaali-Nagy bought it.

  6. Anonymous

    Kaali-Nagy are now using Ellen. They seem to never use the same agent twice!

  7. James

    This was a no brainier

  8. SMF

    Did you notice who bought 140 Parsonage Road in Greenwich earlier this year? Matt and Marisa (Noel) Brown. $8 million house. This deserves a separate post from you. The photos are unbelievable. Great to see these people still living the life. Tell me you haven’t gone soft on them.